The Guardian's Ascension

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Hunted to near extinction by their own races and the Mundanes, hybrids are forced to hide who they are in order to survive. Everyone tells you to just be yourself. So what are you supposed to do when being yourself will result in a death sentence? In a world where secret societies seek to hunt down and destroy the supernatural races, one would think that being part of two races would be a boon. A hybrid could reach between the warring races and negotiate peace and unity needed to defend against the societies bent on their extinction. Unfortunately for Mekana, being born half Angel and half Mage puts her on the short list for not only capture by at least two of the secret societies, but also on the short list for execution by her father's race. Seeking to find a balance between the two races coursing through her body, Mekana must make the dangerous choice between hiding her true self and staying with those she loves, or accepting who she is and risking execution by the very people she is fighting for.

Fantasy / Romance
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No one was going to come and save her.

Those she had called her friends refused to give her so much as a glance as she was paraded down the halls towards the prison. Men muttered curses of “traitor” under their breath, women pulled their children out of the way. A few worked up the nerve to spit on her and rend her already torn dress when she came within arm’s reach.

There had been no trial, there was no need for one. Her accuser was a child and the proof was right there on her hands. Eyes alone would find her guilty of her crimes. She was guilty of the charges and she couldn’t deny it.

There was only one problem with the charges. She was born guilty, and nothing could change that.

How do you fight against the crime of being born?

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