Broken Hunger SF #1

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Chapter 1 - Stiletto Traps

If it’s darkness we’re having, let it be extravagant - Jane Kenyon.

Predation had always been one of my more active pass times. I enjoyed the chase almost as much as the inevitable kill. Although my prey was never killed prior to my feeding on them it constituted to the same preordained results.

It was a guilty little pleasure of mine to have them alive and squirming with fear when I finally sunk my fangs into their carotid arteries. Thus shattering their illusion of any possible escape and welcoming them to my reality.

It was a game of sorts. One I enjoyed immensely.

The fun part was finding a donor, no matter their degree of unwillingness, and stalking them in a way that fills them with the idea of being the hunter instead of the hunted. A therapist would have a field day analyzing the psychology behind my game of cat and mouse. They would scratch their heads in wonder at such carefully considered manipulation.

Tonight was a night that I would indulge in my rarely shown theatrical side. The first time I spotted them I could barely contain my glee. They had been just what I was looking for and there they were. In a dodgy underground nightclub on the outskirts of Virginia. Drinking cheap liquor and hitting on women they couldn’t afford.

They occupied a booth in a dark corner with empty bottles and dirty glasses haphazardly covering the surface of their table. Cigarette buds littered the table as they overflowed from the too full ashtrays. Their surroundings were as dirty as the filth frequenting their minds.

This location was obviously decided on due to their apparent perversion of the fairer sex. Their lust filled gazes vulgarly trailed over the scantily clad girls as they stumbled their way past them and down the corridor of flickering lights.

Whatever the occupation of these ladies, it
was of little consequence to these men. They saw a hot piece of ass. That was it. Some of them really just wanted to embrace the toilet bowl as they puked off the enamel.Yet these men watched hungrily as women stumbled their way through these darkened hallways. Just wanting to rip in and have at it.

Voyeurism is apparently a thing when you’re drunk off your ass.

My study of these idiots has been stretching over approximately an hour or two. I watched them from beneath heavily mascaraed lashes while downing cheap beer like the entire case was nearing its expiration date. Pretending to get absolutely plastered with whatever this shithole had to offer.

Flirting with the bar lady seemed to help too. Every time I leaned over the bar to encourage conversation with her I flashed the men behind me a generous glimpse of my lace clad derriere. The short red wraparound dress I was wearing rode up as the evening progressed, and occasionally, I’d forget to pull it down. Being under the influence and all... Slips my mind like you would not believe.

Roxy twisted the cap off another beer before sliding it my way over the counter. “So, Val,” she husked seductively as she leaned towards me with her breasts almost spilling from the confines of her tank top. “My shift ends in half an hour. You want to get out of here?”

There was no hidden meaning to her invitation as she called me by the abbreviation of the name I gave her. It was but one of many. I was tempted to accept her offer. My sexual orientation leaned more towards males, but I’ve been known to indulge in what both genders have to offer.

Roxy was damn easy on the eyes and she’d be a fun fuck, but she wasn’t my target for tonight. The darkness inside me demanded that we fed off its own kin. The darker the soul the better. The blood of the damned had a pleasant burn as it was pulled from their vein and slid down your throat. I swallowed convulsively just thinking about it.

“Sorry, love,” I drawled inches from her plump lips. “Perhaps another time.” My tongue traced the curve of her mouth and dove right in as I swallowed her gasp of surprise. She groaned as I pulled back and I gave her a cheeky grin. “Definitely another time.”

I wiggled my ass one last time at the men behind me for good measure before abandoning the bar stool and stumbling to the exit in my hooker red heels. They were predictable to a fault. Only a few seconds after the pleasantly chilly late night breeze caressed my pale skin did they make their appearance.

Their laughter was obnoxiously loud as they spewed lewd comments and drunkenly bumped into each other. The sound grated on my nerves and I wanted nothing more than to cut off the source of the horrible pitch. Permanently.

“Looky here, boys,” the leader of the small group taunted as he blatantly eyed me from head to toe. “The little lady seems to be lost and all alone.”

My face wanted to scrunch up in disgust, but I settled for a practiced look of fear. I needed to act the part if I wanted to lure them into the silence of the night where no one would hear their screams. A small wobble to my chin and an irritating dampness to the eyes and I knew I had them. Their chests broadened with superiority at my display of patheticness.

“Please don’t hurt me.”

“You see that, boys?” the head asshole mocked with rum on his breath. “The little girl is scared.”

What I really wanted to do was shove his little dick into his big fucking mouth and make him choke on himself.

Instead I gave a fearful squeak as they advanced on me and bolted down the poorly lit streets.

I swallowed down my manic laughter and made a grand show of running for my life. There was still a career in theatrics to consider. The whole Broadway shebang. This was the most fun I’ve had in bloody ages.

Sprinting past old abandoned buildings I pretended to be the weakest of mundane victims. Mimicking a breathing pattern that had my breath puffing out in clouds as it made contact with the frigid temperature around us. The heavy rasps of air from my lungs conveyed plenty of panic and exhaustion. My stiletto’s click-clacked uncoordinatedly and I purposely wobbled on their dangerous height. Faltering in my steps like my legs were about to give out.

There was so many things wrong with this picture. These weak minded human men believed themselves to be cornering a fragile intoxicated equally human girl. Well the joke was on them. They were stupidly chasing after the very creature that would bring their end. Had they been sober their instincts would’ve screamed at them that I was danger. That I was something dark and sinister and that they needed to fear me. Not the other way around.

I was being herded by three mundane morons. Most assuredly under the false impression that they were about to get very lucky. They weren’t expecting much of a fight. Certainly not the kind of resistance they were sure to receive. Their driving force was getting their cocks wet, but this pussy had better taste and I couldn’t wait to disappoint them.

I felt almost giddy with evil intent. It was more than a mere adrenaline rush. It was darkness calling and I couldn’t wait to answer.

Taking a sharp left I stumbled around a corner. Losing my footing and colliding with the large metal dumpster on purpose. The air reeked of urine, sex and something rotten.

A none too pleasant aroma to my rebelliously keen senses.

Tripping over my own two feet I fell to the ground and lay there panting for breath that I didn’t even need. Clumsy vampire, I scolded myself with mirth.

Thundering footsteps finally caught up with me and it was hard to contain my amusement at how unfit my so-called assailants were. They probably should’ve cut back on the smoking. Pathetic, really, I wasn’t even running at my full capacity. Not even close.

I awkwardly crawled backwards on my elbows, keeping my eyes on my prey, all the while giving weak little whimpers of fear. I wasted no time abandoning my shoes. They didn’t even notice. Their eyes were greedily glued to my thighs and what awaited beyond them.

Their disgusting behaviour was only equal to their obvious stupidity. Gullible idiots. A part of me wished they’d been a little less predictable, but that was just the shadows in my mind wanting to prolong the chase. They loved to play with their food.

“P-p-please don’t h-hurt me, I’ll g-give you anything you w-want,” I pleaded frantically. Working in a nice little stutter just for the hell of it. “P-please just let me go.”

Tears streaming down my pale cheeks, I desperately begged for them to leave me alone. But, of course, to no avail. How painstakingly predictable these imbeciles were. Elbowing each other they blatantly laughed at my feeble attempts to escape.

The burning in my throat was getting more intense with every mocking chuckle they gave. Almost driving me insane with thirst. Twin pin pricks flamed through my gums as my sharpened canines forced through its captivity. With the elongation of my fangs came the overwhelming need to sink them through flesh and sinew. Sink them deep until coppery warmth exploded on my tongue and pooled generously in my mouth.

My control was wavering. Balancing precariously on a tightrope that was snapping thread by thread as they continued their indecorous remarks. Playtime would have to come to an end before the last vestiges of my restraint became a thing of the past. If not I’d end up ripping them limb from measly limb.

Choking back my sobs I weakly propped myself up against the brick wall behind me. Keeping my upper body upright with the support of an old baking factory at my back. I wrapped my arms around my waist in a protective gesture as I gasped through my sobs with the occasional wimper of fear. I silently snicker in the back of my mind when they start taking menacing steps towards me.

I was being such an A-class schizophrenic.

The veins in their necks were pulsing with life and I was barely able to rein in the raging beast of my hunger anymore.

The shorter one of my trio of appetizers grabs my wrist roughly and yanks me forward. I, of course, allow this. We all need to get nice and cozy for me to have them conveniently within striking range.

Asshole number two sends my head flying to the side when he backhands me across my face. I wasn’t nearly as surprised as I let on. Nonetheless, I landed in an awkward heap of my own limbs. Sprawled on the dirty ground like the offering they were hoping I’d be.

The moment they were all within reach I gave into the ravenous voice in the back of my head demanding to be fed.

It all happened so fast they barely had time to register the reversal of roles they were subjected to. In the time it took them to take and release a single breath I had their fates signed over to Death himself.

Two throats ripped out and their stocky ringleader’s heart in the palm of my hand. The organ still warm and yet to loose the body temperature it harbored to the numbing cold of night. Blood still trickling through my fingers and running down my arm as I weighed it thoughtfully.

The sultry red head from the bar was suddenly at the forefront of my mind.

“I wonder if she likes presents,” I muttered deviously as I threw the heart into the air and caught it again. “I just bet she does.”

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