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By Kittybubbles1998 All Rights Reserved ©



The afternoon sun fought its way through the never-ending layer of smog, dimly illuminating the damaged ghettos of Detroit Michigan. The run down community mirrored that of most of the world. The apocalypse, the end of the Earth, was near, bearing down on the billions of people living their lives as they always do. Trash littered the roads, fluttering in the wind before being picked up by a strong gust and tossed to another part of the ghetto. Almost none of the houses were kept up, their shingles falling away and paint peeling. A gunshot filled the air followed by a scream of a young child. The wind once again howled, as if to collect the child’s soul and take it away to a better place.

The clicking of hooves echoed down a dark alleyway. A beautiful black mare trotted down the dingy passage, letting out a soft snort as she shook her head in agitation, her golden horn shimmering with the jerky movement. She did not want to be here, but her master needed the precious stone the large man had stolen from him.

She had followed the pickpocket to the alleyway.  Her golden eyes swept over the large man that stood in the passageway, a knife held out threateningly toward her. The mare only tilted her head to one side. How was he going to deal any damage to her when he was shaking so badly? Oh, it did not matter; she needed to get the stone back to her master. He was exhausted, his energy almost depleted from painstakingly carving numerous malevolent runes into the side of buildings. Runes that foretold the looming apocalypse.

Giving a loud snort, the mare lowered her head toward the quaking man. Pawing the damp, grimy, broken concrete with her golden hoof, she gave another snort. Brandishing her equally golden, twisted horn that adorned the middle of her forehead, she spoke. “Give my master’s stone back.”

“Never,” the large man hissed back, taking a step backwards, only to bump into the brick wall behind him.

“Fine. I see that you would prefer to die on my horn instead.” With those words, the black unicorn lunged forward, thrusting her lethally sharp, golden horn upward and into the man’s chest. He gave a loud gasp at the sudden, searing pain that filled his entire being. Lucky or unluckily for the pickpocket, her horn had impaled him just under his heart.

Taking a chance, the man plunged his blade into the mare’s muscular shoulder. She instantly pulled back, letting out a loud whinny of pain as she reared up on her hind legs. She came crashing down, her hoof nicking the gasping man’s head. He fell to the ground, knocked unconscious. Seeing this, the unicorn threw her head to the side, giving a snort.

Raising a golden hoof to the man’s head, she stomped down. His was dead in an instant, his skull caving in from the force and his brains spilling out onto the dirty concrete. Satisfied with her work, the black unicorn began to nose her way through the satchel the man had been wearing. She quickly found what she was looking for. Pulling out a dark purple gemstone with her teeth, she proudly trotted out of the alleyway, knowing that her master would be very pleased.

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