Winterrun Academy

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Chapter Three


My parents dropped me off at the castle last night. Today is the first day of classes. It was hard to say goodbye to them, especially because they told me that I had magic blood. Or... something like that. I'm suppose to be meeting with the Headmistress Jill Winterrun in a few days so she can explain some stuff to me. Ugh, what ever, I just hope I survive here.

I shove my black ankle boots on my feet and close the dorm room door with a click. I don't know who I'm rooming with. They were asleep when I got here last night, and they were gone when I woke up this morning. I found this a bit curious, but all the same, I can't wait to find out this evening. I hoist my knapsack onto my shoulder and head off down the halls, grinning as I see my reflection on the marble floor. I love the school uniform: a silver and blue checkered skirt, white button down shirt, and a gleaming silver tie.

O o o o O o o o O o o o O o o o O

"Welcome to your first period class, just to be clear, this is Magic 101, so those of you who are in the wrong class may leave," Professor Vinimard stopped his droning for a moment, staring into the unmoving class. He has small, dark eyes, and and wears a pair of circular spectacles. He's a round man, and reminds me of a potato. "All settled? Good." He ignores the murmurs from students as he continues.

"Now, the class is called Magic 101, because it is the intro to magic. You will get acquainted with magic, and learn how to do simple spells, and learn how magic originated. So yes, this class could also be called History of Magic."

A large groan erupts from the class. Ugh, history, I can almost hear their thoughts. But I stay quiet, as not to make a bad impression on the teacher. The girl to my right seems to be thinking the same thing as me, for her facial expression doesn't change. I can't help but feel like I've seen this girl before, even though I can't have. Something about her looks regal, and her eyes are violet. Whenever I look at them, I get a strange sensation. I shiver, and look back towards Professor Vinimard.

"So, magic!" He suddenly seems to become more interested, dropping his monotone voice, and picking up a piece of white board chalk. He writes the word magic and made an underline. I scramble to get out my notebook. I glance around to see some other people doing this, but not many.

Professor Vinimard says, "Magic originated from nature. Can anyone tell me what part of nature?"

I, personally, have no idea. I still don't know why my parents sent me here. I mean, they say that I have magic, but... I'm not so sure. I look around the classroom. I'm in the second row, sitting between a girl with violet eyes, and a boy with green hair. There are five people per row, and I feel like I'm the center of attention. I am in the center of the classroom, almost. There are four rows.

Professor Vinimard sighs. "Obviously you all have a lot to learn if you want to pass the final exams." I feel my muscles tense. Wait, final exams? It's only the first day of school. Professor Vinimard ignores the student's glares.

"Okay, I'll tell you. Wind. Wind is the purest and simplest, yet most powerful of all magic. And yes, you should be taking notes." I write down the magical definition of wind in my notebook, immediately fascinated by the topic.

"Wind is where magic came from. Those with... open minds, say that wind is the breath of the gods. When there are storms, the gods are angry." This is how class went for the next half hour.

O o o o O o o o O o o o O o o o O

The bell rings, a very disruptive sound. Professor Vinimard looks startled and a bit angry. He says, "Alright, that's all for today, for your homework please read chapter one in your textbook." I close my notebook and shove it into my knapsack.

I gather up my pens and pencils and put them in a pocket next to my notebook, and then zip it up. Swinging it over my shoulder, I push in my chair and follow the mass of students into the hallway. I glance down at my feet as I feel something brush against my leg. It's a cat. He weaves in and out between the students' legs, minding his own business. Looking at him, I bump into someone. Glancing up, I see it's the girl with the violet eyes. I smile.

"Sorry," I say. "Wasn't looking where I was going." The girl glances down at the floor, not making eye contact. She murmurs something that I can't quite make out and then moves along. That was odd, I think. I wonder if I have done something to offend her. I shake off the encounter and put it elsewhere in my mind, focusing on where I'm going. I look down at the piece of paper in my hand, a schedule that Headmistress Jill Winterrun gave me. Ten o'clock Physical Fitness. I wonder what we'll be doing.

O o o o O o o o O o o o O o o o O


I'm making my way down the halls, trying not to be noticed, when someone bumps into me. I glance up shyly and look to see who it is. It's the girl who I was sitting next to in class. She grins happily at me, which makes me nervous. "Sorry, wasn't looking where I was going," she explains. I look down, embarrassed by her kindness, and I mumble, "Sorry," moving on quickly.

I hurry to get to my next class, Physical Fitness. There are many students here, and I find myself running because it's making be claustrophobic. I reach the doors to the great castle and step out into the blindingly cold sunlight. Is it always snowing here? I sigh. Perhaps it is.

I set my things down by the edge of the school building and look out into a field with a few people in it. According to my map, this is where Physical Fitness is. I groan when I see who is there. It's the girl I was sitting next to in Magic 101--also the one who bumped into me in the hallway. I just so happen do be rooming with her. She doesn't know that though. I've tried to make myself scarce. I feel sorry for being so rude about it, I just didn't want to hurt her. After this class I have an appointment to talk to the Headmistress about my. . . condition. Just one more class to get through.

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