Winterrun Academy

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Chapter Four


"Welcome to Physical Fitness! My name is Professor Yinhim. In this class you will be learning how to use magic in sports to help us. Today we will be using our magic to play a game that is similar to capture the flag. There will be two teams, and you will be playing on the tops of tree. If you are not skilled in the art of tree climbing, do not worry, as this only requires magic." Professor Yinhim stalks back and forth in front of our class of students. She has long, straight red hair, and yellow eyes. She reminds me of a hawk. "If you are not skilled in magic, well... then we'll have to fix that!" She claps her hands together and stops pacing.

"This game is like capture the flag. There will be two teams, red and yellow," Professor Yinhim flicks her wrist slightly and murmurs something that sounds like, séparés deux équipes. Huh. That sounds like french, a language from the kingdom Winkler. It's spoken in Wintertide provence. Hmm, I wonder if Wintertide and Winterrun have anything to do with each other? I decide to stash that thought away as I turn back towards the lesson.

Suddenly, I feel her spell start to work my body. I can't tell what it's doing, but I look to my roommate, and I gasp. Her clothes, a simple blue dress and yellow shoes, are now morphing into red leather robes, and sleek black boots. Under her robes is a simple black body suit. When I feel the tugging sensation stop, I look to find myself wearing the same thing, except yellow robes.
Professor Yinhim looks quite pleased with herself. She says, "Play the game now, be impressed later," as she smirks. As everyone gets there balance back, she explains the rules of the game. "Right now we are at the edge of a forest. This forest stretches all the way to the edge of the mountains. Please refrain from going past the boundary markers." She snaps her fingers with vigor and three blue orbs zip out of her hand. They zoom over the treetops, and out of sight.

"The fourth boundary will be here at the tree line," Professor Yinhim explains. "All right, now I suppose you all know how to play capture the flag?" I nod. The children in the village below the castle used to play it. I always wanted to play with them, but mother said I couldn't. I sigh.

Professor Yinhim continues, "To the left is yellow, to the right is red. If you get tagged on the other team's side come see me for a mark. If you have three marks, then you're permanently out. You may walk or fly for this, but your flag, orb, must be hidden in a tree." She summons two orbs of light, one red and one yellow, and then she throws the color coordinated ones to me and my roommate. "You are the team captains. You will take to your team just inside the tree line and discuss tactics. Now one last thing; flying."

I grin. I can't wait to start doing some magic. "A lot of magic is will power. Summoning the will to fly. You have to believe that you can do it, other wise you will not be able to. Do as I do." Professor Yinhim stands up straight and closes her eyes. After a few moments of concentration, she yells, "Voler!" And she stoots up into the air, smiling.

A boy with green hair leans over to me, and I see he's on my team. "Wow, looks fun, right?" He's grinning. I smile back, but then remember my eyes.

"Um, yeah, does look fun," I try my best to stay upbeat. "I can't believe that she made me team captain." He smiles back at me.

"Well, I suppose it's better than Magic History, right?"
I nod, and turn back to see Professor Yinhim on the ground again. "Alright, all together now!" She calls. I lean away from the boy, and look down at my yellow robes. I can't believe I'm going to fly. Everyone's closing their eyes, so I do the same. I can fly, I can fly, I can fly. I tell myself. I hear Professor Yinhim start to say the spell, so I yell with her, "Voler!"

It's an amazing sensation. In open my eyes to see myself hovering ten feet above the ground. Going right, left, up, down, it's as easy as walking... almost involuntary. I look at the other students. The green haired boy is up in the air with me, as well as a girl with raven black hair, and a boy with short, brown hair. But the others, and my roommate, are still struggling. Who would have thought that magic would come so easily to me?

After a few more tries, everyone is in the air. Let the games begin!

Flying is amazing. it was hard for me to fly, at first. Because I just found out that I have magic, it was hard to will myself to fly. But now, now it's amazing. I zoom over to the right side of the forest, red's side. My team follows behind me. The girl with violet eyes it the Yellow team's captain. I'm not sure if we can win, but I try not to let my confidence waver.

When we reach the edge of the forest, I turn to look back at my team. A girl with raven black hair stops close to me. She was one of the first ones in the air. I suddenly notice that everyone is staring at me.

"Um...." great start to me speech, "Okay, so where do you guys think we should hide the orb?" It's silent for a second, and then someone says,

"How about in a knot in a tree. A well disguised one." The voice comes from a boy with short brown hair.

"Thanks, erm, what's your name?"

"Henry." He smiles, and I blush, coughing to cover it up.

"Okay, great suggestion Henry. I'm Bea. So, if you want to do defense, step to my left," I gesture with my left hand, "offense, step to my right," I wave my right hand, the one with the orb in it.

About half the people go to my right, including Henry, and the other half go to my left. I smile, it's an even split. "Okay, so what's your name?" I ask the raven-haired girl. She's in the front in defense.
"Emilia," she replies, giving me a warm smile.

"Okay, Emilia, you're in charge of defense. Go find a good knot hole in a tree and hide the orb. Then position guards," I instruct, as I toss the orb of red light to her. She just nods and turns away, the defense people following. I hear some of them whisper, voler, and bounce up and down in the air, using their new-found skill.

I turn to Henry and everyone else. "Alright. What's are your names?" I ask everyone else.

"Dominic," says a boy with white-blonde hair. "Harry," a boy with black hair, white eyes, and a scowl. He looks like he's related to Emilia. "Charlie," a girl with brown hair. "Harriet," flaming red hair and yellow eyes. "Beatrix," a girl with black hair and blue eyes.

"Okay. Dominic and Harry, go straight forward to scout for the flag. Charlie, Harriet, and Beatrix, you go to the right. Henry and I will stay by the tree line. Remember, you can fly, and you can only get out three times. Once you have the orb, get back to this side, and we win. Sound good?"

Everyone nods, and I smile. "Okay, good luck."

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