How to Defy Fate

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The prince of the Underworld goes back through time to prevent the end of the world and in the process, find his fated love. Since the prince of the Underworld can remember, he has been drawn towards Helen of Troy. Hers was the face that launched a thousand ships and started the legendary Trojan war. He grew up believing she was meant to be his and endured the pain of unrequited love in the process. The problem? Thousands of years onwards and Helen is still in love with Paris. Another problem? The Fates, themselves, decree that Helen and Paris are fated and everything is as it’s meant to be! Aidon will never give up though. Armed with the power to control time, he goes back through time to find a way to save the gods and goddesses from Erebus. But he also has plans on using the opportunity to make sure that Helen never married Menelaus and never met Paris. But isn't fated love a love like any other and nothing can stand in it's way? Or there's another twist to this story? Maybe someone else is meant to be with the prince of the Underworld? Truly, the only way is to go back through time to find answers and at the same time, figure out how to defy fate.

Fantasy / Romance
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A few months after Zeus and Hera’s Wedding

The Realm of the Fates
The Underworld

The three Fates hummed a happy tune as their fingers flew over the loom. There were simply lots of destinies were waiting to be written. There were threads that needed to be cut from the grand tapestry of life and more threads to be intertwined and more lives woven together.

Their fingers hovered a gold thread. The moment Clotho’s fingers touched it, she was overwhelmed with a wave of sadness. Her own heart grew heavy at the weight.

This thread belonged to Aidon, the prince of the Underworld.

They knew his heart was filled with sadness but they never realized it was this big. All his life, Aidon believed he was fated to be with Helen of Troy.

But it was not what was meant to be. It wasn’t what was written in the Grand Tapestry of Life.

On the twin’s 18th birthday, the Fates gave Aidon and Aurea the chance to ask one question. Aurea asked who was her fated. And Aidon asked what he was destined for.

At that time, the twin’s didn’t know what their powers were. Aidon wanted to know his destiny because he didn’t believe he’d be destined for something great for he was an immortal without powers.

But the Fates’ answer shocked him. The answer came as a huge surprise for them as well.

Aidon was destined to save the world.

The Fates didn’t know what that meant.

The funny thing about destiny is that it changes. Nothing is ever truly written in stone. One choice leads to a thousand different paths. And now, the fates sought some answers about Aidon.

Maybe it was the time for him to fulfill his destiny. And so they touched his thread to search for clues.

Suddenly, their fingers stilled.

They gasped as they saw a vision and then they closed their eyes and let the vision take them.

It was of a world never seen before. They had this feeling that it wasn’t in the mortal realm, Olympus, the Underworld—not even Eleftheria, the land of the Titans.

Maybe this was the world where another set of gods existed? The Fates knew of them but they did not know if it was real or just another myth.

The realm was beautiful. It looked so surreal. Nothing in the mortal world could surpass its beauty. Perhaps it was because magic lingered in the air here. In the distance, the Fates saw a palace that gleamed gold as the sunlight hit it.

Truly, it looked magical.

Suddenly, a tall figure emerged from the trees. He wove shadows around him and the fates couldn’t see anything. But they recognized the aura that surrounded him. It was the Titan they’ve been looking for—Erebus.

Now they finally understood why all the gods couldn’t find him. Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon made the search for him a priority. All the Olympians and minor gods were also looking for him! Even the Fates searched his string for any clues. But there was none.

They weren’t able to find him and it was because he was hiding in another realm.

But why was he here?

The Fates followed Erebus. He leapt from the side of the hill and the fates felt him summon his power to cushion his landing. Suddenly, there was a gold streak which collided with him. Erebus fell back and he landed so hard the the ground shook.

The golden streak landed beside him and it solidified into the form of a tall man with grey eyes. His aura emanated so much power that it made Erebus stagger backwards as he tried to stand up. He wore clothes that befitted a royal.

For the first time in a long time, the Fates were awed.

The man jumped and landed beside Erebus. He grabbed Erebus’ shirt and lifted him from the ground.

“Give it back, outsider,” the man snarled. “Give me back the dagger and I’ll let you live.”

Erebus only smiled.

“Never,” he snarled.

Then he withdrew a gleaming silver dagger from his belt and aimed for the man’s throat. The man jumped away and Erebus rolled to the ground.

“I have plans for this. Don’t try to stand in my way,” Erebus spat. His face was filled with malice as he resheathed the dagger. The other man’s face was a mask of fury. Power so strong emanated from him. He glowed golden and then fire surrounded him. The grass near the area caught fire and the forest was about to burst into flames as well. But Erebus didn’t even flinch.

His face remained arrogant and taunting.

Erebus placed his hand inside his pocket and withdrew a scroll. He whispered some words and then vanished just as the other man lunged towards him.

There was a second of stunned silence as the vision faded.

Then, the Fates fingers flew over the loom once more. They touched Erebus’ thread and they felt his power and his aura now.

This only meant one thing: he was back in the mortal realm.

One by one threads snapped cleanly from the Grand Tapestry of Life. They gasped and stood.

“Summon, Aidon. Now!” they shouted.

The time has come for him to save them all.

He was their only hope; their last shot at redemption.

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