Blade Forged in Darkness

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Follow Blade, a young warrior in training on his journey for power and respect. Read as he battles legendary warriors, dragons, and even gods on his path to become both the most powerful warrior in his village and eventually the most powerful warrior of all time. Blade will face seemingly insurmountable obstacles as he hones his skills and attempts to achieve Ultimate Power. Blade Forged in Darkness is filled with action, adventure, plot twists, character growth and overall fun and excitement. Blade Forged in Darkness is written in 2nd person POV in order to enable the reader to better connect with the essence of the characters. Instead of using "I" or "He" to address the protagonist, the 2nd person POV places the audience directly in Blade's shoes. "I" or "He" can be seen as someone retelling their story, while "you" is referring to you as the reader. Blade Forged in Darkness is the recipient of the 2016 Pacific Book Award for 'Best Fantasy.' It has also gotten an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Global E-Book Awards for Best Fantasy/Other World

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

Lightning strikes in the background, the sky darkened as the gods’ stomachs rumble, creating a deafening sound. The battlefield is a wasteland, barren of life except for two men. On one side is a large man with dark skin, black braided hair, a black jacket on, and black pants, with nothing on his feet. On the other side is a kid who can be no older than seventeen years old with brown skin, black, short hair, red eyes, in a traditional black ninja suit, with a red vest, red socks and black and red gloves.

As a lightning bolt strikes, the two race off in battle. The large man, the Lightning Lord, covered in his Lightning Aura, cocks his fist back for a thundering punch, as the kid, covered in some kind of metallic armor or skin, as well as a Lightning Aura, does the same. The two collide seemingly equal, but if one looked closely, the larger man was slightly faster and stronger.

(Switch POV)

‘Thinks he can take me down? Let’s see how he handles my battle techniques instead of a close range battle.’ As you jump back, the Lightning Lord appears in front of you at seemingly the speed of light and slams his (fist? arm?) into your chest, slamming you to the ground.

He continues past you, his momentum carrying him, as you get up and dust yourself off, your chest hurting with only a slight sting in it. You decide that it’s time to show him why YOU are the BOSS and he, the challenger who will be defeated. It was time for the BOSS to emerge victorious in this vicious battle. You began weaving through handseals at the speed of light as an abundance of metal began forming together. As you executed the last handsign, the Lightning Lord looking on in a mix of awe and horror, three giant dragons were formed out of said metal and went racing toward the Lightning Lord.

BOOM!! One crashed into the ground as he dodged, CRACK!!! One hits him dead in the stomach as he attempts to grab it by its head/snout, and as he begins bracing, flexing his kani, and lifting the dragon, the other hits him from behind in an explosion of metal and shrapnel. You watch on bored as you keep forming handseals and sending dragon after dragon after him, until you reach at least thirty. You were fairly amused as the Lightning Lord was barely surviving on his last legs as he dodged at least twelve of the dragons, but the others inflicted heavy damage despite his Lightning Aura. As he was weary and tired, and dodged the last dragon, you sprang into action, seeing an opening.

You silently formed a handseal. Your body flashes, turning into a bright light white, and you flash out of existence and flash back in behind the Lightning Lord; Oh, how you loved that combination of lightning and space time techniques. Now behind him, you power up one of your ultimate attacks, the Drill that Pierces the Heavens. Holding out your right arm, you begin channeling an insane amount of metal kani to your arm, enough to easily annihilate a village. Now comes the rotation, rapidly spinning the kani ’til it forms a giant drill on your arm, at least as big as the head of a Tailed Beast, and then you cock your hand back.

The Lightning Lord, as stubborn as always, appeared to be preparing an attack to counter your drill. Ha! The petty human should know that this was an attack of BOSSES, nothing a mere Lord can match!! You cock your hand back, the drill bulging in size by at least three times as He rushes forward with a super lightning powered lariat.

They clash.

Or rather your drill decimates his arm and engulfs his entire body as you thrust it directly into the ground and a giant crater is formed beneath you. “IRON GOD”S DRIIIIILLLLLLL!!!” You scream as your attack connects and a gargantuan explosion is created. A bright light...then nothing. Nothing but a man’s voice.

“Blade. BLADE!!! Wake up you lazy BASTARD!!”

You exit your daydream to see you teacher Mr. Kokonawa staring you down, face to face.

“I’ve been asking you to step into the examination room for the past thirty seconds and I’m getting tired of it. Do you want to graduate or not?” He states rather forcefully.

“Sorry, just thinking of something, something more important than just an easy graduation exam, or even becoming a warrior. I was thinking about my destiny, to be a boss...” You trail off. Mr. Kokonawa looks at you strangely and dismisses your statements as he leads you into the examination room.

“OK Blade, now we already know you can perform the three basic techniques, as you never fail to show them off, so this is a mere formality. Step forward and accept your headband and title of Rookie of the Year and do it quickly ’cause there is much to discuss.” You tilt your head to the right slightly, wondering what there was to talk about as you grab you headband, place it around your head and retrieve your certificate for Rookie of the Year. They dismiss you until the end of exams and tell you to stay back afterwards. You nod and wonder if you were in trouble or were they merely promoting you to warrior already considering your mastery in battle technique at such a young age.

You exit the room and return to your seat and realize that since your surname you gave them was at basically the beginning of the alphabet, you had waaay too much time to spare. You begin to think of things to do with your extra time. Should you go talk to that Keocha kid? He seemed kinda cool, and even pretty strong for a pansy illusion user. Or maybe you should spend this time creating a new battle technique, or improving one of your existing ones? Or…or…you COULD spend this valuable time picking up chicks.

Ultimately you decided that, since you would be waiting for you classmates to take their exam, you might as well work on your metal control. You focus your kani and begin forming a mass of metal in your hands. Slowly, but surely, you begin molding the metal into different shapes. At first you try the basic shapes, sphere, cube, pyramid, prism, etc. Then you get a little more complex: forming birds, cats, dragons, and other types of animals. Finally, you go to the most detailed: such as detailed art pictures, humans, landscapes and the like.

By the time you’re done, you’re fairly tired. You look around and notice that everyone seems to be done with their exams. Kokonawa dismisses the rest of the class and seemingly at a snail’s pace, they filter out of the room. Soon they were gone leaving just you, Mr. Kokonawa and the examiners. You wait there patiently as they seem to organize some papers and talk among themselves, often looking and pointing at you. After ten minutes you’ve had enough and make it known by slamming an iron coated fist through your desk. This catches their attention.

Mr. Kokonawa is the first to speak. “Blade since you are the Rookie of the Year and a prodigy in your own right for mastering battle techniques the way that you did at such a young age, you have been considered for a very prestigious position.” He began. You look up sharply at those words, wondering if your predictions of promotion were indeed correct.

“The Lightning Lord wishes to form a team of the most talented and prodigious youngsters, soldier, and he wants you to be tested to be on said team. Do you accept?”

You quickly nod you head, slightly disappointed that you didn’t seem to be getting promoted as he mentioned soldier, but still honored nonetheless that the Lightning Lord recognized your BOSSness.

“Good, your trial is to fight a certain young man who is a prodigy among prodigies in this village. His name is Sanma and he’s been trained personally by the Third Lightning Lord in black lightning techniques and is already growing to be a fearsome soldier. You will do battle in two hours on Training Ground Eight, and the bout will be judged by your potential leader and the Lightning Lord himself should it come to that. The object isn’t to win, but to impress the Lightning Lord or the leader any way that you can. And by the way—”

He threw a piece of paper at you and then nodded to the examiners and they all turned to leave. He turned his head right before he exited and mouthed to you “Read it.” And quickly vanished. You looked at the paper and it saw that your old schoolteacher had left you a message. It read:

“Blade. I’m not supposed to do this, but I don’t wanna send you in there blind. Sanma is a true beast of a child. He specializes in his Black Lightning and has the Laser Technique as his bloodline. His main two elements are Water and Lightning and he is fairly fast, has good sword techniques, good martial arts, and has a boatload of stamina. I would say you are outmached, but your prowess in battle techniques may help you here. I saw you practicing during exams, so rest during the two hours to regain your strength, and do your best.

Good Luck Kid,

Mr. Kokonawa”

You stare in amazement that he of all people would help you, but you realize that, when you thought about it, you guys had a pretty decent relationship. Regardless you decided to take his advice and kick back and catch some Z’s, relying on your natural BOSS clock to wake you up in time.

*Timeskip two hours*

You arrived at Training Ground to see the infamous Si Mifeng (a dark man with long braided hair, sun glasses, and a black cloak and white pants) and the Lightning Lord there waiting for you along with a kid, who you assume is Sanma, who has dark skin, a big nose, bored look on his face, black and white (half and half) hair, and the thing that stood out most in his attire, his popped collar. As you arrive the Lightning Lord snorts, impatient.

“So you’re finally here. Well, go on begin the battle. The rules are simple, no killing or maiming, but if it happens, it’s your fault and it’s too damn bad.” He says with derision.

You and Sanma both jump back to put some space between each other. You look on intense and focused. He looks on bored and uninterested and utters one word, “Boring.” You’re not sure what that means, if he was insulting you or commenting on the situation, but you didn’t have time to think as Sanma draws his sword and the Lightning Lord shouts.


And the battle was on....

You felt like now was time to show your BOSSness. Let the Lightning Lord envy your strength and Sanma bow before you!! You began molding your metal kani, letting it flow through you naturally and form how it does. Suddenly, wings sprout from your shoulder blades, metal wings. The rest of your body is covered in your metal armour, with the additions of a helmet, chest plate, spiked shoulder pads, and open holes near your feet for god knows what.

Sanma began charging at you and you watched him, unafraid, and felt as if you should show the Lightning Lord your prodigy. You start forming handseals and molding your lightning kani around you, creating a shroud, much like the Lightning Lord’s, that increased your foot speed, reflexes, and synapses.

You were invincible.

Sanma reached you soon after and swung his sword in rapid succession, each hit bouncing off of your armor harmlessly and giving him a bit of shock, or feedback, each time. Deciding he had enough, he jumped away.

“With this metal armor, I’m invincible. You might as well bow to my might mortal and cut your losses.” You say.

He replies. “How boring. Whatever, you know what’s great about metal? It conducts electricity” He says as he launches a lion made of black lightning at you. You look on bored, not threatened at all and merely hold out your hand and take the attack head on, seemingly absorbing it into your hand.

“I’m a battle technique master. You think I didn’t account for this when I created my metal armor in a village full of Lightning users? I may not be a genius but I am a BOSS and that is a flaw that’s too obvious for a BOSS such as myself not to fix. Now sit back and watch how a BOSS works, peon.”

As soon as you finish the last word of your taunting, you start to blitz him. Wsith the combined speed of a lightning flash (the flash technique being a technique that greatly increases the user’s speed exponentially for only a moment), your wings, fire jets blowing out of the back of your feet, and the Lightning Aura enhancement, making you go nearly as fast as you imagined the Lightning Lord at his base speed. Sanma’s eyes widen as you disappear from his vision and reappear behind him and grab him by his throat, black lightning cackling on your hand. You raise him up by his throat and drag his head through the ground for a good one hundred meters, and then proceed to throw him high in the air. Deeply bending your knees, you leap, and with your wings, fly and catch him mid-air in a Rolling German Suplex, grabbing him from behind and heaving him over your head, head first into the ground. As you slam him, you roll off and charge your Dragonbreath technique. Being the BOSS you are, you also prep your Lightning Vision technique and release both at the same time, hitting him with both a stream of fire from your mouth and bolts of lightning from your eyes.

His neck broken, and his vision blurry, he barely erects a black lightning shield that protects him from permanent injury and nothing else. When your attack is said and done after a good thirty seconds, you notice that the drain from the Lightning Aura is sapping your kani (kani being life energy that empowered battle techniques, illusions, special martial arts, and much more) quickly so you vow to end it soon with a BOSS combination.

Forming a spear in your hand, you launch it towards his sternum, connected to a string, and it hits, dead center. The spear lodges into his chest, and you yank him towards yourself screaming “Get Over Here!!”

He’s drawn near and you hit him with a Flaming Fist technique in his stomach as your hand is coated in a red flame aura, the size of your head, and he goes flying, spear intact. You yank him towards you again, this time hitting him with a Lightning Kick, and again he goes flying, you do it again with an Iron Fist, then again with a Lightning Punch, then again with an Iron Leg, and then again with a Flaming Kick, until your kani is nearly depleted. Seeing that it’s time to end the fight, you pull him one last time and scream

“GET THE F*** OVER HERE!”, and land a sickening short uppercut on his jaw with your left hand, then another with your right, as you follow through, high into the air, your wings powering you.

“DRAGON UPPERCUT!” Echoes loudly throughout the battlefield, and Sanma falls to the ground, beaten and broken, as you deactivate your armors, and fall to your knee, exhausted, but victorious.

You look towards Si Mifeng and the Lightning Lord and utter but three words. “Like A BOSS.”

Mifeng waves off the match and raises your hand as the winner, while the Lightning Lord picks Sanma’s broken body up, nods to you in respect, and quickly flashes to the hospital to get him some much needed treatment. You still panting, look up at Mifeng to see if you can gauge an emotional reaction from him. He looks down at you and nods.

He then starts...rapping at you.

“Good job kid, you got the victory
Unexpectedly tapped into the beast within, a mystery
how you got it done
you impressed me out there , looked like a Boss
Never would I have foreseen Sanma’s loss
you’re a prodigy in battle technique, your style’s sleek
knocked ol boy into next week
But he’s your team mate, along with that Keocha kid
So meet me here in three days at three hours after six
Be ready to train, gain power, and make friends
’Cause if you don’t, your first battle might be your end
Your Leader is me ’til the end
But call me sensei, Si Mifeng.”

He abruptly stops his rapping and disappears, leaving you standing there with a blank look on your face, blinking. Just blinking, as you’re not sure what you just saw and heard and couldn’t determine if it was cool, weird, or insanity personified. You shrug your shoulders, pat yourself on the back for winning, and return to your home, tryna figure out what to do for three days.

The next morning, after your routine fit only for a BOSS, you decided that you should visit Sanma in the hospital and check up on him, feeling slightly guilty for the beat down you put on that candy ass. You just hoped he didn’t hate you for who cares you’re a BOSS. You quickly got dressed and headed off to the hospital. And by headed off, I mean flew with your new Iron Eagle technique, all while activating your Lightning Vision technique every once in a while to give off a godly effect. With everyone clearing out of your way, even top level warriors, the path to the hospital was, to your dismay, a short trip.

When you arrive at the hospital, you see the huge building and wonder only one thing, how would a BOSS scale that thing? You step inside of the hospital for a second and to get his floor number, which is Fourteen to your delight, and then step back outside to get a good look at the building.

“Running or flying?” You ask, “Hmmm....” as you play rock paper scissors with yourself in your head, “Running it is.” You take a few steps back, charging your feet with metal and fire kani, and sit there charging, flaring your kani to build enough power, and then...

You blasted off.

ZOOOM!! You began running at speeds far too high for your body to normally handle, thanks to the fire jets boosters, and speeded straight for the side of the building. When you got there, you changed your trajectory slightly so that you were no longer running on ground but on the building itself, using kani to stick to it like a BOSS would.

Feeling impatient all of a sudden, you combine it with a fire flash and reach the Fourteenth floor quickly, and place your hands on the window sill, and then flip through the window feet first, completely shattering the glass, but allowing you to land on your feat unharmed. You look around and notice that luckily you got the right room, as you see Sanma staring at you with an almost bored expression on his face.

“How boring. You’re here to check up on me like a good teammate, huh. Did Mifeng-sensei send you?” He says rather deadpanned as he stares you down. You just look at him unfazed.

“Nope, came here ’cause I was worried about you. Mere peons can’t handle the wrath of a BOSS, and I went kinda overboard on you, to prove my BOSSness. I’m just checking to make sure you can still go as a teammate and in attempt to squash any potential beefs we may have for now. And naw, Mifeng-sensei didn’t really mention you at all, just said to meet him in three days in a weird rap and left.”

He whips his head up in surprise.

“Wow, you were really worried, huh? Well, as boring as it is, you’re forgiven and sorry for my slight attitude and sorry for my assumptions about you. You seem cool. So is that all?” He asks.

“Well, I was gonna pick up some chicks...” You trail off.

“Oh well no thanks then, I’m good. Too hurt and too young to focus on that right now, but best of luck to you or whatever.”


And then you swan dived out the window, like a boss, regrew your wings and soared out of there to your next objective, picking up chicks, at a new destination. Speaking of that, where were you going? Library? Food? Training? Hot Springs? Jackpot! Your wings carried you almost absentmindedly to your next destination, the hot springs, OH YEAH!!

Quickly you arrived and flew over the barricade to the women’s side, foregoing all stealth and landed, right foot first and softly on the steaming water as it rippled at your arrival. Having closed your eyes and put your head down to increase the BOSSness of the landing, you looked up and saw the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen.

The steam was cleared from your flapping wings and you got a clear view of the backside of a white haired goddess. Her curvacious figure, enticed you, drew you in and threatened to knock you clean out from blood loss. Her hourglass, supple, thin, yet voluptuous figure was perfect.


She quickly snapped around and met your gaze, her hands covering her top, her bottom portion now underwater. Her purple eyes stared deep into your soul and held a message that welcomed you into the steaming pool to join her.

She spoke in a sultry, sexy, smooth voice, “What do you think you’re doing? Barging in here like that? Are you some kind of pervert or something?”

Your eyes widen as you wave your hands in front of you rapidly, denying the accusations against you. “No, no no no no no. I’m not a pervert, just a BOSS! And you’re my future queen.”

She just continued to stare “Is that so? And who might you be to make such a bold statement?”

“Blade” You replied.

Her eyes lit up, “Blade, the Rookie of the Year? Now why didn’t you say so in the first place?” She began to sink into the water, leaving her hands free to move. “Why don’t you join me and we can ‘talk’ all you want about me being your ‘queen’? Just take off those restrictive clothes and come here so we can ‘bond’.”

Her seductive, innuendo-us tone was not lost on you as you contemplated exactly what to do. Was there even a question? I mean, a hot chick is basically asking you to get freaky with her right here and right now. Sounds good to you. You knew a deal when you heard it.

Swiftly, you disrobed and slid into the hot springs right beside her. You tried to let your hands wander and grope, but she grabbed them, stopping you.

“Ah ah ah. Not yet. We have to get to know each other first. Important things like your goals, your specialties, your friends, your favorites, and so on. If I’m gonna become your queen, i want to know--” She looks you up and down “Everything.”

So despite being naked right next to a naked and willing hot chick, you spent the better part of two hours...talking. Getting to know each other very well, but nothing physical. You were getting bored fast and your lower blood pressure was starting to alleviate. You learned that her name was Kiyomi Koizumi, she was Nineteen years old, a General who specialized in illusion, kani control, and sealing, that she had an older brother who was an elite General, though no names were given, that her favorite color was a royal purple, her favorite thing about herself was her hair, her favorite food was cake, and that her goal was to be the strongest female warrior of all time, while at the same time being the sexiest. You told her about your abilities in full, she was impressed by your battle technique mastery, told her your age (turning Eighteen in three months), that your goal was to be the ultimate BOSS, that you had family, but didn’t talk about them as they weren’t warriors, she learned about your bloodline, your TRUE name, that your favorite colors were black and red, and that your favorite food was Pie(^_^). After this riveting heart to heart she began talking again.

“If I’m to be your queen, I need to really be your queen. As in the only girl you have, and even if you’re forced to wife others due to having a bloodline, I’m the main one, the first wife, is that agreeable?” You nod, wanting to get to the good stuff already.

“Good, now let’s get started” She begins as for some reason the place gets foggy, the screen turns black and no one reading this can see the scene that is implied to happen.

All you know is that you woke up at your house, despite not telling her where it was yet. Although you were a bit sore and tired, but overall ecstatic and, for lack of a better word, jolly. You decided to rest and relax the next two days and maybe visit Kiyomi again and build your relationship while you wait for Sanma to heal from his BOSS beating.

*Timeskip two days

Finally it was the day!! You get to take part in the most BOSS team in the history of warriors. You quickly get dressed and head to training ground eight where Sanma and Keocha are already waiting. You begin to say hello, but your leader or ‘sensei’, Si Mifeng aka The Killer Bee interrupts as he appears out of nowhere.

“I see you’re all hear and ready to be a team
time to see if you deserve to truly be the cream
of the crop
on top
who can’t be stopped
are you true beasts, or are you not
If you are contenders
or you are pretenders
are you hardened warriors
or soft and tender
as I finish my rap it’ll be time to find out
a three on one battle with no time outs
only thing allowed is incapacitation
a battle so exciting, have your heart racing
Be prepared as my rap will soon end
Get ready at the signal, time to begin”

As he said that, he drew two swords and motioned for you guys to attack.

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