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Heavenly Beings

By lightdarkness All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 1

The first time Henry had ever seen a Noble, he had lost control of his body. He still remembered the pulsing thoughts of violence and death, his already painfully sharp senses seemed to roar to life, and within a few sudden moments he had found his hands at the Noble's throat. Henry cursed as he woke back up on the unsteady motion of the train heading to Boston. He passively gazed left and right to see if anyone had been watching him, sadly they had.

There was an old scrawny man with a big gray beard, smoky glasses, and a complexion of ghost. Next to him sat a mother with her child, both seeming identical with dark blond hair, heart shaped faces, and dark brown eyes. The mother probably in her thirties was gazing at Henry with beady eyes while her 10 year old daughter just looked at him with wonder. He didn't understand children much, he rarely paid attention to them. But the adults must have seen something they couldn't, because they always stared at Henry like he was some sort of mutant, and in truth he was far worse. Henry sighed as he looked out at the rapidly passing scenery, he could see green hills, tall grass, and buildings in the distance. The bright yellow sun shone in the crystal blue of the sky, illuminating the whole day with happiness. But Henry's day was going to be far from happy, since he had to report back to his Tutor on his mission.

Henry still remembered the first time he had met his tutor. It was on foggy day in the crowded streets of Boston. He had went out with the other orphan kids to play, then he saw the tall man with dark skin, amber eyes, and thick black curly hair. The man saw Henry, muttered something in another language, then snatched Henry right then and there and ran. Henry laughed as he remembered his shock at the time. But he knew that his tutor had seen what Henry really was and that's why he brought him to the dark "abandoned" warehouse in the city. He couldn't remember what he had said, but he explained what he was and took him in under his care. From then on it was Tutor and student. Henry still didn't know his Tutors real name, he said he would only tell Henry when he had earned the knowledge.

The train halted to a stop at one of the stations. He sighed as it occurred to him that he would still have to wait 3 hours until he would arrive home. As most of the passengers lazily got up from there seats and left the train, the little girl that had been looking at Henry earlier gave a big smile to him as she left. The gesture was so foreign to Henry that it took him a while before he realized he should probably smile back. He did, and the girl waved at him before her mom pulled her along to get off the train. Henry sat there in confusion and pondered in thought. He sighed and closed his eyes, hoping to actually get some sleep this time.

His peace was short lived as he got the familiar pain and sting of his senses truly waking up. He bolted up and stood. He quickly got off the train and started running in the direction of his enemy, a Noble was nearby. He passed through the crowds seamlessly, every step and motion completely perfect. It had taken years and years to master those types of movements. He remembered the hours and hours spent training with Tutor. First with simple things such as fluid movement and silent steps and then on to weaponry. Swords, axes, bows and arrows, spears, if it was an old fashioned weapon, Henry most likely knew how to use it. It was in his nature, all of it, from the fluid motions, to his skills with weaponry. He was born with all those skills and had known he had them ever since. The only power he feared was himself, when he turned into a wild storm of lightning and power. His whole body would disintegrate and form into a force of power and light. He still didn't understand the power; all he knew is that he had injured countless people by accident with them ever since he could remember. Whether if it was the other orphans, the caretakers, or just random strangers. Tutor fixed that, he taught him how to control it, but he still didn't have complete control, when he grew emotional it made it worse. However most of all, when he was face to face with a Noble, it could be untamable.

Before long Henry had managed to escape from the crowds and exit the train station. He didn't know what city he was in, but it was small, at least by his standards. The city was surrounded by green plains while buildings rose up from the ground left and right. The sun had risen to its full height in the sky, and the smell of trees and sweet wind filled the air. The sound of loud car engines and the voices of the residents were prominent in the air. Henry looked around before he saw the cloaked figure hiding behind the building. Henry gritted his teeth before sprinting towards him. The Noble ran for it as he crossed the streets and buildings. Henry took after him, the adrenaline coursing through his veins. The Noble was inhumanly fast, but Henry was still faster. Henry had incredible inhuman speed, strength, and agility. His senses were beyond any humans and played a big role in his battles.

The Noble was losing ground as Henry caught up; it was only a matter of time until Henry would have that dreadful being in his hands. The Noble had took Henry to the outskirts of the city, there was less buildings and more green patches of land with trees and flowers. The Noble caught Henry off guard when there were only a five foot gap in-between them. The Noble leaped off the edge of the sidewalk that they had been racing on, and over a large metal fence down a slopped hill. Henry swore as he abruptly stopped running, and climbed the fence. The Noble had jumped straight over the 9 foot metal gated fence. In a few seconds Henry continued his chase down the slope of a green hill, trees seemed to appear out of nowhere out of the ground. He dodged them effortlessly, keeping in mind that his enemy was barley in sight.

Anger and frustration ran through Henry's mind as he rapidly picked up his speed. The trees suddenly opened up to reveal a large and open grass field. It must have been a public park, but no one was in sight. The trees they had came out of were behind him, to his front was the open park with walking trails, swings, slides, and benches. In the distance Henry saw that there was a cemetery nearby, which he thought was odd to put next a public park. Henry saw that his enemy has stopped running. He stood in the middle of the grass field. In his hand he had summoned a golden two handed sword. The blade was long and double edged, the cross-guard was decorated with gray and black designs and pictures that depicted of death and suffering. The handle was wrapped in rubbery material, and the pommel was in the shape of a sphere.

The Noble was wearing black shoes and a business suite. The suite was black and could have been worn by any normal working class person. But this wasn't any person. The Noble was wearing a clock over the suite that fell all the way to his ankles. His face was covered by a classic gray hat. Henry could only see the pale skin, and the long face of the Noble. The Noble lifted up the sword and pointed it in Henry's direction. Henry smiled as he pulled out his own weapons. Two identical duel wielding swords, the blades of the swords were curved and deadly sharp, made out of a rare glowing metal that resembled gold. The handles were wrapped in leather, the cross-guard studded with red gems, and the pommel in the shape of a demons skull. Henry pulled the two swords directly from the air, summoning them with his powers, a trick he learned from Tutor.

He charged the cloaked noble with all his strength. Most of his instincts and senses took over as he clashed with the Noble. He struck at the Nobles side but he knocked Henry away with the long heavy sword of his. He was fast, Henry realized, even with the long heavy weapon. The two opponents clashed back and forth, the sound of metal against metal ringing through the air sharply. Henry smashed his fist at the Nobles face and struck with his left sword. The Noble quickly recovered and sent a surge of black energy towards Henry. Henry rolled out of the way, and landed back up perfectly. He clashed again with the Noble. He struck with his right sword and blocked the oncoming blows of the Noble with his left sword. He spiraled his two blades furiously, wearing down the Noble. Eventually however, The Noble parried one of his blows and then knocked him to the ground with a surge of his dark energy.

Henry slammed into the ground, the aftershock of the dark energy coursing through his body painfully. Anger coursed through Henry's body, he hated doing it but he couldn't help it, he let his whole body loose as he let his powers explode. Henry was no longer Henry, but a force of destruction, his body dissolved in a deadly storm of pulsing electricity and light, the feeling was strange and Henry didn't favor doing it to much, but he wanted to get this over with. He charged the Noble as a pure force of light and power, he knocked the Noble to the ground shocking him with power and electricity. Henry quickly formed back his body and stood above the Noble were he sat on the green grass, paralyzed with shock. Henry smiled as he knew he had won. He drove his blade straight into the beings chest. The creature wailed in agony for a second, and then it simply began dissolving into the ground. It happened whenever Henry killed a Noble. There body would simply begin to seep into the ground. Soon the only thing that remained was the Nobles cloak and suite.

Henry sighed as he made his way back to the train station. He looked down at his wristwatch and swore. "Tutor's going to kill me, I'm late, he hates it when I'm late. A well, at least I have a good excuse" Henry laughed to himself. As he headed towards the station he caught a glimpse of the little girl that smiled at him on the train. She had just exited a cafe with her mother. She caught a glimpse of Henrys sword that was still in his hand, forgetting to put it away. He quickly made the sword disappear, winked at the little girl, and then quickly headed towards the station making sure he was out of sight.

g here ...
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