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The Heartless Shadow | Book 1 | The Frozen Flame

By AccountPlease All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Jason awoke that fateful morning, not aware what the day held for him.

Jason stared at his ceiling, pondering if he should risk getting out of bed this morning. He felt the all too familiar feeling in his gut, that when he felt it, some sort of incident occurred to him. He never felt it as bad as it was this morning. He gulped at the feeling, it was so strong it was almost paralyzing. He has gotten out of it a few times, but he never knew what is was. Whatever that is supposed to happen, Jason felt helpless knowing he was powerless to stop it. He sighed and sat up and rubbed his eyes. The date was November 8th, 2015; it was still dark out this early in the morning.

His room was spacious; It was a rectangular shape, more long than it was wide. It was certainly big enough for Jason, however. His bed was pushed against the wall to the right of the door, to the left of the door was his dresser that had a mirror on the wall above it. His blaring alarm clock sat on top of his dresser, along with a framed picture of his family and other knickknacks. To the right of the dresser was a desk that had a lever underneath it for adjustable height, Jason had it lowered a little that its normal height. His school laptop sat in the middle of the black desk, his backpack strapped to the back of the office chair that stood in front of the desk. His 42" slim flat screen TV hung on a retention arm above the desk, tilted downwards that Jason used for TV, movies, or the news in the morning. His large closet sat just right of the desk.

A window, opposite of Jason's bed, was shut along with closed curtains, blocking out the street light; making the interior appear darker. To the left of the window was a bookshelf that held most of Jason's favorite books, along with unfinished works he has still yet to finish; and other useful reading materials. Jason sat in his bed till he got too annoyed by his alarm clock, and got up and shut it off. He stretched, then reluctantly turned on the lights and sighed again as the feeling hadn't gone away, like some days. He sighed once again and got dressed, a loose fitting white shirt with black clouds and purple lightning, and black jeans. He left his room and made a right, then entered the bathroom, that was the first door on the right from his room. A small bathroom, just a toilet, standing shower with no bathtub, a sink with a mirror and a row of 6 light bulbs along the top of the mirror. He brushed his teeth, then left down the hall, past his room and down the stairs.

He stopped halfway down the stairs as his living room came into view through the rungs on the railing of his stairs. The house was dark, cold and lonely, it only worsened his mood. His mother is always busy with work at some accounting job for celebrities that he didn't really know too much about. Jason liked the income, but he hated not being with his mom. It was bearable when his older sister still lived with them, but she moved to her College campus a few months ago. Jason sighed, again, and continued down the stairs. He turned on the lamp in his living room and turned on the TV. He switched it to a news channel as he walked into the kitchen and turned the light on. Jason wasn't too hungry nor was he that big of a breakfast person, but he knew he had to have energy if he was to attempt to avoid whatever was going to happen. He put some bread into the toaster and walked back into the living room and onto the couch.

He silently watched the news while he listened for his toast. Jason hated the news, he hated the world, he hated how the world was, how it was run. But he still watched it, hoping for some hope or good news to show up. He sighed and leaned back into the couch as they began on the weather section. He was talking about the high and low temperatures of the week when Jason heard his toast. He sighed once again, and stood up and headed for the kitchen. When he was halfway to the kitchen, he heard the weather man say, "..There is a massive storm cell heading in our direction, it seems to be picking up in strength the more it travels, we will be hit by the edge of the storm, so it shouldn't be too bad. Expect the rain to start around six fifty-five AM, then it will continue off and on, the heavier rain is suspected around noon today. The rain will continue till about five in the afternoon.."

Jason stopped in his tracks. No.. There is no way. It can't be the storm... Not a chance. Jason shook his head and he felt nauseous. It...Can't be... r-right? He stood there terrified, then pushed that thought to the deepest parts of his mind. It's not the storm. I mean, it's just a storm, come on. There is no way something like a storm is out to get me. It's not like the universe is out to kill me. He walked into the kitchen and stared at his toast, then shook his head and went upstairs and got his backpack and put his laptop in a slim case, then into his backpack as well and put on his jacket. Jason strapped on his backpack, then grabbed an umbrella and left his house, locking the door behind him and started down the street toward his school. The morning was foggy and silent, the only thing he heard was the jingling of his keys as he walked.

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