Quaerendo Ignotus (Searching For the Unknown)

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Chapter 4

"Well, you must have said it for me to hear it," argued Ragnar.

"I'm probably too tired and didn't notice it myself," said Runa, wanting to end the conversation.

Ragnar, understanding that his sister didn't want to continue the conversation, left it at that.

However, sitting in complete silence was becoming awkward rather fast, so they decided to check on their mother and her 'cooking'.

I really wish our mother would stop making food or at least learn how to, Ragnar thought as they neared the kitchen and some horrid stench climbed up their nostrils.

"I wish that as well," Runa whispered as if to answer his brother.

Ragnar just gave her an inquisitive look.

Luckily, this time their mother decided to make some potatoes and pork as it was something she could make fairly well. The stench however, made the twins a bit sceptical. They were sure that nothing in the food their mother made could stink that way.

Once they had commented on their mother's food, telling her that it wasn't very good. She had got angry, and the twins decided to never say anything bad about her cooking anymore. That's why the twins, entering the kitchen, said that it smelled delicious and they couldn't wait to eat.

Luckily, the mother wasn't very good at noticing sarcasm and invited them to sit down as she put the food on the table.

This looks absolutely horrid, Ragnar thought as he noticed the green-looking potatoes and the bread that looked a bit mouldy. The pork was all right though.

If one had looked at Runa, they would have seen an utterly surprised look. The reason was, that yet again, Runa had heard what Ragnar had said and she was surprised that their mother carried on as if nothing was wrong. She decided not to risk it and didn't mention it.

The lunch passed and by now, both twins were very confused and they decided to talk about it after lunch in private.

"I think it's obvious that there's something going on with us," started Ragnar.

Thank you for stating the obvious again.

"There, I heard you again. Let me try something, wait a mo'." Can you hear me, sis?

Yeah, I can hear you… what is going on?

I don't know why, but I do believe, that we can talk to each other in our minds.

That is quite awesome. Now, there are some things we need to sort out. First of all, will we tell anyone about this?

I don't think we should. This could be rather useful thing to have, especially if no one except us knows about this.

OK! Secondly, we need to know when one of us hears the other's thoughts. For example can you hear this, Runa cut off for a while, or could you not?

I heard absolutely nothing. What did you say?

Nothing extraordinary. But what I did find out, is that we can control what we 'think' to one another. I just kind of… thought subconsciously that this was something I wouldn't want to tell you. Now thirdly…

They were so excited about speaking in each other's minds that they kept chatting for hours without even noticing it had gone dark outside. As they were very anxious about their visit to The College, they decided to go to sleep.

The next morning, they were woken up by their mother, who called them for a quick spot of breakfast and off they went, towards their destination of the College.

As soon as they arrived, the twins' mother took the lead and they followed her to the front desk where a young woman sat.

"Hello! My children have just turned 18 and since their father was a magician they wanted to find out if they could become magicians themselves."

"Oh, certainly. I will guide you to Professor Alvis. He will test them."

Climbing up the stairs, the twins were looking around in wonder as they had never been to The College before. The walls were filled with paintings, behind some of the doors, they could see people reading, tending to their fires, mixing some ingredients together or listening to lectures.

The College itself looked fantastic. The halls were a lovely wooden texture with torches lighting up the hallways. Each doorway had very detailed carvings of them and if one looked closely, it looked like the carvings were moving.

Arriving at the Professor's office, they knocked and went inside after hearing a muffled reply of "Come in!"

The first thing the twins noticed upon entering, was that the walls were taken over by hundreds of books. The room itself was furnished with very fancy-looking tables, chairs and on the opposite end of the room stood a door, which probably led to Alvis' bedroom.

Then they finally noticed an old man with a long white beard and a wrinkled face sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the room.

"Welcome, children, to my office. I'm Professor Alvis. Now, what can I do for you?" asked the man sitting in the rocking chair.

Runa, upon noticing, that she and her brother had entered the office by themselves, decided to answer Alvis after a quick message to Ragnar, that she'd take care of it: "Hello, Professor Alvis. I'm Runa and this is my brother Ragnar. We have come to see if we have the potential to become magicians."

"And have you seen it?" asked Alvis suddenly.

"Well, we were hoping you could test us," replied Runa with a hopeful look.

The Professor seemed to brighten up at that statement. "Of course I can test you. The College is always looking for new students. Now, come over here please. No, not you Ragnar, only Runa for now."

Runa walked to the Professor. It unnerved her for having to go to him all alone as she and her brother had always done everything together.

"I can see that you are quite hesitant to come here. Don't worry. Nothing bad will happen to you. Good. Now, you're going to test a very simple spell that every magician starts with. The spell is used for lighting up dark areas. Repeat after me. Lux."

"Lux!" cried Runa, and instantly a bright form of light appeared in the air before her.

"Good! I can already see that you are a very powerful mage indeed. This is the weakest form of the spell and you created a much brighter orb than some mages can create with the strongest form of the spell. Ragnar, you're next!"

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