Quaerendo Ignotus (Searching For the Unknown)

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Chapter 6

As the title suggests, "Dragon Tales of the Old" was filled with stories that happened centuries ago and involved dragons. Reading the table of contents, Ragnar saw that some stories even involved the same dragon. For example, there were 5 different stories about a dragon named Dentanus and 10 of a dragon called Xandur.

At the beginning of the book, there was an introduction along with some facts about the dragons:

"The Dragons. A race of majestic giants and fearsome beasts. The world has seen the rise and fall of many great Dragons, most of them with evil intents. In this book, one can read about the rise and fall of Xandur the Fierce, the prophecies of Oracle and the Dragon slayers of King Wilfred.

This book counts years to and from the fall of Xandur the fierce.

So far, all we know about Dragons:

They will never stop growing, no matter how old they are.

The bigger the Dragon, the hotter the fire. The largest Dragon we know of, could, for example, melt through an iron door in mere seconds.

The Dragon's scales match the colour of the Dragon's egg it hatched from.

A Dragon can be found in any colour, however, the most common are Dragons between the blue and green colour-scale, with the rarest being a dragon of orange or red.

All Dragons, good and bad, small and big like the thought of having huge piles of treasure in their possession"

All of the facts about dragons were written in different handwritings and ink colours.

They were probably added by different people over time, as more and more facts were discovered, thought Ragnar, and wanting to read about Xandur, he skipped forward a few chapters.

Chapter 9: The rise of Xandur the Fierce

115 B.X.F.

Though there have been many different Dragons there is one the world will probably never forget. Xandur the Fierce. His scorching fires killed many men, destroyed many fortresses and ravaged the land for more than a century.

When he first appeared near the village of Rivermond in 117 B.X.F., he was dismissed as a Dragon of no importance. His scales were red in colour and he was as small as an ordinary horse and since Dragons grew quite slowly, no one paid any attention to him.

However, 2 years later, the villagers of Rivermond fled in terror of Xandur, who had, for some reason, grown a lot faster than other Dragons and was about the size of four houses stacked together. He burned down the village, captured any who weren't fast enough to escape and ate the livestock that were left behind.

Rivermond was situated near a large mountain where Xandur had used his, by then, humongous claws to dig a cave to reside and hoard his treasure in…"

The chapter continued on about the destruction Xandur the Fierce brought upon the world. However, while Ragnar was reading his book, Runa and her mother continued to search through the stuff from the attic.

Taking another box off the kitchen table, to see what's inside, Runa noticed a small letter sticking out from underneath one of the boxes. The envelope read "To my children upon their 18th birthday".A smile immediately donned Runa's face and she struggled to keep her face expressionless in order not to alert her mother, as she slipped the letter inside her pocket, for later reading with Ragnar.

Opening the small box she had taken, she saw many letters addressed "Rowena, my most loved one".

"I didn't know you and dad exchanged love letters, mom."

Rowena immediately looked up, her eyes wide. "Love letters? I never sent them. But your father certainly did. Now please give them here. I want to put them away."

"But mom, I want to read them! I want to know what he thought about you and how he wooed you," whined Runa.

"No. This is private and I will not have my privacy invaded. Now please, stop whining."

They continued searching through the stuff but found nothing of interest, so they threw out all the unwanted stuff, put away everything they thought they'd need and took the boxes back into the attic.

Damn, I really hoped to find the key to the box in the attic, thought Runa, at least I found this letter from him.

As she was very anxious about tomorrow, she decided to turn in early, so she wouldn't be late for the College the following morning.

The first 10 minutes in bed passed fast. The next 20 went a little slower. The hour following that, she was starting to get frustrated for not being able to fall asleep.


…Einar drew his sword and…


…slashed it into Xandur with a wide arc…


…gravely… yes? I'm trying to read here.

I don't care about your little Xandur and Einar. I've been trying to fall asleep for an hour and a half. I haven't been able to and I need something to let me fall asleep. Could you help me?

Take a mallet and smash your head into it. Works every time.

I have no need for your smart comments. I really need your help.

Fine, fine. I'll come and carve.

For some reason, watching Ragnar carve and talking to him at the same time always soothed Runa to sleep. Something about watching a sharp knife carve through wood in experienced hands made Runa feel very sleepy and she fell asleep after Ragnar had been there for 10 minutes.

"She always needs it when she's anxious," sighed Ragnar, kissed her sister on her forehead and left the room, leaving a smile on Runa's face.

After getting back in front of the fireplace with his book, his mother told him to go to bed as well, as it was already late and they needed to be at the College early.

"But mom, I just got to the good part of the book. Let me just read till the end of the chapter!"

"No, you must go to sleep or you won't be on time. Now go!" Rowena ordered.

Ragnar sighed, wished his mother a good night, and left for bed.

Now, how to fall asleep quicker?

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