Battle Of The Brothers

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Time To Heal

A few weeks had gone by since the battle. Everything seemed almost normal again. Almost. I stood outside my dad's house with Remus by my side. We watched as people walked by doing what they could to repair the last bit of damage to the village. Those that had been injured had either fully recovered or was close to full recovery. Everybody had wondered who would be chief and whether or not I was too young to take up the title. What they didn't know is that my father had left me a letter saying that I was to take up the title no matter what and that there were a few things for me in a chest from both him and my mother for all the birthdays that they missed. One was a locket of which contained a painting of them and myself when I was only a few months old. She held me in her arms and she was smiling as she looked at me. My father was looking at my mother with nothing but joy clear on his face. There were a few other things; one of my favourites being a few of the old leather bound books containing tales that were collected over the years. I turned to Remus and kissed him. He smiled.

"We should go soon."

Remus nodded. "She would want to know what had happened."

I remembered the day my dad had come to get me and him telling my aunt that he would send her a message just to confirm that everything was fine. Now that both my dad and grandfather were gone I felt as if I was the one to tell her what had happened. My dad had left me the address of where my aunt was staying before the battle had started so I knew where to find her if I had to. I changed into my griffin form and Remus climbed onto my back and I flew off north-west.

As we arrived at the address we soon found out that Aunty Jane had gone back home where we had lived with Bartholomew. Both Remus and I then headed off to where I used to live of which didn't take long. I knocked on the door. After about a minute my aunt opened the door and stood in the entryway. She went completely pale as if she had seen a ghost.

"T-Toby… that really you? Oh my god, I am so glad you're safe." She hugged me tightly. "Where's Lysander? I haven't gotten a letter from him yet." She then noticed Remus. "And who is this handsome young man?" That definitely made Remus blush. "Anyway, you two better come in and get comfortable."

She led us through into the lounge and asked us if we wanted anything to eat or drink. We both asked for a hot chocolate and so she went off to make us some. She was soon back with huge mugs, one in each hand, and she handed them to us. She then sat down opposite us, smoothing out her skirt and tucking her straight, brown hair behind one ear.

"So, what's the news?"

I took a sip of the hot chocolate and put my mug down on the coffee table before I started to tell my aunt about what happened from the time my dad came to collect me to the battle just a few weeks ago. I didn't stop myself from telling her about Alistair's and Lysander's passing away though it was hard to tell her. Once I had finished she was silent for a bit. She then looked at me and Remus.

"Well, we can't change what happened. We lose people in our lives and we can't do anything about it. And I'm glad the two of you are happy together. Both of you are welcome to come and visit anytime you like."

"Thanks Jane, you'll be able to visit us as well though sadly if you want to contact us then you'll have to use the other method of which my grandfather used when he first contacted me as the gift of telepathy didn't exactly include normal humans."

She smiled. "That's ok. I still remember how it's done."

"Anyway, we should head off. I have a tribe to get back to and break the news about who's going to be chief." Remus and I stood.

My aunt looked at me in surprise. "So you're going to be chief? At such a young age?"

I nodded. "Don't worry. I have people to help."

Jane stood up and hugged me. "It was good to see you again Toby and it was nice to meet you Remus." She smiled. "Oh, I have one question before the two of you go….what exactly happened to Bartholomew? You didn't mention him."

I looked at her. "After the battle people saw him escape. He was one of the few Solamian's to survive."

Jane looked worried. "I hope he won't come back and cause more trouble. I know how much of a prick he is. But anyway, I shouldn't keep you any longer. I hope to see you guys sometime soon."

We said our goodbyes and left, making our way back to the tribe. It had been nice to see my aunt safe and to be able to talk to her again.

Once we had gotten back to the tribe and had told everyone that I was to be chief, I lay on my bed shirtless with Remus next to me. He had an arm across my chest as he looked at me and stroked my cheek.

"Remus, can I ask you something?"

"You just did." He smiled at me rather cheekily.

I smiled back at him. "If I asked you, sometime in the future, if you would marry me….what would your answer be?"

Remus sat up and threw a leg over me and sat on my stomach. He looked at me and smiled.

"That's for me to know and you to find out when you actually do ask the question." He then leant down and kissed me which made me smile.

I pushed him off me teasingly, sat on top of him and kissed him back with a little more passion then he expected.

"I love you Remus."

"I love me too…oh and you of course."

We looked at each other. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or slap him but within seconds both of us were laughing. After we had calmed down from all the laughing and giggling we ended up falling asleep. Remus's head rested on my chest while I had an arm wrapped around his shoulders and one of his hands rested on my thigh.

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