Battle Of The Brothers

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Thirteen Years

Thirteen years had passed us by since the battle. Remus and I have been married for the past seven years. We have two beautiful children, Oliver at the age of five and Rose at the age of four. We couldn't have had them without the help of Sarah, who had agreed to be a surrogate. The tribe was going well and we hadn't been bothered by the remaining members of the Solamian tribe. Dragonbane had been hung up on the wall seeing as it didn't have any real need anymore.

Everyone had gathered around the gazebo. It was my 29th birthday and everyone wanted to celebrate it. I sat at the table in front of everyone else. Remus was on my left hand side while Oliver was on my right hand side and Rose sat next to Remus. Everyone had finished eating dessert and were waiting for the music to start of which would be followed by a play performed by the younger kids. I didn't exactly know what the play would be about but I had an idea. Soon the music started and Oliver was one of the first to get up and dance. Rose decided it would be a good idea to join her older brother.

"Care for a dance?"

I turned and saw that Remus had stood up and was holding out a hand. I smiled.

"It would be a pleasure to dance with one so fine and handsome."

And so we danced the hours away until it was time for the play. As the play got more into the story, my idea of what it was about was confirmed. It was about the battle. Memories came flooding back from that day along with everything I felt after the battle when I had discovered my father was injured and how he died from battle wounds moments after seeing him. I got up to leave the clearing though I didn't notice Remus following me. I sat down in the clearing of which me and Remus had first kissed. I didn't know why I liked this particular clearing when I needed to get away from things or when I needed to think. Remus walked into the clearing and sat down next to me.

"What's the matter Toby?"

I sighed. "The play brought back memories and emotions, from when the battle occurred. I couldn't stay and watch."

Remus put an arm around my shoulders. "It's ok. Some things just need time to finally leave you alone and stop haunting you."

"But it's been thirteen years, Remus. Thirteen years. Don't you think it would have left me alone by now?"

Remus didn't answer. All he did was look at me and I could tell that he wished he had all the answers. That he could stop the memories and emotions from flooding back. But all he could do was comfort me in any way he could and that's all I expected from him. He kissed me and looked at me.

"Everything will eventually be alright."

We both heard the soft rustling of grass as someone entered the clearing. We looked up and saw Oliver and Rose standing side by side.

"You ok papa?"

I smiled at Oliver. He was the sweetest kid who always knew when something seemed to be wrong. I held out my arms.

"Oliver, Rose. Come give me a hug."

They ran over and hugged me. I then put a both hands on Oliver's shoulders and looked him in the eye.

"Oliver, I'm just trying to deal with something that happened a long time ago. It was a sad time for me but I'll be fine."

I smiled and ruffled Oliver's blonde hair. Oliver smiled back before running off to watch the rest of the play with Rose following close behind him. Remus stood up and held out a hand to help me up.

"Are you sure you'll be fine?"

I nodded. "I'm sure. Now go on and watch the rest of the play with the kids. I'll come join you when I'm ready."

Remus kissed me making me blush a little. "I'll see you soon."

And so he went off to join the kids and watch the rest of the play. As he vanished from sight I had a tingling sensation run down my back. I turned to look behind me and saw the one person I least expected. Bartholomew.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Bartholomew didn't smile or seem confident or anything. He looked the complete opposite. He looked tired, withdrawn, sad and possibly even weak which wasn't like him.

"I came to warn you of something that will affect us both." His voice sounded rough. "And to also help you and get help in return."

I looked at him suspiciously. "Why should I trust you?"

"Look, I know I've treated you badly and that I've done some…unforgiveable things. But if we don't help each other out with what needs to be done then one of our tribes won't survive and the one tribe that's left will suffer terribly. Your deity grows weak because of Solomon's life essence. You may have destroyed Solomon's body but he still lives. And even though Solomon is making your deity weaker he is also being affected. Solomon needs to be separated from Xavier. "

I walked up to Bartholomew, closing the gap between us until our faces were an inch apart.

"You killed my father and I have never forgiven you for that. And yes, you didn't treat me that well, so what makes you think that I'll help you despite the fact that my tribe will most likely suffer if I don't?"

Bartholomew looked at me straight in the eye. I noticed that something was different. That maybe…maybe he had changed. I turned and walked away from Bartholomew a bit before stopping and looking up at the stars and sighing.

"Bartholomew…I guess I will have to trust you. But just this once." I turned to face him. "Give me another reason not to trust you and I will have you killed where you stand, no matter what you're doing. Got it?"

Bartholomew nodded.

"Now leave me. I have to think about this as well as talk to a few others and see what they think. Meet me back here in this clearing at midnight on Thursday. That's two days away and you better turn up or you definitely won't be getting any help from us and both our tribes will have to face the consequences. And who will be to blame? You. Now go."

Bartholomew left the clearing and I watched him as he went. I then turned towards the proper path leading out of the clearing and headed back to the gazebo. When I sat down next to Remus he gave me a concerned look and not wanting to say anything out loud he decided to talk to me using telepathy.

"Is everything alright Toby?"

I quickly glanced at Remus before replying.

"Everything's fine. Just had an…unexpected visit from someone. I'll tell you more when we're home and the kids are asleep."

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