Battle Of The Brothers

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The Ritual

I stood at the edge of the clearing, watching as Baelorn, Lucy, the tribe's most recently appointed spiritualist, and a few others finished off drawing the pentagram and symbols. Grenwick even stood there with the piece of Lokrium of which we needed for the ritual. I couldn't read the symbols themselves but they gave off a certain feeling about what they meant and it almost felt like they were speaking. I got the understanding of summoning a powerful deity that was both light and dark sides and the separation of the two sides. But maybe that was partially because that was exactly what this ritual was for. It was almost midnight. I took in a deep breath and exhaled as Baelorn stood up and made his way to me. Once he was within a few feet of me he looked at me and nodded once.

"It's time Tobias. Everything is ready; all we need now is the person of whom you mentioned."

I looked at Baelorn. There were dark shadows under his eyes. Lines crossed his face, from tiredness or something else I didn't know. I looked around at everyone else. They all looked tired. Even I was though I didn't want to admit it. I looked back at Baelorn trying not to show my tiredness show.

"I'll go and fetch him then."

I started to walk off but I was stopped after taking a few steps by Baelorn tightly grabbing my arm. I turned to face him.

"Who is he Tobias? Who is this person who told you all the information about our deity and how he's growing weak? You didn't mention his name once since you told us about it and what we had to do. Tell me. Please."

I shook my head. "I won't tell you before you see him. If I do you might not want to go through with the ritual."

Baelorn looked at me pleadingly. "Please Tobias. Just tell me. I won't say anything to the other's here."

I continued to look at Baelorn for a few seconds longer before I got my arm out of his grip and walked off to get my uncle. He would have to wait to find out who I was bringing back.

I walked into the clearing where I had told Bartholomew to meet me. It was only a few minutes away from midnight and as I entered the clearing I saw Bartholomew standing there in its centre. He looked straight at me.

"You finally arrive. What decision have you come to?"

"How long have you been waiting?"

"Answering a question with a question. I've only been here for about 5 minutes."

I shrug carelessly. "Not long then. You are to come with me. You are needed for this process."

Bartholomew smiled an awful smile. "I thought you would do what you could to stop any suffering."

"Stop talking and just follow me."

I made my way back to the clearing where the ritual was going to be held. As I entered the clearing Baelorn and Grenwick look towards me. Baelorn's eyes were questioning before he saw who was behind me before anger replaced the questioning. Grenwick had a murderous look and seemed like he was ready to pounce.

"What the hell is he doing here?"

I looked at Grenwick. "Calm down, he's here to help and he's the one who told me about our deities."

Baelorn stepped forward. "But he's responsible for your father's death and most likely your grandfather's death too."

My head whipped around as I looked at Baelorn. Anger, sorrow and old hurt crept into my voice. "You think I don't know that Baelorn? You think I don't know that this man…my uncle, killed my father and may have had something to do with my grandfather's death? You think it hasn't been on my mind every single day of my life since the battle? That I got over it all within a matter of days or even weeks after my father's death? I spent the first part of my life living under this murderous bastard's roof until my father came for me. Do you know what that was like?"

I stared into Baelorn's eyes as I let out all my anger and sorrow. Tears streamed down my face as anything and everything about the battle came back to me.

"You don't know what it's like Baelorn. You don't know what it's like to have lived with him, to be related to him even though it's only through human law. Anyway, let's get on with this."

I wiped my tears away and had everyone gather around the pentagram that was drawn in the earth. Grenwick stood on my right holding the piece of Lokrium ready for Solomon to be imprisoned while my uncle stood on my left. Everyone else stood in no particular order as it wasn't too important.

"Now, you all know how this starts? We focus on summoning Xavier and lend him our energy as he is most likely weak. Then I will separate Solomon from him and have him imprisoned. Everyone got that?"

They all nodded before closing their eyes. After I made sure everyone was focused I closed my eyes and prepared to summon Xavier.

"Xavier thy mighty deity, creator and protector of our race. Hear my voice and let it guide you to us in the hope of helping you in regaining your lost strength. We have a way and we are prepared. Come to us now or we shall all perish within a matter of time."

As soon as the last word escaped my lips and white glow filled the clearing. I opened my eyes and I saw Xavier lying on the ground in the pentagram. He was too weak to stand and could barely lift his majestic head to look at me.

"Do it Tobias. Do it now or else it would have been for nothing. I grow weaker by the minute and Solomon will destroy us both as he doesn't have enough strength to break free and survive. I am doing everything I can to keep him under control but I am beginning to fade."

I nodded and began the chant.

"Tu lumen, et Tenebrosi
Ortus atque obitus
Vita et mors
Quod illa, quae facta est uno
Jam enim veniendum est ad formas
Quod quid est obscura, et perniciosa tenebrarum
Ego praecipio tibi tollere essentia animae
Ex quibus numen corrumpere conatus
Præcipio tibi in perpetuum carcerem
In hoc Lokrium"

As the chant was said I saw Solomon emerge from Xavier as a dark shadow, darker than the night that surrounded us, try to resist imprisonment and finally being absorbed into the Lokrium Grenwick held. I even thought I hear Solomon scream with frustration and anger. I fell to my knees and sighed.

"It is done. He has been imprisoned and you are now free of him Xavier."

"I thank you Tobias. Already I feel my strength slowly returning to me. I think it would be best for me to leave now."

I nodded. "I think so too, Xavier."

He slowly rose to his feet and looked at me one last time.

"You will be a great chief. You have already done what you thought is best for your tribe and you will continue on to help everyone survive. But there is one last thing I should tell you before I go. Imprison your uncle as well. He will only cause trouble if he isn't dealt with."

"But where?"

"In the ancient Lokrium cage. Hardly anyone knows of it and it is only mentioned in a few of your books and scrolls. If you do not know where to locate it then search your grandfather's house. You should find a hidden door in one of the spare bedrooms. And with the Lokrium that Solomon is imprisoned in…keep it close or else put it somewhere that only you will know of. Now I must go."

I nodded and stood just as the clearing was filled with a white glow once more as Xavier left. I looked at everyone before my gaze rested on Grenwick.

"Grenwick, I need you to come with me and bring Solomon's Lokrium prison with you. Everyone else, you are free to get some sleep. I thank you for your help tonight."

With both Bartholomew and Solomon locked away in two separate prisons we were safe. The tribe flourished and both Remus and I led a healthy and happy life. Oliver and Rose grew up to be fine adults and contributed to the growth of the tribe in more ways than I could have thought. Time slowly passed us by until the day of our untimely demise. Both Remus and I were old and our deaths seemed like an accident. But only the two of us knew what really happened. Everyone believed that our house caught fire due to us falling asleep and not keeping an eye on the fire but the truth was slightly different.

It was Bartholomew and his damned blue fire.

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