Jack's Rise to Glory

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Chapter 3

After Sir Wobblington had left, Jack moved on to the next task, a simple arming sword and shield combination that had oddly been requested by the old wood carver that lived at the rim of the forest, about ten minutes of walk from the western city gate. Rumor had it that he could see the future in the grain of the wood he carved, but who believed such a folly anyway?

Years of experience took over as Jack´s thoughts drifted around Sir Wobblingtons strange proclamation, and the hours flew by. The corpulent knight was not known to make overexaggerated statements, he was rather a friend of trivialisation and a relaxed point of view. If something rattled him, concern was appropriate.

Jack only noticed the lateness of the hour as it became hard to see the workpieces in the dim light of the ever-glowing embers of his forge. Not wanting to miss the apparently very important public gathering on the following next day, he decided to called it a day, quickly ate one or two (or maybe four) apples out of the big wickerbasket a farmwoman had offered him as payment for a few cast-iron knives and forks and then went to sleep.

Jack´s dreams usually were a strange mixture of foreign and yet boring, everyday scenes and acts and thus quickly forgotten, but due to an unknown reason, the dream he had this evening stuck in his mind.

The beginning resembled those of his normal dreams: He was a normal person in a normal building or a normal street, doing a normal task. Boring as hell.

Then, however, the sky darkened and bright-blue, glowing streaks of light appeared, reaching from the ground towards the pitch-black clouds. They started whirling around an invisible center, faster and faster, an awesome, though small and silent tornado of blue.

When the speed reached its maximum, the diameter slowly increased, continously ripping small pieces out of everything close to the glowing streaks and thus dismembering the paved road, benches, flowerpots, whole buildings, crumbling to dust. The small tornado however did not fill with debris but instead seemed to be fueled by it and grow in strength, As it enlarged, the perspective changed and moved away from the oddly familar town. Soon there was a gaping hole right where the town square had stood, a void surrounded by the ruins of buildings that would soon be consumed. In the meantime, the tornado assumed a gigantic scale, dwarfing the town in size, and emited a terrible shrieking sound. The nightmare was not over yet. The point of view changed again in line with the ever-growing tornado. Now the súrrounding landscape was visible, at least until it was swallowed by that whirling construct of doom, then the adjacent mountain range, close states, a green strip of land framed by white and yellow, an irregular shape surrounded by blue...the tornado still kept increasing in size until it it swallowed everything there was to be seen, at much of what had yet to be seen, until there was only a infinite, black void to be watched, and as Jack gazed into the neverending nothingness, he felt an incredibly strong feel of discomfort that finally ended his slumber.

Even though he was bathed in sweat and heavily breathing, a deep trembling shook him.

Jack knew it had only been a dream, but there was just something that made the memory of the nightmare stuck in his mind like a fishing hook in flesh. He twisted and turned and tried to get another one or two hours of rest, but the grisly feeling of impending doom kept him awake, as much as he tried to shake it off.

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