Lone Wolf

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chapter 2

I was being carried through the woods. I remember looking up and seeing my parents. My human parents. Carrying me through the woods at night. I looked through the leaves of the trees up at the night sky. It was the darkest blue, against it, the most brilliant sky, and full of sparkling stars. Any other night, other people would have been looking up to watch the northern lights dance in flashes of bright colorsacross the sky. Possibly the most beautiful night I will ever get to experience. Unfortunately I didn'tknow why my parents were taking me out into the forest at night but they looked worried so I assume they were being chased by someone or something. Soon I heard the first (I think) howl of my life. Little did I know that that howl would soon be my saviortime and time again. Following that howl came a few others. I don't know how I could tell there was more than one, most people would think that was maybe two at most. I didn'tknow at the time but apparently I was special in some way and some people wanted to get their hands on me. I actually think that's why I got sent out of the pack.

Anyway once my parents got me further into the woods they slowed down. My father came over and gave me a kiss followed by my mother. She placed me on the ground under a fallen oak next to a river, It was spring so all of the night creatures should have been out with their young. On the contrary all the other animals were asleep with their new born. But here we were disturbing the quiet. In the distance someone had shot a gun causing my parents to jump and turn in that direction. They knew they had to leave and soon, I was never going to see my parents again.

I don't know how much time had passed since but the next thing I remember was being in a den. This den was made in the ground. It had been dug-out by an animal with big feet, claws or paws. I looked round this den and spotted my wolf mother. Her grey fur spluttered with mud from the hunt. She had brilliant amber eyes that stood out in this dirty little hole in the ground.

She looked down at me curiously. I suspect now that she knows why I was there and what I was, but she was still intrigued. I looked further down to where four pups lay nestled in their mothers' fur. I was already crawling so I was maybe about eight months old. The first of the four was the biggest one; he was darker than his mother, a black pup with young blue eyes only beginning to open. The second was a smaller pup, lighter than the first with his mother's amber eyes. Third was a pup that was almost exactly like her mother. Light grey fur and a dark line around her eyes. I think the fourth was the runt, well aside from me. He was a lot smaller than the rest; hehadn'topened his eyes yet and was still suckling his mother.

I sat up staring at this family wondering a few things. Most of these things I'm thinking of now. One of the things now, is that I don't know how I can remember this although apparently I'm special. The father was one of my questions. I didn'tyet know much about the wolf lifestyle so I compared it a lot to the human life I already knew. I wanted to know where the father was, I wanted to look for him but I was so terrified to go anywhere. I was scared in the face of the wolves and because I didn'tknow where my parents were. So I just sat there in a mud hole with five wolves. After a while I must have got tired because I don't remember much other than the fact of waking up with a humid wind in my face.

It must have been a few hours later because the sun was peeking into the hole. I had woken up with the females' nose in my face. She was probably just sniffing but it felt weird and soggy. I screamed for her to get away. Consequently she jumped and ran behind her mother. I continued wailing until the mother of the four came up to me. She grabbed my clothes with her teeth and pulled me to herself. I looked at her and decided I was hungry. I did what the runt was doing earlier. I suckled the she-wolf like I would my mother. Soon afterwards the other pups came to investigate me as well. This time I let them. they played with me, I tried to play with them back but every time I reached out they jumped towards their mother. They all came except the runt. The odd thing about these wolves is that I could understand them. Not just through body language but it was as if they were speaking human. The mother spoke to her children. She spoke about their father and the pack and the wolves they were soon to be. I listened closely to what she was saying and i striveto be like that. I wanted to be the alpha; I wanted to be a true pack member and one day to have pups of my own. Unfortunately this was not my destiny. I would not get to be a true member of that pack, or the alpha consequently that also means I can't have pups.

Eventually the runt opened his eyes. They were by far the brightest and most delicate. They were silver, so silver they almost looked blue. As well as being delicate they were fierce. Fierce when needed but delicate otherwise. Although the runt now he was probably going to be the best, however I already know that eyes cannot tell the whole story.

So this is how it all started, this is how I came to be a wolf hating humans.

My story however is not at an end.

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