Lone Wolf

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chapter 3

Growing up in a wolf pack is almost completely different from growing up in human life (I assume). Wolves, dogs and other canines grow up quicker than humans. By the time they are six months old they already look like adults. However Because of my "powers" I aged sort of like a wolf. By the time I'm six months I look and act about eleven.

I soon got to know the cubs. The strong one is Adalwolf meaning noble wolf, just as you think, his parents have great expectations for him, the second was Bleddyn, The female was Accalia and the runt was Amarok. Their mother was Adalwolfa meaning noble she-wolf. The alpha (and their father) was Faolan. Last of all, my name. They all called me Randolph. Most of them were fun to be around. Although Faolon hasn't really accepted me as well as Adalwolf, he was just trying to be what his father expects of him though. However he didn't have to take it as far as he did.

My closest friend out of the four cubs was Amarok. Although he was the runt he was friendly and I could see how tough he really was even if the others couldn't. There were other cubs in the pack but I didn't get on as well with them than I did with the four I knew. I think in the pack (including the alpha's cubs and myself) there were three females and five males.

During the first six months of their lives it was pretty danger-free. Most of the days I spent trying to catch the adults tails. I seemed that all the pups did that. They all enjoyed catching their parent's tails or biting each other's ears, and I tried so hard to do that and enjoy it – to fit in. But I never did. I always stuck out like a sore thumb. I tried to join in on the fights and I was quite good at it, possibly the best but I didn't enjoy hurting them. I rarely did bad damage as we were only play fighting, but still I didn't enjoy it as much as the others. Although being different, I still tried to fit in. I made it seem like I was enjoying those things. I followed the rules of the pack and I played with other cubs and stayed away from the border of our territory. Although I was different I still made plenty of friends, except of course for Adalwolf. I only got into two major fights. One of which was with Adalwolf. This happened whenever I had just started fighting. I had been watching Faolon and the other pack member's hunt. It was not only me that did this. Adalwolf and Bleddyn came along as well. At first we were the only ones but soon the other pups from the pack came as well. Anyway whenever we came home Adalwolf and Bleddyn started fighting. The other cubs fought as well but not such so obvious. When they fought it was as if Adalwolf was going right in front of me just to make a point, so one day I decided to fight back.

I talked to Amarok about fighting because he fought a little bit as well. I watched him have a fight with one of the other cubs, Damien. Although it was only play fighting it looked like how the adults hunted and fought. Their claws flying through the air dangerous though not creating a mark on either one of them. Their teeth bared biting and growling. Seeing Amarok fight confirmed my theory about him, although there was still something missing. He may have been a great fighter in my eyes but everyone believes they're better than him, even he believes it himself.

After a bit Adalwolf came over, He started making snide remarks about Amarok and for that matter Damien too.

"Come on Damien you're losing to Amarok." He would shout comments like this at them to keep the fight going and soon the play fight became a real fight. Soon they were on each other, instead on nips on the ear there were bites at the neck, blood streaming out of them tinging their fur red. All the while Adalwolf was watching keeping them fighting creating a soon to be disaster. I knew that he knew how this was going to end but still he carried on. He didn't care what happened to his brother or anyone. All he wanted was some entertainment. On the other hand he might be able to see that strength in Amaroks' eyes, maybe all he is doing is trying to reassure him. I tried to step in a few times but Adalwolf stopped me. He would tease me and Amarok, saying that he was too weak to fight himself. As much as I don't want to join his game, I couldn't put Amarok through that embarrassment. So instead of directly stopping the fight i went to tell an adult. Unfortunately it turns out Adalwolf will take any opportunity to embarrass somebody.

"Too scared?" he shouted as I left the scene to get an adult. As soon as I'd gone I knew I had made a mistake, why had I left Amarog al by him with those two? For all I know they could be working together. Instead of sitting around wasting time thinking about what I have done wrong I rushed to where the rest of the pack was. The only adult there was the one supposed to be looking after us cubs while the rest go hunting; he clearly wasn't doing a good job. As I rushed towards him the other cubs looked confused. It was only Accalia that realised what was going on so ran to the direction I came from. This gave me a bit more hope for Amarog and Damien.

"Reuben." I gasped breathlessly. He awoke with a start; shakily I put my hand up and pointed to where the fight was taking place. Understanding, he raced behind Accalia. As I caught my breath and raced off behind him the other cubs came too to see what was going on. By the time I had reached the scene it had already been taken care of. Reuben had stopped the fighting and had sent everyone involved to their dens. Then he turned to me. He looked sad and angry; I could only guess one thing.

Right there and then I was told that I couldn't get any food later on. As well as that I had to stay in the den the whole day tomorrow. I didn't complain, it would only make matters worse.

When I got back to the den I saw Adalwolf annoying Amarog again.

"If it isn't Randolph. The starter of fights." When he said this I realised why I was in so much trouble. I was right at the start; Adalwolf had set the whole thing up, blaming it on me. I tried to ignore him and went over to help Amarok. He had claw slash's on his nose and bite marks around his neck. His fur was now grey with a deep red mark around his cuts.

"Go away." said Amarok. snarling at Adawolf.

"Okay, okay. i'm going." With that Adalwolf padded out of the den clearly pleased with himself.

"You okay?" i asked tentatively.

"Yeah, i'm fine. Sorry for getting you into trouble."

"Hey. Its ok, he'll get whats coming."

That was the first major trouble i got in, i guess it was a small thing compared to what got me kicked out. There is nothing i can do about it now, i could have handled the situation much better. However i have to move, if i stay here the pack will find- and probably kill- me, i have a long few days ahead of me.

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