Lone Wolf

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chapter 4

After the fight only two cubs believed me, the rest stayed away from me. They all thought i would hurt them, although they should know by now that i didn't like the fights. Amarok and Accalia were the only two who believed me, Amarok tried to take the blame but Adalwolf was to convincing. Accalia only believed me because she was super smart and she knew her brother, she knew that he is a cheating little guy that would do anything to be at the top.

As all of the other pack members ignored me i had to start fending for myself. i was still part of the pack but i seemed to be getting into trouble for no reason, consequently cutting down my food. I was often by myself and even Amarok started to ignore me, he was too afraid of getting me into more trouble. Accalia on the other hand was with me more, we taught ourselves how to hunt and shared the results. It was quite fun actually hunting with Accalia, she was actually really nice once you got to know her.

"Wanna get some food?" Accalia asked. She was towering above me, sitting at the top of the cave. Her amber eyes staring playfully at me. I smiled, recently Accalia and i have been getting along great, ever since the pack used me as their scapegoat we have been learning how to hunt. Although, not perfect, we were getting the hang of it. We had to chase them until they were too tired to go further then pick off the easy ones. All we have managed to catch so far is a rabbit and a mouse, which is not really enough to keep me going.

"Sure, although i don't have that much energy."

"Its fine, im sure you can keep up." Accalia jumped from the rock and stood next to me.

For while we just wandered around the in comfortable silence listening for small creatures. Somewhere in front of us the birds burst out of the nearby forest. A distant thundering noise filled the once peaceful silence. I looked at Accalia, fear evident in her eyes, as the thundering became louder i was frozen in place as was Accalia. As the herd of moose came pounding around the corner We snapped back into reality and ran for cover. The moose gaining on us as we jumped and weaved, trying to reach the edge, unfortunately the moose had us trapped in a fast, scared semicircle made of moose. We jumped over a log and flattened ourselves to the ground.

I was pressed close to Accalia, our noses touching, my heart threatening to break my ribs. As the moose leaped the log above us all we could do was wait. soon the herd had passed and we were once again silent, unmoving. slowly a smile crept up Accalia's lips. Before long we were rolling on the ground in fits of laughter. I had heard stories of wolves hiding in logs to escape the stampeding herd but never before had i imagined it would look that silly.

However our laughter was cut short when a growl echoed around the creek. Hastily i turned round to see a monster. It had long, shaggy, black fur and empty eyes. It's teeth were bared and dripping with blood as were it's claws. Thick white scars ran across its body. It stood on its hind legs staring at us. A bear. I knew for a fact that we couldn't outrun a bear, nor could we fight it, only the bravest, strongest wolves went across a bear.

It dropped back onto all fours with a sickening thump. Roaring, it charged at us, teeth bared muscles tensed. I looked at Accalia, she was frozen in place, staring wide-eyed at the bear, i have to think of a plan, for both of us. Just before it could hit us i pushed Accalia out of the way and went in the opposite direction. Stumbling, the bear crashed into the log breaking it in half. All i seemed to do was make it more angry, however Accalia was no longer frozen, i could practically see the gears turning in her head. She ran silently, toward the wall of the creek, above her a ledge with Stalactites jutting down.

Her plan was genius. If the bear smashed into the wall we could stop it forever. Unfortunately the black monster was fully absorbed in killing me. He charged, i jumped, he charged i jumped. Everytime i tried to get to Accalia he would charge and i would have to change direction. Desperately i looked to Accalia who was trying and failing to get the monsters attention. I had to come up with a new tactic. Near the edge of the creek, next to the forest there was something gleaming. What if it is one of the sharp thing that the humans have, if i could reach it maybe i could attack the bear. It was worth a shot.

I scrambled towards the gleaming object, the bear slightly dazed behind me. As it charged i turned sharply, however the bear had learnt it's lesson. It had already made the turn and landed a blow to my stomach. Flying through the air towards the forest i clutched the wound. Landing against a tree with a horrible crack, under the bush next to me i could see a long silver object. I made a move to try and get it, without success. As soon as i moved my vision went blurry and i felt sick to my stomach. From behind me i could hear the shouts from men. Humans. A different fear ran in waves through my body. Would they take me away? i didn't want to leave my pack. What was i without it?

Somewhere in front of me i could see Accalia backing away, the bear still sauntering towards me. Suddenly a gunshot. My ears are ringing from the noise, i could see the bear retreating as well, running into a nearby cave. The humans continued their assault. There was a large one wearing Dark green camouflage and a smaller one with long black hair and white skin. Like all of the other humans they did not have fur, or paws. I didn't want them to take me away, Accalia was like a sister to me, i couldn't leave her. none the less the long-haired one came over to me. That is the last thing i remember.

My human life had one good thing in it: Eleanor

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