Lone Wolf

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chapter 5

The humans weren't to bad. It wasn't as good as pack life, but i never went hungry and there was Eleanor. I haven't talked to Eleanor in ages but i'm too afraid to go. If i go back it will be like accepting defeat.

I woke up in a room with bright lights and no color. I was wearing a simple white cloth, lying in bed next to a shiny, bleeping machine. On a couch in the corner of the room is that girl i saw in the forest, she is sleeping peacefully wearing blue jeans and grey BK knights. On her t-shirt was a tiger growling, she had a cream cardigan on with the strings pulled out. She had long black hair, thick eyebrows and her skin was quite pale.

I'm not sure how i know her shoes are Bk knights, or what jeans are, but i kind of just understand it. It makes sense to me, like how i know what is poisonous and what isn't, what creatures to stay away from with out being told, i just know.

"I'm glad you are awake." I was snapped from my thoughts by the girl, she walked over and sat on the stool next to me.

"Where am i?" i was surprised the English came so easily, i had heard it before, and it sounded like wolf, but never before had i actually spoken it.

"Your in St Mary's hospital."


"Have you never been to a hospital?" i shook my head, i had never heard of a hospital, if this was one i didn't like them very much.

"Who are you? and why were you in the forest?"

"I was in the forest because its my home. and i would like to go back." I tried to move, but as i sat up pain raced through my head. i fell back with a thump, onto my bed. For now i was stuck here, in this new land without my pack.

"Moving is not a good idea." she said with a laugh. "but, what do you mean, you live in the forest. you can't live there forever. what about your family? what about food? what if you get hurt? "

"You ask too many questions" Getting comfortable i contemplated telling her everything. What if she never lets me go back? But maybe she could could help. Perhaps she could get rid of the bear? " I have always lived in the forest..." and so i told her my story. I explained what life is like in a pack, i told her about Amarok and Accalia, about Adalwolf and Bleddyn, lastly i told her about the bear.

"The bear... that's what was attacking you when we found you." i nodded slowly. The next thing that happened shocked and confused me so much i didn't know what to do. The girl launched herself at me giving me a gentle, passionate hug. awkwardly i put my arms around her waist, i could feel my shoulder getting slightly wet. Just then, the door burst open, in the frame stood a large man wearing a camouflage top and trousers as well as hat. He had strikingly blue eyes and short black hair under his hat. his lips were pressed into a thin line when he saw the girl on top of me.

"Eleanor come her please." although he said please i could tell it was a demand.

"Yes father." Father!? i can't believe someone so nice and beautiful could be the daughter of a mean and ugly man. Eleanor stood up, wiped the tears off her cheeks and stood next to her father, giving me a sympathetic look. The man pointed into the hall and they both left, closing the door.

A few minutes later the door flew open, Eleanor walking in with a bounce in her step. "Guess what." she shouted smiling like a maniac. before i could answer she carried on. "My father says that you can stay with us for a while." she was still smiling like a madman, even when there was a confused look plastered on my face.

"Stay with you?"

"Yes. you can stay for a few months, in a house, with food and no bears!"

"But what about my sister, and my friend and Foalon and Adalwolfa and the rest of the pack?"

"Well, maybe you can go back with them after. Please stay with me, it is so boring by myself. and you need to recover." I couldn't argue with this, i did feel horrible, i needed some more sleep and more food as well. Having no bear for a few months was just a bonus. i could always go back to the pack in a while once i'm better.

"OK then" another huge grin split her face in half, she ran out of the room for a few minutes and when she came back she had a tray of food. I could see meat and something creamy, there were vegetables and some kind of liquid thing in a cup. A sharp metal thing with three points on it and another one with only one point on it were next to the food.

"mmmm." i picked up the metal things, sticking them under the meat so i could eat it, the meat slipped off the two things and landed in the creamy stuff. I tried again, i would get it eventually i was sure. After a few more attempts, Eleanor couldn't hold her laughter in anymore. I glared at her.


"How about you try this." she picked up the pieces of metal, inserting the three pointed one into the meat and sawing with the other. before long the meat was in smaller chunks lying around the plate. She stabbed one lifting it on the three pointed one, waving it in my face i made a grab for it. she laughed and pulled it away as my teeth bit down on air. i was about to speak but she took the opportunity of my open mouth to shove the meat in. I shewed and swallowed, slightly embarrassed.

"Your welcome."

"So what are they?" i kept asking as she continued to put food in my mouth.

"Well these"- she held up the metal things -" Are called knifes and forks." She respectively held up the 'knifes and forks'. Then she collected something called a spoon, and explained that the meat was cooked beef, and the mushy stuff was mashed potato, and the vegetables were peas and carrots, the liquid was apple juice. She continued to talk to me about school, and hospitals, churches and pubs. She told me all about what it is to be human.

I love hearing stories about the humans. They were so fascinating, the way they talked and acted, never telling each other how they feel, they keep everything hidden and it makes everything worse. I hadn't realized how quickly the time had passed. before i knew it it was dark outside and Eleanor's father had come to get us.

"Children. It is time to go home. Don't worry you have been discharged from this hospital."

"OK. Come on... whats your name?"

I wasn't sure what to tell her. So far only Eleanor knew about the pack, and i made her promise not to tell anyone. However, she had welcomed me into her pack so what could i do?

"um.. my name is... Rory!" Great a fake name, this is going downhill.

"Well Rory, its time to go." she held out her arm, i took it graciously and we made our way out of the hospital. Unfortunately i was still wearing the hospital clothes but from what I've heard about my old clothes won't be sufficient. I was promised clothes when we reached 'home'. I was looking forward to my new life. who know what it would be like.

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