Lone Wolf

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chapter 6

'Home' for the humans is like a den. They eat and sleep in it, the tidy it and they make it comfortable for themselves. They live there. Eleanor's home was by far the biggest house i had been in, so big you could my whole pack into it and still have enough room to have alive bunny rabbits hopping about the place. That is the place i remember best. Not only did i have the most fun there but i also had the worst time there, the building itself was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

We hopped into the generals car. The general is Eleanor's dad and a car is a vehicle that can move when you turn a key, it was ingenious but i still preferred running. The journey took a while, the whole time Eleanor was telling me about this or that whenever we drove past. Soon we left the city and found ourselves in a neighborhood with large houses lining the sides. Perfectly trimmed lawns and sparkling white windows around the altogether perfect houses. She explained to me about money. She told me that humans use money to buy things, they also sold things to get money.

It was all very complicated to me. I didn't understand why they needed it. depending how much you helped you got different amounts of food otherwise we fight. that's how it works at home.

By the time we reached her house it was already dark. I hopped out of the car and stared at the houses around me. All pristine, all expensive, all perfect.

"Into the house, Eleanor go straight to bed." the general left us outside. Eleanor trudged after her father motioning for me to come with her. I followed her in mesmerized by the beauty of it all. As i walked through the big double doors i noticed the curve of the walls on the inside. i saw the large paintings hung up on the walls and the dirt free carpet underneath my feet.

Soon we arrived at what i assume the ballroom. A large room with a domed top and a curving staircase that hugged the wall. A beautiful light with crystals and patterns hung from the roof. Eleanor led me up the carpeted stairs, through countless corridors filled with art work and different rooms. Eventually the setting changed. instead of glaring white walls and old art, pictures were strung up on the walls. Pictures of Eleanor and other girls and boys. There were some bits of paper with messy drawings of stick people and splodges of paint.

I was amazed at how simple it was, the pictures were so small but each held their own story, Each one had been looked after and i could practically feel the love radiating from them. I wanted so desperately to touch them, to have my own, but i was too scared. What if i ruined it, i would be destroying her memories, her life.

"This is the bat cave." she announced.

"Bat cave?"

"Sorry i keep forgetting you haven't seen a film... ever." I wanted to watch a film. they sounded interesting, full of mystery and drama, and love. Eleanor marched into the room at the end of the hall. In the middle of it was a sign. Like a waterfall the pattern was done in blue, swirling like a river. A seashell was stuck on to one corner, at the edge of her name. I followed her into the room.

The room was painted different shades of blue, making it look like running water. There was a door in the corner next to her blue bed. Stuffed animals - that kind of freaked me out - sat on shelves above her bed. There was a machine of some sorts in the corner, next to the cupboard. Finally a blue beanbag sat in front of a big black screen in a corner. Clothes littered the floor, covering the blue carpet.

"I'll get you some clothes. for now, have a little look around." With that she left. leaving me to look around. I had never slept in a bed before. I went over to it and sat down. Oh! its so soft. To be honest i would have fallen asleep right there if not for the loud bang echoing through the house. Before i could find out what it was, a boy about Eleanor age burst into the room grinning like a madman.

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