Lone Wolf

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chapter 7

So, i knew what a best friend was before i met Mitchel, but never had i encountered such a strange relationship between to creatures.

Before i could find out what it was, a boy about Eleanor's age burst into the room grinning like a madman.

"Mitchell! get back here now!" i could hear Eleanor despite her being at the other end of the house.

"Hi i'm Mitchell" the boy in front of me stuck his hand out, still grinning crazily. I remembered what Eleanor said and shook his hand.


"Ooh. Are you going to be staying with us? That would be so awesome, we could like hang out and stuff. Do you have clothes, what about money. friends? are you going to school?" He kept firing questions at me, not giving me time to answer any of them. As he spoke, he jumped around the room making it even messier. i just stared at him, as he wasted his energy .

Suddenly the door closed and a very angry Eleanor stood in front of us. Her hair was messy and her face was red, she was panting heavily.

"Mitchell, how dare you leave me to clean that up after YOU knocked it over." she continued to rant about how irresponsible Mitchell was, every once in while pointing her finger accusingly. All the while Mitchell continued jumping about the room, i was unfortunately stuck between them and had no idea what was happening. Once she had finally finished ranting and Mitchell had stopped jumping, they approached each other. Now, i was sure they would start fighting but instead they burst out laughing and ended up rolling on the floor.

I was even more confused. From what i could tell, it wasn't friendly fighting and yet here they are rolling on the floor and laughing.

"Did your dad find out?"

"Yeah. he had that look on his face." She sobered up just long enough to do an impression of her father, or at least what i though was her dad. "I am so disappointed in you, i paid for that vase and that carpet. I don't care if it is wedged in your brain and you died." Somehow i don't think Eleanor likes her dad very much. However what she said only caused more laughter in the kids.

Eventually they seemed to remember i existed.

"Oh. Mitchel can give Rory some of your clothes? i kinda forgot about it when i had to clean up YOUR mess."

" I'm sorry. and yes Rory you can have some of my clothes. come on." he motioned with his hand to get me to follow him out of the room, leaving Eleanor to watch T.V.

He led me through an endless maze of corridors until we found a room which had a sign saying 'Mitchel' on it. Around the letters there was green paint splattered around, all different shades, swirling and curving making it look like forest. When we entered the room i gasped. The walls had been painted with such detail, filled with plants and bushes, streams and rocks, insects and birds. As i looked over it i saw something truly breathtaking. In the center of the room, on the wall, there was a pack of wolves. not just any pack, MY pack. I could clearly make out Falon towering above everyone else with Adalwolfa underneath him. The pups Accalia and Amarok were cuddling with their mother near the rocks while Adalwolf explored the river. Bleddyn was sniffing at a boy. The boy was hunched over with Short brown hair and a bare back, his fingers stretching out towards Bleddyn.

With a start i realized that was me. The strange outsider of the pack. No friends. something to be approached with caution. a single tear slid down my cheek as i thought about all the fights i had gotten into when Adalwolf had insisted that i was a freak. All the times i was frowned upon or abandoned. But also the fun times i had had with Amarok and Accalia. All of the times we hunted together and fought together and played together. Nothing could change my thoughts about them, about my family.

AN: i wanted to end it here but i won't ;)

"You OK?"

"Hm what?" i asked quickly turning away and wiping the tear from my cheek.

"I got your clothes." he seemed uneasy but to be honest from what i heard normal people don't cry at a painting, but i guess i'm not really a normal person am i?

"Thanks." wait. How is that painting on the wall. I didn't think anybody knew that much about the pack. "Why is that up there." i said motioning to my pack.

"Not sure. when i was decorating the room, i just had a thought and painted it. I'ts weird i once painted Eleanor getting covered in paint and it happened." he sounded off somehow, as if he knew something but at the same time didn't know anything. "It was really funny actually she was covered in green paint from head to toe." - back to his usual happy state.

"We should probably head back to Eleanor now, right?" thankfully he agreed and we were making our way back to Eleanor. i was still shaken from the painting. what did he mean? he just saw it and decided to put on a wall? who does that? i will have to ask him about it. I don't think he could get much weirder than me. Right?

"Good to see your back, would you like to watch T.V., eat food or go to bed?"

"I'll just go to sleep." She nodded and led me to the room next door with bare walls and a plain bed. Gratefully i lay down on the bed and Eleanor left plunging the room into darkness, leaving me with only my thoughts.

When i woke up it was still dark. i was also still in the bedroom. i was kind of hoping that it was all a dream but no, i was stuck here in a dull room with no family. After a few minutes of contemplating how safe it would be to go into the maze of a house in the dark, i decided i had to go outside. My element. It's where i belong, not with lights and money and films, but with trees and rivers and other wolves. I knew i couldn't go back though, not yet, i had only just met Eleanor and Mitchel, as odd as they were, i couldn't just leave them.

but what about your pack? you abandoned them.

The little voice in my head shouted back as i walked down the stairs.

They abandoned me first.

That shut it up, Although a thought did flash through my mind. If they abandoned me, why did i care so much, why did i feel guilty every time i thought about it.

eventually i found myself in what was called the living room. The light was on and the General was sitting reading a book on the sofa.

"I though i told you to go to bed Eleanor." he said not even turning around. what should i do? answer? run? it turns out i didn't have to. As the General turned round i couldn't help but tense up, it was like being caught trying to get extra food.

"Rory." he said it like i was nothing but mud he had to scrape off the bottom of his shoe. "I don't want you hanging around Eleanor. I don't want you to hurt her."

"OK? it came out as more of a question, which didn't go unnoticed.

"You will stay away from her." I wanted to say that it was very hard to stay away from someone you live with but i could tell there was no room for argument. Instead i nodded my head.

"Good, now go away." he waved his hand dismissively and i didn't bother to argue.

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