Lone Wolf

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chapter 9

The next part is horrible. This is why my pack despise humans. Not all humans are like that, but the incredibly mean ones? That hunt you down. That experiment. That call you an 'It'. They are the worst.

I woke up again in the middle of the night. I didn't make me any more tired than usual as i was used to getting up regularly with the pack. They would wake up at odd times of the night and take naps during the day. I try to get more sleep at night and less in the day but it is proving difficult.

I am enjoying myself here, with Eleanor and Mitchel. So far i have tried to avoid them but they always seem to want to be next to me even though they met me only a few days ago. Thankfully even if the General noticed he hasn't said anything to me. As i open my door my packed bag catches the light. I have one if i ever feel like leaving. If i want to return to my pack or even explore more of the human world i could just up and leave. Turn my back on this new family.

Whenever i go out at night i always think of my pack. I question whether or not this was the right decision. Should i have left, well i guess i didn't have much of a choice, but should i have stayed? Should i have gone to school? What exactly is keeping me here? Was i tired of pack life? with everyone ignoring me? At least here Mitchel and Eleanor like me.

By now i was already outside staring into the trees. It reminds me of my first night here. When i was staring into the forest, then i knew everything. Before that night i knew only what Eleanor had told me. I shouldn't have been able to read and write and do maths sums. Yet i could. I knew how to speak a bit of french and how to login to a computer, i knew who Shakespeare was and Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. I knew about the human life without ever experiencing it.

Suddenly a light flashed in the forest. It looked a bit like a torch, but who would be out in the forest at this time? Unless it was someone or something bad. I decided to go back inside, as curious as i was about the strange light i didn't want to be caught late at night. Someone would think i was up to no good. I ran back and closed the door behind me, letting go a breath id din't know i was holding.

"What were you doing outside?" The general questioned from a meter down the hall. I gulped nervously, what was i supposed to tell him?

"uh.. i was just clearing my head." Please work, please work.

"I know what you are Rory." what? What i am. What was that supposed to mean, as far as i could tell i was human.

But was i? Was i a human, or a wolf? i was so quick to discard my previous life and take the easy path instead of standing up for my friends. Mitchel and Eleanor are great, but they are not Amarok and Accalia, my true family. My pack.

How could the general know? They did find me being attacked by a bear with another wolf behind me. They probably also knew that there were wolf packs in that forest. It wouldn't be hard to connect the dots.

"I don't know what your talking about." I grit out, trying not to seem suspicious.

"You do. Your a little monster. As fierce as a wolf." I stare back at him, not letting him get the better of me. "I have some friends who would love to meet you. You would get along great." Now i realize that i am not safe. What i thought was the easy path was really a walk into a dark alley, it may be a short cut but who knew what lay in it's midst? The General could want to kill me. I had to leave.

"I'm going to go to bed now." i don't let him respond. Instead i run up the stairs into my room and quietly close the door. I had to get out. If i am lucky the Generals 'friends' won't come 'till morning. But i doubt i am that lucky. The only escape option in my room was the window but that was two story's up. I could maybe go downstairs quietly? no, there was only one stairway and that went down to the General. I'll have to ask Eleanor, she knows the house. She must have sneaked out of it at some point.

I go to the door and lift my backpack filled with water, clothes and my favorite foods from the human world. I have things to sleep on and things to hunt with, if i was going to do it the human way. I could always get it the way i normally got food, which was with my teeth and nails. I crack open my door and check the hallway, seeing it was clear i tip-toed over to Eleanor's room and quickly opened the door.

Eleanor slept peacefully on her bed. I felt bad for waking her up but i had to. It wasn't safe for me and i needed to get away. I whispered her name but it didn't work. I tried again, then started poking her and shaking her, and finally she woke up.

"Rory? what time is it? what are you doing?"

"I need to get away. Your dad wants to take me somewhere that i am sure is a bad place. I can't go downstairs he'll never let me go out the front door and i was wandering if there was anywhere i could sneak out." She looked at me confused as she processed the information. Her face changed from disbelief then anger and finally settled on sadness.

"You have to leave?"

"Please, i need to go and i need your help."

"But. I don't want you to go and neither does Mitchell."

"If i stay your dad and his so called friends are going to take me away anyway." I tried pleading with her but she only slightly gave in. I could see her face twitching slightly as she thought about what i had said. Eventually she answered.

"Fine. But you are taking my phone with you so i can contact you."

"Thank you so much." She stood up and i followed her out the door. For the last time she led me through the maze of corridors to... Mitchell's room?

"What are we doing here? he'll only try to convince me to stay." She rolled her eyes and barged in grabbing my arm and pulling me with her.

"What. who's there?" asked Mitchell as he shot up from his bed. When he saw it was just us he relaxed, then got worried again. "Why are you fully dressed with a full back pack in the middle of the night in my room which has the only escape in this entire house?" Well now i know why we are in Mitchell's room.

"Dad's company wants to take Rory away so he has to leave. Don't worry i gave him my phone and he will most definitely be back."

"I will?"

"Of course." both of them shouted in unison. Even though Mitchell just heard about it he seemed to recover from shock faster than Eleanor, Got out of bed and led us to his window. I couldn't see anything that would help me out of the house from here but i trusted my friends.

"Just climb down the Drainpipe and get out of here. Run away and live in the forest or something." Suggested Eleanor.

"Maybe you Could find an orphanage or something but you have to stay alive ans stay ahead of the Scientists." With a final group hug i climbed down the drain and ran into the forest. soon i slowed down to a walk and carried on my way. There was something off about this place, i could just tell. Some strange power or something.

I took one more step and regretted it instantly. I was flung upside down and surrounded by a net. How could this happen to me? Before i came to the human world i could sense the traps, none of my pack ever got caught in simple traps like these. We knew how to avoid them. Clearly the humans had tainted my senses no matter how cool some of them were i was glad i was leaving.

Unfortunately no-one came for a while and i was forced into sleep. That was one of the biggest mistake of my life.

When i woke up, all i could see was white. I was wearing a white paper gown on a cold white table covered in a white cotton blanket in a room with white walls floor and ceiling

There didn't seem to be a door which was very worrying. If there wasn't a door or window or vent how was i supposed to leave? Leave from where? Go where? If i leave who was to say i was still normal, well as normal as a wolf human thing could be.

Suddenly there was a clicking noise and the wall in front of me opened to reveal a man and woman dressed in had white hats and white gloves and syringes with green liquid inside of them.

I thought back to the painting in Mitchell's room. The one of scientists with green liquid syringes and a little boy in the corner of a white room. If the picture of him and Accalia fighting a bear came true whats to say that one won't?

The scientists came closer and i started panicking. It turns out all they wanted to do was untie me. As soon as the finished the last knot i was up and searching for the sliding wall panel. Unfortunately it was gone, all traces of there being an exit had disappeared and all there was was a wall. I ran to the corner trying desperately to tell myself this was a dream. That i was currently in a net in the forest. Not that that was good but it had to be better than this lab.

With my hands over my head i tried to ignore the scientists. I could try fighting them but then what? Where was i supposed to get food? How was i supposed to leave?

So i sat there and let them stick syringe into my back. I could feel the cold green substance fill my body as my conscience left me.

When i woke up again i was in another white room. Thankfully there was a door and food so i think i can cope. I didn't who these people were but i could take a guess. I think they might be the Generals 'friends'. Why they want me i don't know. Maybe they knew about my growing up, i don't know why that requires cages and sci-ency stuff but i wasn't the one running this.

Eventually the man from before arrived in front of my door, in the same blinding clothes as before.

"Hello Rory."

"Who are you and what am i doing here?" i practically growled at him in disgust as he made his way closer.

"i honestly can't believe you are still alive subject 07. When your 'parents' took you away i had assumed they had killed you, but obviously not. It seems your genes kept you alive."

He knew my parents? had they been killed for helping me escape this lab? What did he mean about my genes? Was i just a test tube baby?

"What do you mean?"

"Well you were born here. I was the very person that injected you with wolf genes when you were still in your mummies tummy." So i wasn't truly a test tube baby but i was given wolf genes. Is that why Adalwolfa accepted me? Why i was able to survive even when the pack practically abandoned me. So many questions swam in my mind but no answers present.

"See, now it is time for your testing."

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