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Chapter 8

Alexa giggled as she ran from Lucian, they were in the woods playing hide and seek. Abram and Nate were not too far away, hiding under some bushes. They were clever enough to coat themselves with forest mud to cover their scents.

Lucian smiled to himself at their antics. They had covered his eyes, ears and nose the best they can. However, Lucian could hear and smell just well. His senses were stronger and it only grew with his age.

He followed the musical giggle as Alexa ran away from him. He could hear two fluttering heartbeats nearby, the boys squealed as Lucian picked them up.

They had mud all over their body. He will have to clean them up before Amanda caught them like this. Now only Alexa was left, he inhaled deeply following her sweet scent. She smelled like gardenias.

The gust of wind blew towards his direction and he tensed when a putrid scent reached his nostrils. He tore the cloth that bound his eyes, inhaling deeply with all his senses on high alert.

He supported the boys to climb a nearby birch tree and asked them to keep quiet. The sudden change in Lucian had scared the boys and they nodded vigorously hiding the best they can between the smaller branches.

Making sure they were safe Lucian took off towards Alexa’s direction. The scent of fear got deeper and he could hear a faint flutter and muffled sobs. He found Alexa on top of a red maple tree, relief flooded her features as she saw Lucian and she pointed behind him trying to warn him.

Lucian concentrated on the forest, the putrid scent is now coming from his behind and he turned slowly. His instincts screamed danger and his claws extended on its own, his eyes changed its color as it focused towards the impending danger.

A dark creature whisk past the bushes, Lucian’s calculating gaze carefully followed its movements as it inched near him.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered loud enough for Alexa to hear.

Within seconds a dark form pounced on him, Lucian saw every movement in slow motion. The creature looked like human for most of the part; he had red eyes and fangs that were too sharp.

Patches of hair were missing from his head and he wore a tattered robe and smelled like a rotting corpse. His wrinkly skin looked as if it was decaying. The creature’s claws extended as it pounced on Lucian with hunger.

However, Lucian was faster and he ducked in the last minute making the creature crash into the tree. Alexa did not close her eyes as Lucian ordered her to; she watched the fight between them in amusement.

She was trying to hide from Lucian when she noticed the stench and something hiding nearby. She immediately climbed the tree hiding behind the dense leaves and waited for Lucian to show up.

At first she thought it was some kind of wild animal, now the creature in front of her looked like he has jumped out of the movie ‘The Hills have eyes.’

Lucian did not waste time as the creature jumped again, this time he drove his claws into the creature’s torso aiming for his heart. The creature wailed and the unpleasant screech echoed throughout the forest.

Lucian pulled the creature’s heart out and crushed it in his palms without second thought. The creature’s lifeless body fell down as he stood observing for a moment, making sure he does not get up again.

He cannot leave his body here, it was dangerous. Humans wandered into this area often and he had to dispose it immediately, also he did not want more of them to follow him here.

Making sure no more creatures lurked around, he motioned Alexa to climb down. His hands were bloody and the blood was even splattered on the clothes he wore.

He led Alexa towards the boys and asked her to stay put still he comes back for them. Going back to the place where he fought the creature, he picked up, it’s remains with ease and carried it to the nearby swamp.

After half an hour and after clearing up the mess, they all went home. Lucian ordered them not to talk about this to anyone at home to which they agreed. Even though the boys were young they guarded Lucian’s secret with their lives. The boys were perched on one of the tallest branches which provided them a clear view of the fight.

They understood very well what Lucian was capable of and always stood by him. Upon reaching home, Lucian burned his clothes, thereby getting rid of any evidence.

He wished no more creatures showed up here, he did not want to put the family in danger. He was glad that it was not the same creatures that chased him in that forest, all those years ago.

There life was happy, except for the school where the girls still tried to mess with everything Lucian and Alexa did.

When Alexa and Lucian got enrolled in Champlain Valley Union High School, the evil gang followed too, as it was one of the popular and best schools in the city.

Though Lucian was always there for her, there were times when she gets caught alone. Their words cut deeper than a sharp knife and Alexa’s complex did not help either.

“Hey Alexa, where is that skeleton of yours?” Delilah asked in a mocking tone when she was in the washroom.

“That’s none of your business,” Alexa replied harshly and turned to leave. The girls blocked the door as they sneered hatefully at her.

“What do you think of yourself princess? You think that you are so attractive?” Delaney smirked.

“He only sticks with you because no other girls will look at him,” Mikayla added with the same mocking smirk.

“If one of the girls in this school starts paying attention to him, he will leave you soon. Maybe we should put a bet who does that, don’t you think,” Scarlett supplied and other laughed maniacally.

“That’s perfect Scarlett; we will just do that and watch as this ugly bitch crumbling when her boyfriend sucks another girl’s face,” Delilah laughed.

Alexa pushed them away and ran out as hot tears broke free of her hold. She could not bear the thought of Lucian with other girls. Nonetheless, the evil gang would do anything to see her cry.

She did try to put up a brave face, yet it did not work all the times. She always managed to come back with a perfect retort for whatever they said, but on the inside the little confidence she had was crumbling.

Lucian was still caring and attentive, apart from that he did not give away any hint on his feeling. At fourteen Alexa’s emotions were everywhere and her feelings for Lucian has only grown stronger.

When she meant she would marry Lucian, one day, she did not know the entire meaning of it. She blushed when he was near and struggled to maintain eye contact. Though he behaved normal like before, she couldn’t be normal around him.

Her heart fluttered and her breath quickened every time she saw him. His eyes seemed to look past her defenses. Lucian did not look like most of their school hot shots. He was at least five inches taller than her and had a lean frame. His thick raven black hair stood out in any crowd.

Though other girls in the schools considered Lucian non attractive, Alexa was attracted towards him in every way a girlfriend should be. Lucian did not speak to any other girls except her and that also made her feel privileged.

She wished, he looked at her the same way. He seemed oblivious to her blushes most of the time. She tried to dress well and apply make up to look good for him. However, he never commented about her dressing sense if she did not ask his opinion.

May 5th...

It was Lucian and Alexa’s birthday today, as it was Saturday the family has gathered together to celebrate it in their backyard.

Alexa wore a purple color dress which ended just below her knees, Amanda bought for her. The dress was cinched at the waist and the soft fabric, felt so good against her skin. She felt nervous, this was the first time she was wearing a dress, which made her feel more feminine. She mostly wore jeans and T-shirts.

Amanda felt so emotional looking at Alexa, her daughter was growing up. “You look so beautiful,” she gushed excitedly as she embraced her daughter. She did a natural make up on her daughter and brushed her soft hair leaving it in its natural waves.

When Lucian saw Alexa, he forgot to breath.

She looked so perfect and breathe taking in her purple dress. Alexa blushed when she met his gaze, she did that a lot when he was near and he found that cute.

Lucian had on a dark blue shirt with black jeans, which contrasted perfectly against his pale skin. Amanda cleared her throat and Alexa quickly composed herself.

Stop staring, she scolded herself as she rushed towards her father who embraced her. Victor watched his daughter in awe; his little angel looked so beautiful in this dress.

He should buy more dresses for her, he thought as he embraced her. He did not miss the how Lucian and Alexa looked at each other. They were always together from childhood and he could notice things were changing between them.

Alexa always blushed when she saw Lucian and he on the other hand, looked dumbfounded whenever she was near. His gaze always followed her around the room.

Victor always knew they would end up together, yet being a father it was hard for him to accept the fact sometimes. Lucian is definitely a good boy and he would never find such a fine man for his daughter anywhere.

And better it was Lucian than anyone; he will never have to stay away from his daughter. They were only fourteen and they had a long journey ahead of them. This could just be an infatuation which will fade away for all he knows.

There was no assurance what the future beholds, but Victor wished they stayed together like this.

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