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Chapter 9

Meanwhile, in the Lycan Kingdom far, far away from human realm....

In the Lycan kingdom, the Lycan King Antonio Maxwell Orszak paced the throne room while his mate Giselle Kamryn Orszak sat on her throne watching him.

Their only son was lost nine years ago while escaping from their enemies. They tried to search him everywhere, but it was as if he had vanished into thin air.

He was with DimitriVan Speybroeck, the Elven crown prince. He was also his godfather and protector. The war between the supernaturals were going on for years and it was when they were back stabbed by their own family member, all the hell broke loose.

Dominick Maximilian Orszak, the twin brother of Antonio had back stabbed them to quench his thirst for power.

When the vampires and ghouls attacked them on that night, Dimitri took Lucian with him and ran away. He was supposed to take him to the Elven kingdom and keep him safe until the war was over.

However, they were delayed due to the unexpected storm and were attacked by the ghouls. Dimitri was severely injured and was on the verge of death when the Lycan warriors found him. Lucian was gone by then and they believed the enemies took him until Dimitri told them that Lucian ran away.

Giselle knew that her son was alive, their bond has not severed. Though it was weak and not strong enough to summon him it was there.

“Your Highness,” a Lycan warrior stood kneeling as he addressed his king, Antonio just quirked his eyebrows in question.

“Prince Dimitri has sent a word. He believes that Prince Lucian has escaped into the human realm,” the warrior informed and Giselle sprang up from her chair.

“Did he find anything?” She questioned, a new hope bloomed inside her. Maybe if she can go there, she might be able to connect with him.

“No other information as of now, my queen. Prince Dimitri has said he will not come back without our Prince,” the warrior bowed and excused himself.

“Antonio, we have to find him. He has turned fourteen last week. He cannot be among the humans when the first change occurs,” Giselle stated in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry Giselle, we will find him. You know how much dangerous the human realm is. Once Dimitri has an approximate location, we will go,” he said soothingly and she agreed.

Lycans were aggressive and their first change was the worst. The beast will be uncontrollable and will lash out at anything and everything. When Antonio shifted for the first time, he almost wiped out the entire animal population in their forest, before being stopped by his father.

When the first change occurs, they will struggle to hold to their sanity and controlling the urges of their beast was almost impossible. The experience was more intense for the Royals than the others being the strongest of all.

Only a Lycan with Alpha blood can control the newly turned beast and stop the blood bath. Not even a mate could stand near a Lycan if he was gone berserk.

Antonio’s beast was known to be the most aggressive beast to be in existence. He did not allow Giselle near when he was in his beast form, though they were mated and loved each other.

Still, it irked his beast and it took years before she could stand within one foot distance from him, all the time keeping her head bowed down showing her submission.

Her mother in law once said that, no one can tame the beast. Again, their mating was arranged to cement the alliance between Lycan and Elven kingdom.

Giselle was an Elf and a Royal at that, Lucian has the blood of both Lycan and that of Elves. He was the most powerful hybrid to be born and hence the only hope to bring peace upon the supernatural race by ending the war.

When a Lycan shifted for the first time at sixteen, an Elf gains his powers at the age of eighteen. Each Royal elf has a unique power and with Lycan being a hybrid there was no telling what powers he would possess and how he would be affected when the change occurs.

Lucian was an aggressive child and when most of the Lycans shifted at sixteen, he shifted early though it was only a partial shift it was unheard for a child to shift at that age.

Lucian was stronger than he looked and Dimitri was sure that he was somewhere safe.

Giselle prayed that they find Lucian before his shift. Human realm was open to any supernatural out there, they cannot expose themselves to the humans and it was dangerous.

The evil gang has really put up an open challenge and the girl who manages to win Lucian’s attention would get a thousand dollars. Lucian was unaware of the bet and Alexa did not speak to him about the confrontation she had with the evil gang.

When he reached school on Monday, many girls smiled at him and a few waved. He was confused and returned the smile politely, while Alexa had a permanent scowl next to him.

Alexa was furious that the girls would do such a thing. Then again, she trusted Lucian.

Lucian did not understand why the girls flocked him all of a sudden and other boys looked at him with a smirk as if they knew something he did not.

The few girls who approached him had a fake smile while speaking to him. They invited him for a combine study, which he declined politely, the girls never spoke to him and all this sudden flocking irritated him.

“Alexa, do you know what is going on with these girls?” He asked when they were at lunch. He looked uncomfortable with all the attention he was getting.

She sighed as she told him about the confrontation she had with the girls on the other day, “I think they did it, you know ‘the bet’,” Alexa shrugged as she air quoted the last word and Lucian frowned.

Okay, so that is the reason he was being followed everywhere he went.

The entire ordeal was so annoying and he wished they soon get their head out of the gutter and let him be.

It has become a routine that girls try to get close to him and he used Alexa as his shield to escape them. Alexa enjoyed the whole thing though.

Lucian was in the locker when Lily, his lab partner hugged him from behind. Lily was beautiful with her brown curly locks and hazel eyes. She was shorter than Lucian by few inches.

Lucian turned and watched Lily in shock as she smiled at him seductively. His eyes scanned the corridor for Alexa; she had gone to submit one of their assignments while Lucian stashed their books in the locker before lunch.

“Hey Luc, want to join me for lunch,” she purred seductively, which sounded more like a screeching rat. Lucian cringed at her voice and tried to push her away gently.

“No thanks,” he replied with unease and again searched the corridor for Alexa.

“Come on Luc, you are no sport. It will be fun,” she pressed more of her body into his and he squirmed under her touch. He hated when she called him Luc.

“I think you should leave Lily,” he said through his clenched teeth as he pried his hands of him.

“What are you worried about? Alexa... Well, she is not your girlfriend anyway,” she stated and yet did not make any attempt to move away.

“That’s none of your business,” Lucian’s patience was thinning.

“Okay,” she said innocently and then her expression changed into something wicked as she pulled him suddenly trying to kiss him. Lucian’s eyes widened in shock and he turned at the last minute so she ended up kissing his cheek.

He swallowed an involuntary growl that tore through his chest and pushed her away harder, making her fall back on her butt, few students in the corridor laughed at her embarrassment.

“Well, you thought I wanted to kiss you because I like you? Guess what, I am glad you pushed me away. Who would ever want to kiss a loser like you? You are ugly. I just don’t understand why anyone would bet on you for a thousand dollars.” Lily yelled as she stormed out.

Lucian turned around when he heard Alexa’s giggle. He wiped his cheek on his sleeve as he glared at her.

“What took you so long?” He asked angrily. He was not at all bothered at Lily’s outburst.

“Well, you were about to have your first kiss with Ms Pretty face and maybe I did not want to intervene,” she drawled and clamped a hand over her mouth to control the laughter that bubbled in her throat.

“Oh! I would be having my first kiss alright. It’s just not with her Alexa and I swear you will know when it happens,” his eyes darkened as he looked at her lips and Alexa shivered at his promise. She watched him with wide eyes as he smirked and turned away.

Did he just say that? Alexa touched her lips as a small smile graced her lips. Did he mean that he wanted to kiss me? He did look at my lips, didn’t he? She thought.

Shaking the thoughts away, she followed him to the cafeteria.

Lucian was changing. His dark black eyes now had blue streaks. He did not understand what it meant. He looked at his eyes in the mirror and shrugged it off after pondering over it for a few minutes.

Alexa loved his new change. She thought his eyes were beautiful. That’s not the only change she felt his oval shaped jaw looked more like square shaped. His body was filling out. Though it was only for a bit, his protruding rib cage was gone now.

Though Lucian did not care about these changes, Amanda was finally happy that he looked healthier than before. If anything his appetite has increased and Amanda had to stock up more meat products these days.

Weeks turned into months and soon they were close to their fifteenth birthday. Lucian did not understand the changes happening in his body. The urge to run freely in the woods and eat raw meat was stronger. He went for a run into the woods every morning and struggled to control his urge to hunt.

One night he was in the kitchen contemplating between eating the raw steak he had in front of him, he woke up hungry in the middle of the night. The meat looked so tender and the blood tempted his taste buds.

Amanda woke up to get some water and when she saw a shirtless Lucian in the kitchen like that she was shocked. He looked wild with dark eyes and fangs. Even his sclera has turned into black. His claws were out.

She took one look at the steak and understood his struggle. He sure was going through some changes and they did not understand one bit of it.

“Maybe you should just eat it,” she said softly. She watched the pain in his face as he tried to control his urge. He looked at her helplessly with tears brimming in his eyes.

“Lucian, I know you are different from others,” she said as she picked up the steak in front of him. He growled low as his eyes followed her hands.

Pulling out a knife she started cutting it into small consumable pieces and placed it in a bowl.

“Maybe it is best if you don’t try to fight your urges,” she said pushing the bowl towards him.

“It’s okay Lucian. I won’t judge you for who you are. We don’t know what will happen if you keep fighting this. It’s better this way rather than losing the little control you have,” Amanda said softly.

Lucian thought about what she said and it sounded reasonable. He picked up a piece and pushed it into his mouth, he moaned as the taste of blood flooded his mouth. He finished the bowl within seconds and looked at Amanda expectantly.

She went to the refrigerator, pulled out a few more steaks and chopped it into small pieces and served Lucian who devoured it in seconds. Once he had his fill, he smiled warmly at her.

“Amanda, can I talk to you?” He asked as she cleaned the utensils.

“Sure,” she smiled warmly and led him to his room.

“Do you think Alexa will hate me for this?” His sound almost cracked at the thought.

“Alexa can never hate you Lucian,” she said running her hands through his hair lovingly. “She has always liked you and she will understand this different urge of yours,” she said soothingly.

“I am scared. I don’t know what is happening to me. These days the urge to eat raw meat and run into the woods is so strong. I run every day, but I couldn’t control the urge to eat, I tried.” He said in a desperate tone.

“I don’t understand it either. Your body is changing and maybe it just needs more food. You know how pregnant women get their cravings, something like that, I believe.” She said pulling his head into her lap.

Lucian felt comfortable in her embrace. He nodded and slept peacefully as she sat there with him.

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