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Chapter 10

When Amanda informed Alexa about Lucian’s new habit, she was confused. Then she had found him at nights eating raw meat from the fridge, though she felt nauseous at the sight she couldn’t judge him for doing that.

As long as he cleans up after that she was okay with it. Victor was worried about it at first, then he had seen Lucian in action before and he thought it must have something to do with that.

He asked Amanda to stock the fridge with more meat and as long as Lucian did not tend to hurt any humans he was fine.

Their fifteenth birthday has come and gone. Victor bought most stylish dresses for Alexa and she loved it, she felt like she looked bit slimmer in dresses when compared to the jeans and baggy T-shirts she use to wear.

Alexa had gotten more conscious about her body. Her chest was filling out and no longer fit in her ‘AA’ sized cups. Her hips gotten broader and waist has narrowed.

She mostly wore a cardigan or a shawl to cover up her bust. She stopped wearing tight shirts and opted out for some oversized ones. No matter how much Amanda has told her that she looked beautiful, Alexa couldn’t believe her.

After that comment about the first kiss, Lucian did not talk about anything like that. If anything he kind of maintained a distance from her and avoided touching her.

Though it hurt that he was distant, she blamed it on the changes he was going through. These days Lucian spent most of his time in the woods, few times Alexa and the boys joined him but he was not playful like before.

His body has changed noticeably and now he had most of the girls drooling over him. His muscles were getting taut and he still did not encourage any other girls, which was bit consoling for Alexa.

Sometimes she felt that Lucian was avoiding her because she has put on weight and she did not meet up to his standards. She tried to follow a strict diet despite Amanda’s advice and worked out in her room.

The evil gang has now changed their views of Lucian and in fact started drooling over him and tried to make conversations with him. Alexa, being with him all the time in school only irritated them and she always ended up on the receiving end.

“Hello Alexandra,” Delaney drawled when she entered the ladies changing room that day. Alexa was not a fan of physical education, and then there was no escaping it in school.

“Looks like that crush of yours is avoiding you,” she laughed. Alexa did not respond her as she walked past her to the locker.

“Lucian is delectable, I hope his body is just delicious as he looks,” Delilah supply with a girlish giggle.

“Poor Alexa, look at you. Your eyes hold lots of love for him and yet he did not even look at you these days,” Mikayla taunted.

“What’s between me and Lucian is not your business,” Alexa responded harshly and pushed Mikayla out of the way.

“Whoa, there is no need to get touchy,” Mikayla exclaimed. “What we said is true, Lucian does not want you. Just watch bitch one of us will have him and I will enjoy rubbing it on your face,” Scarlett commented dreamily.

A traitorous tear escaped her eyes at that, it hurt a lot when they spoke about Lucian. The way he behaved these days did not help either. He talked to her like before, but it was less when compared to how he used to be before.

“Aww... you are hurt. That’s good. Look at your shapeless boobs and that fat hip. Who would want to date, a thing like you?” Delilah sneered. Alexa had enough as she pushed her away and ran out of the room not caring about changing her gym clothes.

Lucian watched Alexa from a distance as she rushed outside with tears. He did not like her tears a bit.

He followed her as she left the school still clad in her gym clothes. Physical education was their last class, so they did not have to worry about their next class. He saw the evil gang walk inside and knew they will be taunting Alexa soon.

Alexa ran to their home first and after changing she went into the woods all the while crying. Amanda has gone to Abram’s school like every other week, which only left Lucian and Alexa.

“Alexa,” Lucian called softly.

“Go away,” she said without turning. She sat on a wooden log and cried, hugging her knees.

Lucian’s heart ached seeing her tears, a wave of rage washed over him and he wanted to head over to the school and teach the girls a lesson.

“Alexa, stop crying. I don’t like seeing you like this,” he said again.

“I know you don’t like seeing me, okay. I didn’t ask you to be here, just go away Lucian. I don’t want you here,” She yelled, which only fueled his rage.

Alexa was pinned against a tree within seconds and Lucian’s eyes have changed completely which scared Alexa.

“I said stop it,” he roared and Alexa watched in horror as his fangs grew. She was too scared to speak or move, hell she stopped breathing as she watched him with wide eyes.

Lucian could smell her fear and he hated it, “I don’t want you to fear me Alexa,” his voice was thick and it was not his normal voice at all.

“Breath,” he ordered and she gasped, taking in more air.

“I said I don’t like to see your tears, or you sad. Don’t twist my words,” he continued in his same masculine voice which made her stomach clench. If she was not scared she would have cherished their closeness.

Her breasts were flush against his chest and the heat seeped through his body burned her skin in a delicious way.

“Don’t ever cry in front of me again Alexa, it makes me want to tear these girls into pieces. You don’t want that, do you?” He asked and Alexa shook her head no.

“Good, because I am very well capable of doing that and I will do it in a heartbeat, you have seen me doing it in first place and I will not regret it a bit,” He warned.

She nodded understandingly and couldn’t help the blush that crept into her cheeks at their intimate position. His lips were just inches away from her and she wondered what it would be like to close the distance and kiss him.

She has never been this close to him before and she liked it, his musky scent invaded her senses and the warmth soothed her.

She didn’t want to leave his hold. He sniffed the air lightly as a low growl erupted in his chest.

Alexa wore a white shorts and a baby blue tank top which accentuated her assets so well. His hands itched to run along her never ending legs and all he could imagine was to have them wrapped around as he kissed those plump lips.

Her soft breasts pressed against his chest, breaking the barrier he had carefully raised in his mind over the months and he enjoyed every moment of their closeness.

Lucian tilted his head and ran his nose along her neck inhaling deeply which made her shiver in delight.

“Control your emotions around me Alexa. This won’t do us any good,” he said before releasing her from his hold.

He couldn’t trust himself with her anymore, even a second’s delay could cost, before he lost his sanity and end up kissing her like he wanted to.

“I am going for a run, I will see you later. Go home Alexa,” he said and ran into the woods without waiting for her reply.

Alexa sat down on the ground different emotions washing over her. The last sentence he spoke confused her.

Why would he ask me to control my emotions around him? He said this will not do any good, does that mean he did not like me the way I like him? Fresh tears started forming in her eyes at the thought.

She could not bear the thought of Lucian not liking her, she had grown to like him from her childhood and what she felt for him now is intense. She couldn’t help the way she felt about him and can never change it for anyone.

She went home and locked the door, crashing to her bed crying into her pillow. She cannot let him see her tears, his threat was real and she cannot afford to have him hurt the girls.

The days passed as usual and Lucian did not speak to her about that incident again. He behaved like he normally used to be and still there was some distance.

Alexa did not know what to make of his actions and stayed away from him as much as possible.

Amanda has been watching their exchanges and it worried her. She knew Lucian liked Alexa, but did not understand his reason for avoiding her like plague. Victor asked her not to get involved and said it was something they will have to figure out themselves.

Amanda agreed with him and prayed soon they both realized how much they mean to each other and stopped acting like this.

In the meantime, Giselle paced her chamber. She was worried, she felt Lucian’s anger. Though their link was very weak, it was there.

Something had angered him and she worried about the consequences. There was nothing extraordinary reported in the mortal world and she sighed in relief.

The last news she received from Dimitri was that he reached a place called Tennessee and they kind of have an intrusion that Lucian was there ten years ago. One of the police records they verified stood out and they have closed the case as animal attack.

Dimitri said that he looked at the victims pictures and sure it is a work of a Lycan. The measurement of their wounds matched Lucian’s claws and he said it was definitely Lucian.

However, there was not much he was able to find about Lucian. The police records stated that Lucian was handed over to the local orphanage and the records maintained by them were destroyed in a fire accident which happened a few years ago.

Giselle growled in frustration, Lucian’s sixteenth birthday was nearing and anything could happen on that night. She ordered her brother Dimitri to look for anything unusual.

She believed that she will be able to find Lucian this time and she had arranged an extra team to retrieve him from the human world, if anything like that happened.

Though she was worried about the impending danger a part of her rejoiced, finally her son would be with her.

She crossed his birth date in the calendar. 5th Thrimidge, she whispered “Only five days left Lucian, and then you will be home.”

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