The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 11

Alexa and Lucian always skipped the Evil gang’s birthdays after the first one. Amanda said that they spent millions for this birthday. Delilah and Delaney’s parents bought them a latest car and their craziness only seemed to grow.

Alexa mostly avoided washroom or going to the locker when no one was around. The girls were so hostile and Lucian’s threat still hung in the air.

Victor surprised his family on a Sunday. When Victor stopped the car in front of the lake house they visited often they thought it was going to be would be another day filled with fun.

The house by the lake was surrounded by trees and it was Lucian’s favourite get away. He often asked Victor to take him there to spend their weekend. Victor usually rented the house on weekends and Lucian jumped out of the car, squealing in delight as Alexa and Abram ran behind him.

Amanda smiled warmly as Victor took her hand and kissed the knuckles. “I told you, Lucian will love this gift,” he whispered as they got out of the car.

They were planning to go for shopping as Lucian and Alexa will turn sixteen next week. Then, Victor came up with this brilliant idea. Arthur suggested a grand party for this birthday, but knowing her kids Amanda always kept the celebrations within their families.

The house had a red ribbon tied to its door and a beaming Arthur stood with his family holding a huge decorated key made of cardboard. Lucian’s eyes widened as he looked at them. Alexa halted beside him, her expression mirroring Lucian as Abram ran to Nate and started wrestling with him.

“Welcome home, Lucian. This is your birthday gift from us,” Victor announced, handing him the key. Lucian jaw hung open unable to believe what he just heard, this meant he could spend more time here.

This was one of his favourite places on earth. The lake and the forest that surrounded it gave him a peace like no other. He came to the lake often when he went for his runs and it seemed to calm him. Lucian turned to Alexa, handing her the key. “Do the honors please.”

Alexa beamed and hurried to the door, opening it. Lucian watched as Alexa breezed past him and roamed the halls with an undying smile on her lips. She wore a sundress again and left her long wavy hair open that hung past her hips.

Lucian admired the slight sway of her hips, enjoying the way her hair bounced with each step. His hungry gaze followed her every move, his feelings towards Alexa has changed so long ago. He had liked her as long as he could remember, but what he felt now was something different.

His feelings about her, were not innocent anymore. It scared him to no extent. Every time she chewed her lips nervously he tensed–it should be him chewing it. Her body has changed a lot and she has gotten curvier with a perfect hour glass frame, though she thought otherwise.

Every time her hips swayed he felt his heart swaying along with her hip. He wanted to trace her soft smooth skin and kiss those fuller lips, which killed him. He had to stay away from her as much as possible to refrain from something he would regret. He owed a life debt to the family and he would never do such a thing.

He would get Victor’s blessings first and then court her properly when both are of legal age. Two more years. Till then he must restraint his emotions towards her.

It was better this way, than risking it all, he told himself.

One week had passed in a blur and soon it was the day of their birthday.

The family gathered in their favourite lake house for a grand celebration. The entire house was decorated with blue and pink balloons. The blue ones held the name of Lucian while the pink ones had Alexa’s name on it.

Amanda and Raelyn busied themselves with cooking and the scent of delicious meal filled the entire house. The cake was still a surprise to Lucian and Alexa.

Alexa loved the long dress her mother bought for this birthday. The grey colored dress had a sequenced bodice, which cinched in the waist and flowed freely touching the floor. It accentuated her curves and made her look taller.

Amanda curled Alexa’s hair while Raelyn did her make up. She did a smoky eye makeup with a silver eye shadow that made her brown eyes pop, she completed the look with a silver color four-inch heeled shoes.

They did not allow Alexa to see the mirror while they worked on her and once they were done with her, Alexa couldn’t look away. The girl who stood in front of the mirror was stunning. She was no fatso–she had a perfect hour glass figure. Her long curls framed her heart shaped face, her eyes were big and a permanent smile etched on her soft pink lips.

“Lucian is a goner,” Raelyn whispered in her ears and Alexa’s heart skipped a beat.

Will Lucian appreciate her this way? Will he feel the same way about her? She frowned at the different will’s and if’s that bombarded her brain. Either way it was her birthday and she would enjoy it.

When it was time for the function, she was to meet with Lucian outside the room and they are to go outside together. Until then they were locked inside their rooms with only Abram and Nate keeping them company. Well, they stayed here and there passing information like how beautiful they looked and what color they wore.

Exactly at six pm, Lucian knocked the door. Alexa steadied herself and smoothed the dress before walking out. When her eyes landed on Lucian she stood dumbfounded. He looked stunningly handsome in his new suit. His tight white shirt framed his muscles and he had left the first two buttons open revealing his sculpted chest.

Alexa swallowed nervously as she moved her gaze up with so much difficulty to meet his gaze. His eyes were darker and the blue streaks seemed to shine bright, which mesmerized her.

Lucian was awestruck. A wave of desire filled him at the sight of Alexa. This was the first time she wore a long dress. The dress fit her perfectly and he couldn’t seem to remove his gaze from her beautiful face. Her eyes twinkled with happiness and her ripened fuller lips appeared so delicious.

“It’s time,” Amanda’s voice brought them both out of their stupor. Alexa took Lucian’s extended hand nervously. Her heart thudded as their hands touched, sending a shiver down her spine.

Lucian could feel her nervousness as the fragrance of gardenia’s teased his nostrils. He prayed for better control throughout the function as he led her down.

The cake looked stunning with a grey fondue matching Alexa’s dress. It had carvings of trees and lake, depicting Lucian’s liking. The party was at full swing with only seven members after the cake cutting. They enjoyed the food and played lot of games.

Abram and Nate were having a time of their life. They had come up with so many fun games and the family spent the entire evening laughing and playing. The moon was bright illuminating their backyard.

Lucian and Alexa shared their first dance together, Alexa was lost in his bluish black eyes and he was no better. The family gushed happily on seeing their kids together. Lucian’s expression was too obvious and they knew he was smitten with Alexa for so long.

It was around ten pm and the boys were on the dance floor doing all their crazy moves and the family watched from their tables, talking and drinking. Alexa watched as Lucian’s expression change and he looked like he was struggling with something.

Lucian abruptly stood and retreated towards the forest. Alexa followed him without a second thought, worry filled her mind. Lucian’s breath became harsher as he pulled at his clothes. He moved faster and if it was not for the moon light Alexa would have lost him. She was worried sick and his current situation terrified her. He never behaved like this before.

His breathing grew louder and small growls emanated from his chest as he crashed face first into the forest floor. They reached a small clearing and Alexa could see him clearly.

Lucian clawed at his chest as pain he never experienced before washed over him. Something within him raged. It wanted out. His senses heightened and he felt the crack of his own bones. He was terrified. Was he going to die?

Alexa rushed towards him as he stood on all fours, clawing at anything he could get his hands on. He was losing the battle with something so strong and he didn’t understand what it was.


His head whipped up and Alexa watched as the blues and white in his eyes disappeared until there was only black. It was like that forest episode but more brutal. Lucian’s face turned reddish and few veins popped around his jawline.

Alexa caught his hands when he clawed at his chest. His extending claws sliced at the soft smooth skin and blood trickled from the wounds. “Lucian, look at me!” Alexa called. “Look at me, please… Whatever it is, do not fight it. Let go, breathe.” Desperation and fear filled her voice as she held his clawed hand.

He met her eyes and breathed in. A low growl tore through his chest and his eyes changed into pure blue, glowing dangerously in the darkness. It looked like pure crystal light as it shined brighter. What followed next was brutal. His face twisted in odd angles and he cried out in pure agony.

“Lucian!” Alexa sobbed helplessly as she watched him change into something she had never witnessed before.

The family noticed Alexa going into the forest and at first they were not concerned as they thought Lucian was with her. However, when they heard animal growls and howls that resembled a wolf, they rushed towards the forest.

The painful memory of the uneventful night filled Victor’s mind as he ran towards the source of noise. However, the sight before them wasn’t what they expected. The family halted on their tracks and stood frozen to the ground at the sight before them.

Abram and Nate clutched their fathers fearfully as they witnessed Lucian’s change. It was brutal and it took more than an hour to finish. Each part of his body twisted and changed. His lithe frame grew bigger and darker.

Soft fur so dark as moonless night coated his body and his mouth was replaced by a snout with sharp fangs, which could tore through anything. His legs bent on odd angles and his claws extended. His torso was ripped with muscles after muscles. He lay motionless for few minutes that scared Alexa.

“Lucian…” she whispered as she shook him gently. Her hands shook, unable to process what just happened. When he did not move she pulled his large head on her lap and caressed his furry face calling his name repeatedly, fresh tears poured down as she watched him helplessly.

As time went on, fear crept into her mind. What happened to him? Will he ever become a human? What if he cannot change back? How was she going to hide him from the authorities now? She cried harder as different questions popped in her mind.

“Alexa come back!” Amanda called from the tree line they stood. They were shocked and did not want Alexa near Lucian. They trusted and loved Lucian, but with what they have witnessed there was no telling what will happen when he wakes up.

Amanda remembered his urge to eat raw meat and now that he has changed into something scary she feared for her daughter’s life. What if he hurt Alexa? She tried to call Alexa but she wouldn’t listen. Victor was too stunned to move.

Alexa continued to call his name and tried to shook him awake.

Lucian’s eyes opened all of a sudden revealing a pair of bright blue eyes. A menacing growl escaped his throat as his lips curled up threatening her entire being. Alexa, who was not expecting this squealed in shock and tried to crawl backwards. The beast sprung up, pinning her to the ground. He was so massive that it scared Alexa.

The beast’s nostrils flared as he sniffed the air. Blood. He wanted blood. And flesh… His tongue darted out, wetting his thick lips and his fangs glistened in moon light.

The creature before him smelled so delicious. The scent of her blood so alluring.

Alexa watched Lucian with wide eyes. He looked like the Lycans from ‘Underworld’ movies with the exact same snout, body and hind legs. Does this mean he was a Lycan? So they were real after all real. She tried to remember any useful information about the Lycans as his eyes bored her skull.

“Lucian…” she whispered earning a low growl. His soft fur brushed her body and heat seeped through her dress, soaking her skin and bones.

“You are a Lycan,” Alexa said again and watched as the beast tilted its head, meeting her gaze.

“Alexa come back!” Amanda shouted and the beast whipped around letting out a threatening snarl which shook the forest floor. It let out another roar and punched the ground before crouching.

“Lucian, no!” Alexa caught his leg. The massive beast was too big for her to reach, so she pulled the fur in his leg, trying to catch his attention. Lucian was somewhere in there and she needed him back.

The beast stopped as he stared down at the creature that clung to his legs. It smelled so delicious, he could feel the blood pounding through its vein and its rich smell called to him. Tempting.

Lucian growled as he picked her up with one hand. She easily fit in his hand and the sweet scent of her fear infiltrated his senses, which was almost thrilling. Her pounding heartbeat was music to his ears.

“Lucian,” the creature sang again and the beast purred. The name sounded so familiar on her lips. He tilted his head as he watched the amusing creature in his hand.

“Lucian you are scaring me,” the creature sang again. He loved its voice.

Alexa stiffened when brought his hands close to his snout sniffing her. The scent of gardenia invaded his senses, which felt so familiar. However, Lucian did not like the scent of fear that was mixed with it. He did not know why, but he did not want the creature to fear him.

Too small. He thought as he encircled his thick fingers around it. So soft.

Something within him changed as a whisper chanted in his head ‘Alexa’. His claws withdrew and the beast reduced its size, now standing at six feet. Alexa clutched at his broad shoulder as he pulled her flush against his body.

Lucian held Alexa closer as he ran his snout across her neck. The touch of cold wet nose send unfamiliar shivers across her body.

“Alexa!” Amanda’s scared voice called her once again and the beast snarled at Amanda’s direction, displaying his fangs.

“Lucian, it’s okay.” Alexa placed her hand over his furry chest and the beast turned his attention to her. Alexa’s eyes widened as the beast curled its lips and before she could blink, his fangs pierced her neck.

Alexa’s scream tore through the night as pure pain exploded at her neck and she beat at his chest to let go.

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