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Chapter 12

Amanda screamed as the beast bit down her daughter’s neck, fresh blood stained her new dress as Alexa struggled against his hold.

“Alexa!” Victor shouted. He was too scared to go to them. What if the beast got angry and kills my daughter? Hell, he was killing her now.

Abram and Nate closed their eyes and hugged their fathers close. At first, when they saw Lucian in his beast form they thought it was cool, then now it was scary. He was drinking her blood. Victor caught Amanda when she tried to run towards them, “Amanda, no. He bit down when you shouted her name. We don’t want him to kill her,” he warned.

“But Victor, he is killing her now. Look at all the blood,” Amanda was hyperventilating. She was scared to death. She never thought Lucian would be capable of hurting Alexa.

The days he ate raw meat flashed before her eyes. She tried to get close to Alexa again. She was afraid. However, saving Alexa meant life.

Alexa was scared and shocked that Lucian bit her, a hot searing pain shot through her neck and agony filled her veins. Though it lasted only for a few seconds, it felt like it lasted for a lifetime.

Something deep inside her changed, a wave of foreign emotions invaded her and she knew well it wasn’t hers. A mixture of love, desire enveloped her and an urge to claim intensified. She gasped as the overwhelming sensation clouded her senses.

The pain was replaced by a foreign pleasure and she moaned against his shoulder. His chest rumbled against her sending delicious shivers to her spine. She reached up and held him close to her neck.

“Lucian…” She whispered hoarsely as he picked her up in bridal style. His fangs still deep inside. A bond formed between them weaving their souls together. Releasing her neck he licked the wound clean and watched in satisfaction as it stopped bleeding and closed.

She will be mine for now and forever. The beast ran his snout along the mark he left on her neck making her shiver again. With a blissful sigh, he held the little creature closer.

Victor nudged Amanda who was a crying mess on the ground as they witnessed the scene before them. Alexa had stopped screaming after few seconds and what happened later looked more intimate. The beast wasn’t killing or feeding on his daughter, it was something else.

He had seen this beast before in movies, but he did not understand the bite. Arthur and Raelyn mirrored his expression. Raelyn was shaken, her body shivered with fear as she held onto Arthur.

Alexa embraced Lucian as he picked her up in bridal style, which confused the family. The beast carried her back to home, and they followed at a safe distance.

Lucian walked with Alexa in his hands. Her blood tasted divine in his mouth and satisfaction filled his mind. The shift was painful and his thirst for blood was stronger, until the little creature with sweet smell invaded his senses.

The beast laid her on the soft mattress and covered her with a blanket. He sat down on the floor with his head next to her on the bed, admiring how peaceful she appeared in sleep. The little creature fell asleep on the way and she meant the world to him.

His little creature snuggled close to him as he sat down there and he liked it. A purr rolled out of his throat as he snuggled to her.

The Steller’s watched their exchange from the bedroom door. The beast raised his head sending a low growl towards them when Amanda tried to enter. She wanted to check in on her daughter. They couldn’t decipher if it was threatening or not. It almost sounded like a dog growl this time.

Lucian went back to watching their daughter and paid no attention to where they were standing. Victor sighed in relief, his daughter was breathing and she snuggled close to the beast throwing her hand over his head.

Victor tensed when Alexa threw her hand over his head. He was afraid that the beast would bite her hand. Instead, Lucian adjusted his head so her hand was over his head and sat there watching her.

Maybe the biting was not about killing. Victor motioned the rest of the family to move away and told them to retire for the night. They couldn’t sleep. Victor and Amanda took turns in watching the pair, while Arthur and Raelyn looked after the boys.

The beast did not sleep and kept on watching Alexa without blinking his eyes.

“Did you find anything?” Giselle rushed to the warrior, who brought news from Dimitri.

“No, my Queen. Everything was calm. No kills or a commotion,” the warrior said and hung his head low.

“Impossible!” Antonio hissed. The beast would have caused havoc. A newly shifted beast was uncontrollable. He couldn’t believe that Lucian’s shift went without gaining any attention. He was in the human realm.

“I felt his change. It was weak. I am sure he has shifted,” Giselle murmured unbelievably as she plopped down on the couch. “I felt his anger and bloodlust.” That was before their bond went silent. “Is he hurt Antonio?” Her voice rang with desperation.

The first shift was dangerous and vulnerable. “I don’t know, Giselle. It is possible. I felt his anger too.” Antonio raked a hand through his hair in frustration. “He should’ve wreaked havoc. He is a Royal.” He paced the floor as Giselle sobbed into her hands.

“Do not worry, my mate. Our son is safe. That’s all I could tell you for now. Maybe someone knocked him out effectively,” he suggested and Giselle had to agree with that.

Again, who could have known about their son’s secret and who was that powerful to control his beast? “Tell Dimitri to find him soon. I want my son out of the human realm as soon as possible,” Giselle commanded.

“Lucian, where are you?” She whispered. “If not now, I will find you on your eighteenth birthday. You cannot hide from me when you have gained your elven powers. It will lead me straight to you. A mother’s bond has its perks.” She could find him.

“You are right, Giselle. We will have our son soon. He won’t be able to hide when he has gained his powers. We will get him back,” he said soothingly and she nodded, leaning into his embrace.

Lucian did not know when he fell asleep last night or how he shifted back to his human form. When he woke up again, he was stark naked and Victor had covered him with a blanket. He felt drained and his body ached in all places. Victor supported him and he led him to his room and helped him to get on the bed. Victor pulled a pair of shorts from his closet and helped him dress.

Amanda checked up on her daughter immediately when Lucian left the room. Alexa appeared brighter and her skin had a healthy glow. The wound has healed and now looked more like a glittered tattoo. Four crescent-shaped silver marks were engraved into her skin and it seems to glitter in the sunlight. It was beautiful. Alexa’s body was warm and her breathing was normal.

Victor beckoned Amanda from the door. “Lucian is not well.”

Amanda rushed towards Lucian’s room. His face twisted in agony as his bones ached. “Lucian… How do you feel?” She asked softly, she couldn’t comprehend the recent happening. Her daughter was safe and doing well, that was all that mattered. When she saw Lucian unwell, her maternal instincts kicked in and last night’s events were forgotten.

“It hurts,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Do you feel like eating something?” She asked.

“Meat…” he whispered again. Nodding understandingly she rushed to the kitchen pulling out the steak for him.

Raelyn was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast and Arthur was talking to Victor. “How is Alexa?” She asked Amanda.

“Alexa is fine. She should be up any time now. Lucian is not well, he is in a lot of pain,” Amanda replied.

Raelyn did not know what to make of yesterday’s situation. Nate rushed into the kitchen with a giggling Abram following close behind. If it wasn’t for Lucian my son wouldn’t be here. Lucian saved Alexa and Victor all those years ago and Abram wouldn’t be alive if Lucian hadn’t warned them on time.

Amanda chopped the steaks into small pieces and took a bowl to Lucian’s room. Raelyn offered to chop the rest of the steaks while Amanda fed him. Lucian ate slowly and flinched in pain now and then. Raelyn brought in the next bowl when he finished the first one and sat with them as Amanda fed him.

He fell asleep after a while and the women left the room, closing the door behind them.

Alexa felt refreshed when she woke up next morning, Lucian was not there. Last night felt like a dream and thinking about it she liked it. Her fingers traced her neck at the thought and she frowned when she couldn’t find any wound.

Rushing to the washroom, she watched herself in the mirror. The dress was ruined and thick dried blood-soaked its bodice confirming yesterday night was not a dream. A new mark on her neck looked like a crescent moon and it glistened in the sunlight.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered as she traced the mark. It was engraved on her skin and it looked as she got a new tattoo.

Her dark brown eyes now had few blue streaks which shocked and surprised her simultaneously. But her eyes were beautiful and she loved it. After a long hot shower, she went to meet the rest of the family.

They all sat at the dining table eating breakfast when Alexa trotted in. She beamed at them and the mark sparkled in her neck.

“Good morning, where is Lucian?” She chirped enthusiastically and the family almost sighed in relief. Alexa was more than fine, she looked vibrant.

“He is sleeping in his room sweetie,” Amanda replied placing a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs in front of her.

“Okay,” Alexa said as she dug into her breakfast. She was famished and she served herself again as the family watched in surprise.

Alexa always seemed to eat less and no matter how much hungry she was she turned down second servings. Something has changed inside her as she sat bouncing on the chair, looking happier than ever. The family noticed the new blue streaks in her eyes similar to that of Lucian’s and they deduced it must have got something to do with the bite.

Alexa hissed in pain as the fruit knife sliced her palm. “Jeez, why can’t I do one single task without messing it up?” She cursed herself as she held a tissue tighter to stop the bleeding.

Amanda sighed, pulling her towards the washbasin and pulled out the first aid box from under the sink. With Alexa around, she always carried a box of first aid with her.

She cleaned the new wound under the running water as Alexa hissed. Amanda was taking out the antiseptic cream out when she noticed the wound stopped bleeding and her skin woven together.She gasped as Alexa’s wound healed itself until no gash left. So far she has known only one healing at this rate, Lucian.

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