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Chapter 13

“Whoa! That’s cool… Dad, did you see that?” Alexa exclaimed.

“That’s good I think…” Victor dragged looking at his wife. “Be careful.” He changed when he noticed Amanda’s sour expression.

“That was awesome Alexa! Can you ask Lucian to bite me too?” Abram asked making everyone laugh.

“Ask him yourself.” Alexa stuck her tongue out. “Wow… This means I don’t have to bother about falling a lot. I will just heal faster,” Alexa stated, earning a scowl from Amanda.

“It is good you are healing faster young lady, but it does not mean you have to fall often to prove your theory. Always watch your steps,” her mother scolded.

“Okay, mom. I will be careful.” Alexa turned to leave the kitchen. “I am going to see Lucian,” she shouted over her shoulder and she hopped towards his room.

She was so excited and tripped on the steps crashing her knee on the wooden floor. After confirming no one looked, she trotted to his room. Lucian was sweating when she went it. His body twitched as if he was dreaming. His claws sliced through the sheets.

“Lucian,” she called in a soft tone and locked the door behind her. Maintaining a safe distance, she called him again, “Lucian.” His eyes shot open and stared at her with his blue orbs shining brighter.

He looked wild and sexy with his naked torso on display, showcasing his new ripped muscles. Alexa swallowed as she let her eyes wander until she heard a low growl erupt from him. He was before her in a blink and her heart lurched.

Lucian’s long fingers traced the mark on her shoulder and her body shivered in response. Heat radiated from him and her body heated in anticipation of his closeness. He pulled her flush against his body as his lips traced her mark eliciting a moan from her.

As soon as his lips connected with the mark, it left. He backed up with wide eyes and wobbled on his feet. He panted hard trying to control the beast that urged him to shift.

“Lucian…” Alexa called as she touched his forehead. His temperature was high and his face twisted in discomfort. Alexa was sure it wasn’t a fever. She felt his pain, confusion, and fear. It should be impossible to feel those emotions, but she knew they didn’t belong to her. The foreign intrusion of his emotions was as clear as the day.

She rushed towards the bathroom as an idea popped into her head. She filled the tub with cold water and beckoned him over. “Lucian, come. I think this will work.” The lake would be a better option, but they couldn’t risk him shifting in daylight.

It was a tourist spot and someone could see him. The water sizzled and bubbled as steam rose from the water. Alexa’s worry deepened as she poured more water on his body. What do I do? Lucian is burning up and this is definitely not normal.

“Lucian, I have an idea. We can go to the lake, but you cannot shift in public.”

Lucian gritted his teeth. The cold water soothed the ache in his body, yet the little water was no help. The lake sounded like a better option. He followed Alexa outside and almost ran to the lake, getting in without a second thought.

Relief flooded him and he sighed in content. The Stellars hurried to the lake shore with a worried expression. The water around him sizzled and bubbled again. “Lucian, I think it’s better if you just swim. Can you swim?” Alexa called from the shore.

Lucian nodded and continued to swim as Amanda rushed to make him cold smoothies. A few hours and several smoothies later, Lucian’s temperature started reducing. Victor helped him out of the water and led him to the home.

The following week, Victor called the school and informed that Lucian suffered from chicken pox. The young boy’s body went through various changes: one second he shivered in the cold and the next instant he ran to the lake, complaining how hot it was.

He consumed ten kilos of raw meat every day. Victor and Arthur bought meat supplies from different stores, careful not to draw too much attention.

Lucian always went for a run at night and returned before dawn, sleeping in until Alexa returned from the school. She helped him with the homework and the subjects he missed while he recovered.

The Lycan Kingdom…

Antonio and Giselle sat in their garden–their mind in turmoil. They had high hopes of finding Lucian this time. The pleasant evening breeze or the mixed scent of flowers it carried didn’t hold their attention.

Giselle tried to feel the bond and failed. She’d been trying for the past few weeks.

“Antonio, what happens after the first shift?” She asked, curious to figure out her son’s situation.

“The beast is like an entirely different personality which lives inside you. The first time it shows up it is really hard to cling to your sanity, the beast thirsts for blood and meat. It will hunt and destroy anything in its path.” Antonio sighed as he recalled his first shift.

“My father has to put on an Alpha command to control my beast. I tried to attack him and he subdued me. I was forced to accept my defeat, and it took years before I was able to control my shifts.” He stood up and paced the grassy floor.

“The beast was unstable and when it tries to fit within your human body, it hurts. Full moons during the initial years of shifting were the worst. The beast lost control on full moons. I hunted the entire night and used to wake up among animal carcasses,” he said and scratched his chin thoughtfully.

“It was after our mating the need to hunt reduced. You know how our full moons are spent now,” he smirked and wiggled his brows as a deep blush crept into Giselle’s pale cheeks.

The Lycans had a high sex drive and on full moons they were insatiable. “Antonio, do you think Lucian has not caused any havoc because he claimed someone?” Giselle asked as a thought struck her.

“Impossible. A Lycan would never accept a weakling as its mate. He is in the human realm. I hope he didn’t end up hurting them instead of the animals,” he dismissed her claim. “Even if he had, we would’ve known by now. That is why Dimitri is there, isn’t he?”

With Lucian being so aggressive at such a young age, it wouldn’t be long before he did something. Lucian’s mating has been arranged with his best friend and beta’s daughter Audriana Valeria Sperazzo. And, even if Giselle’s claims were true, he wouldn’t let that happen.

The Sperazzo’s were the second most powerful family after the Orszak’s. Audrianna was a perfect match to Lucian.

“Antonio, please don’t think that I do not agree with you. Your mother felt the loss of bond when we mated. It’s odd don’t you think? I’m just stating a possibility.” She stated nervously and kept her head bowed.

“If so, then we will have to kill her and break the bond,” he stated without remorse and Giselle gasped.

“Antonio, a mate bond is sacred. How could you destroy it? It will kill our son.”

“Mind your voice when you are speaking to me Giselle,” he roared and his eyes shone bright amber.

Giselle scrambled back with fear and showed her neck in submission.

“Being the strongest of all races we practically rule the supernaturals. He is destined to rule this kingdom. I won’t let my son mate with anyone except Audriana. Do you understand?” His voice boomed and Giselle nodded vigorously.

Deep in her heart, Giselle knew that something had happened. She’d lost the bond and her instincts said that he had claimed someone. After what Antonio said, wished her son lived happily with whoever he has claimed, even if they couldn’t find them again.

Audriana sat at her dressing table as her maid combed her long honey blonde hair. Her cold grey eyes stared into the mirror, appreciating the results of her beauty regime. She would be shifting for the first time next week.

It wouldn’t be long before they found Lucian. She still remembered his raven black hair and matching eyes. He was an aggressive child and she admired that quality in him. Once they brought him back, he would be the King and she would be his Queen.

Dismissing the maid, she opened her chest pulling out a diamond encrusted crown with an expensive Emerald jewel in the center. Placing it on her head, she smirked and dreamed of the day she would finally become the Queen.

She had specially made this crown for her coronation day. She had even planned her dresses and other accessories. Lucian should have shifted two days before and it was only a matter of time before they brought him back.

“Lucian…” His name rolled off her tongue. “You are mine. I wonder how your beast looks.” She smiled as she danced around her huge chamber. “I can’t wait to meet you again. Together we will rule this realm.”

Lucian sat with Alexa on their study table. She was helping him with the home works and assignments he missed that week. His body was getting back to its normal phase, so he expected to be back at school by next week.

The family has been supportive, which made him wonder if his biological mother would have cared like Amanda. Alexa looked happier and her skin glowed. Lucian did not understand why he bit her neck, but it felt right even now. A dark desire filled his body whenever he saw her mark. He asked her to keep it covered all the times and she did.

His senses were stronger than before. He was able to feel her emotions and had no doubt that she felt the connection too. The attraction he felt towards her had increased. The wave of her desire that washed over him from time to time did not help.

His eyes wandered to Alexa when she wasn’t looking. She wore a pair of shorts with a white color tight t-shirt. He noticed the outline of her round breasts and the only thought of his beast was to tear the thin t-shirt and feel them, skin to skin.

Lucian balled his fists and forced himself to avert his attention from her. They were so young and he couldn’t risk giving into these emotions and spoil their future. He had to maintain a safe distance from her so he wouldn’t cross the limits with her.

Lucian started going to school again. Alexa felt more at ease after his shift. She felt his feelings towards her and wondered why he wouldn’t act on it.

“Hey, Lucian…” One of the girls called and smiled seductively. “Would you like to join me for lunch?”

“No.” Irritation flared within him and a low growl bubbled within his chest. He moved closer to Alexa’s side and kept his gaze straight. It had become a constant thing that the girls flocked around him whenever he was alone. They tried to get his phone number and invited him to spend time with them.

However, he wanted nothing of it. The only girl he wanted to spend time with was walking beside him. He felt Alexa’s amusement and grinned internally. Two more years… She’d be all mine.

The Stellers fell back into their normal routine and Lucian has gotten his urge to eat raw meat under control. He did not feel the need to eat raw meat except during the full moon and he mostly spent those nights, running in the woods or swimming in the lake.

Lucian could feel his beast’s need to claim Alexa, and then his human side wouldn’t let him make such a mistake. It’s still too early for that.

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