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Chapter 15

The Steller’s have gone to a party at Delilah’s home. Lucian and Alexa declined the invite as usual. He watched TV in the living room while Alexa stayed in her room. Now that they would stay alone, he wanted to speak to her.

The full moons would be crazier than ever and he wished they were eighteen soon. Mulling over the idea for a few minutes he decided to talk to her. Knocking at her door once, he entered the room without waiting for her to open it.

She was packing her clothes for college, wearing only a tank top and thin shorts. Alexa stared at Lucian in shock and shifted on her feet. She was dressed for bed and did not expect him to come into her room.

He stared at her breasts and swallowed hard, his beast surfacing at the sight of her silver mark. Lucian closed his eyes controlling his beast. “Ah… um… Can you put on something?” He stuttered, turning around facing the door.

He heard shuffling. “I’m decent,” she said after a few minutes.

Lucian turned around still not meeting her gaze.

“What is it?” Her voice was void of emotion. Hurt and shame filled her. She believed that Lucian asked her to dress up because she looked hideous in her outfit. She blinked to get rid of the tears that threatened to pour out and bit her lips to stop the sob that bubbled in her throat.

Lucian was sure she might me chewing her lips right now. He swallowed a low growl that erupted at the thought. “It’s just um…” he stammered. Shit, why is it so difficult to speak to her? “We would stay in the same apartment. We need to talk,” he blurted out with so much difficulty.

“You don’t have to worry about that Lucian.” Alexa turned around and continued to pack her things without paying attention to him. “I will stay in a dorm once dad and mom leave. You don’t have to tell my parents.”

Lucian’s eyes widened with disbelief. Her knee-length robe still showed a lot of skin, but he couldn’t enjoy the view as what she said did not bode well with him. “Why would you want to stay in a dorm?” Did she not like me anymore?

“We talked about this earlier Lucian. I know how you feel about me and we cannot stay together. The more distance we have between us the better,” she replied without facing him.

He tried to feel her emotion—nothing. She has learned how to hide her emotions from him.

“Alexa, I…”

“Good night, Lucian.” Alexa pointed the door. “As you can see, I am busy.” She wanted him to leave so she could wallow in self-pity.

Lucian did not like her avoiding him. “Why are you avoiding me, Alexa?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Are we having this discussion again? You said you harbor no feelings for me and asked me to stay away. Now you want to know why I am avoiding you.” Her breasts heaved and her heart constricted. “Out, Lucian!” Alexa pointed the door. “I don’t want you here again,” she said swallowing a sob.

No, I wouldn’t cry before him. He doesn’t have to know how I feel.

Lucian didn’t move. She might’ve gotten better at hiding her emotions, but heart couldn’t hide its flutter. “Liar,” he said and a side of his lips twisted.

“I am not lying,” she tried.

He tilted his head giving her that killer smile, making her heart flutter.

“I can hear your heartbeat, Alexa. It beats faster when I am near you,” Lucian said, taking slow steps towards her, his eyes not leaving hers.

“So what?” She sneered. “It flutters every time I am near someone hot. I am a teenager and it’s a natural reaction,” she reasoned.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… I know you well Alexa.” She took one step back with each step he took towards her. “Lucian, what do you want?” She asked. “I don’t want to play these games with you.”

Why does he have to look damn sexy? She cursed her teenage hormones. Her eyes wandered back to his sculpted chest. His tight shirt did less in hiding the contours of his chiseled body. Her back hit the wall.

Lucian kept walking until they were only a breath apart. His body heat seeped through her body making her insides melt. “Lucian…” Her breath quivered.

“Do you want to know how I really feel about you, Alexa?” Lucian asked, his thick masculine voice sent delicious shivers to her spine. He pulled her flush against his body and pressed his hips against her. Alexa felt something poke her abdomen and blushed when she understood what it was.

“This is how I feel about you Alexa.” He ran his nose along her jawline. “I don’t like you, Alexa,” he nipped her earlobe making her gasp. “I love you,” he admitted looking deep into her eyes.

Alexa looked at him with wide eyes as her brain processed what he said. “You do?”

He replied her with a passionate kiss that took her breath away. His lips were on hers. So soft, yet firm. His warm breath fanned her. The kiss was gentle at first. Alexa was too shocked to respond before her eyes closed.

She moved her lips tentatively against him, unsure of her actions. Lucian nibbled at her lips before licking and sucking them. Her knees felt like jelly as she held on to him for support. He hoisted her by her thighs and helped her to hook her legs around his waist.

Alexa gasped when she felt her back hitting the mattress. Lucian took it as his cue and deepened the kiss. His tongue entered her mouth engaging passionately with hers as they fought for dominance. She moaned as his hands explored her voluptuous curves.

Lucian’s beast rumbled within his chest making her tremble as it vibrated throughout her body. His hands reached beneath her t-shirt and traced her smooth skin as he peppered small kisses around her jawline.

Alexa ran her hands through his silky hair and arched her back as she felt a wave of desire washed over her. She could feel Lucian’s emotions and wondered why he would hide it from her if he wanted her that much. His love and desire enveloped her like a warm blanket.

“Lucian…” She whimpered when a foreign feeling that invaded her body and arched her back meeting his hardness. He growled and nipped her mark, his fangs extended. His eyes changed to crystal blue. Lucian looked wild and sexy. Alexa ran her hand over his strong jawline. “I love you, Lucian,” she whispered.

Lucian growled in appreciation as his hands reached for her breasts and massaged it over her cotton bra, eliciting yet another moan from her. Alexa’s lips have swollen due to his kiss and the scent of her need filled his lungs, making him go wild.

He ground his hips against hers and reached for her lips again when he heard the car doors being open and shut. Her parents were home, he pulled himself from her slowly, both panting so hard.

“Your parents are home,” he said getting up and retreated to the door without taking his eyes off her. “Good night, Alexa,” he whispered before shutting the door behind him.

Alexa lay breathless, hot and bothered. Lucian kissed her, their first kiss. He confessed his love for her. She traced her lips with a smile and pulled the covers over her, giggling.

Lucian paced in his bedroom. He did not expect to lose control with Alexa. He went to speak to her and let her know how he felt about her but instead, he made out with her. If the Steller’s did not come home when they did, he would have finished what he started.

He sighed rubbing his face, her taste still lingered in his mouth and the beast within him growled in pleasure. Lucian enjoyed every moment of their kiss. He should be more careful around her. Now that his beast had a taste, there was no telling how good he would be in controlling his emotions around her.

Lucian and Alexa left for Burlington a week early. Amanda went with them and stayed for a week until their class started. She helped them with groceries and stocked their kitchen. She told Alexa about the intervals Lucian ate raw meat and left them with a heavy heart.

Their life has gotten less complicated after Lucian accepted his love for her. They cooked together and on the weekends they went on dates. Though they flirted all the time Lucian did not kiss her again in fear of losing control and

Alexa understood his struggle. She did not want to rush their relationship. During the full moons, she fed him raw meat and stayed in her room. She sprayed perfume around the home to hide her scent and it seemed to work. The beast hated the fragrance of a perfume.

Running had become an issue as they couldn’t risk someone sees Lucian in his beast form. Back in Hinesburg they knew the area well and stayed out of human sight.

In Burlington, the people went for trekking and camping. So Lucian stayed indoors. Victor had bought him treadmill, but it was nothing compared to running wild in the forest in his beast form. Victor and Amanda visited them with Abram almost every weekend and they headed towards Hinesburg during their college breaks.

During one college break, Alexa and Lucian sat with the Steller’s in their backyard enjoying a barbeque evening. Abram and Nate have gone for their soccer practice and were expected to be home at five in the evening.

They all had a great time and the Steller’s did not fail to notice the improvement in Lucian and Alexa’s relationship.

“Mom, where are Abram and Nate? They should be back by now,” Alexa asked. It was around five thirty and the boys were never this late.

Victor called their coach, who informed him that his boys left early which further tensed him.

“They left early, Arthur I will just go look what is taking them so long. For all, we know they must be near playing their usual pranks. I will get them,” he said not wanting his family to worry.

“I will come with you,” Lucian joined Victor and together they went out to look for the boys.

They did not see them on the way to their school.

“They took a shortcut from here, let’s see there,” Lucian said as he got down from the car and entered a narrow road that the boys used as a shortcut.

Sniffing the air once he followed their scent which lingered and was fading away, which meant they have gone through this way about half an hour ago. Their scent got deeper as Lucian ran faster and tensed when he smelled their blood. Victor struggled to keep up with Lucian as he followed him.

Lucian came to a stop when he reached a lonely road. The boys had to cross the road to get to the next alleyway. The metallic scent of their blood was stronger in the air, and he hurried towards the small crowd who stood at the side of the road.

“What happened here?” He asked a cop who stood by the sidewalk. Lucian saw the blood splattered on the road and he was sure it belonged to the boys.

“An accident, the car lost control and hit the boys while they tried to cross the road,” the cop informed as Victor came to them panting hard.

“You know the boys?” The cop named Westin asked showing him an ID card, which the cops retrieved from their bags.

“They are my boys,” Victor replied as his voice cracked as he took the ID from Westin. It had blood on it and Victor’s hands shivered. He couldn’t even bear the thought of the boys getting hurt.

“Where are they?” Lucian asked.

“We took them to the nearby hospital, get in I will take you there,” Westin said opening the door for them.

They climbed inside the car and Victor continued to sob. Lucian tried to console Victor saying the boys will be fine, his voice laced with worried.

“How am I supposed to tell this to Amanda or Raelyn?” Victor cried harder.

“Don’t worry, Victor. The boys will be fine.” He said rubbing his back. Lucian called Arthur on the way asking him to come to the hospital. The hospital was busy and uniforms in white whisked past them.

They soon reached the Emergency where the boys were being treated. Westin spoke to the cops on duty and they have informed them that the doctors were trying their best to save them.

Victor sank down and Lucian’s beast howled in sadness. He couldn’t believe it and most of all could not accept that they were injured. Lucian tried to console the women, who sobbed and failed as his own tears joined them.

Alexa hugged her mom as she cried; Victor and Arthur were a mess. They sat on the floor staring at the far end of the wall as Lucian paced the floor waiting for the doctors to come out. He concentrated on the faint heartbeats of the boys, reducing with every passing second. He heard the doctor’s struggle to stop their bleeding.

Lucian tensed as their boy’s heartbeat dropped low until he couldn’t hear it. The doctors were trying to revive them now, and he stood with his hands on the stood listening to everything that went on inside.

After a few agonizing minutes, the doctor’s came out with a grim expression. “We are sorry.” Was all they could say and Lucian rushed past them into the room.

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