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Chapter 16

Lucian’s knees gave up when he saw the boys’ laying lifeless on the bed. They were covered in bandages and their once lively faces looked too pale and lifeless. The Steller’s have reached the room, and they lost it at the sight of their boys.

“Leave, we need time with our beloved,” Lucian’s trembling voice asked the staff who remained inside the room. They nodded and left the room.

He closed the door after them and locked it. His legs felt weak as he dragged himself towards their bed. Amanda and Raelyn hugged the boys as they cried.

Alexa couldn’t move she sat on the floor watching her brother’s face. The day they both born was still fresh in her memory, their cries, baby soft legs, first laugh, first talk all the memories flooded her at once. They were the best brothers one could ask for.

Why? There were things they were yet to experience—so many dreams and so much to explore in this world. She couldn’t cry and she felt hard to breathe. Victor and Arthur were no better. Their body shook as they sobbed. No one was ready to bid goodbye to them.

Lucian felt an agonizing ache in his heart and his beast howled a sad song mourning his brethren. The family heard the song. It squeezed their heart and sadness weighed down on them. Lucian didn’t control his beast as it took control of his body, mind, and soul. His howl grew sadder, heavier. The family stopped their cries as they listened to his song—the sad music soothing their wounded souls.

It caressed their hearts like a soft feather and yet made them feel the depth of his pain. The beast touched his brethren who lay on the bed—lifeless and motionless. Their body still held the warmth though it had no heartbeat.

Their life source has not left their body, he could feel it. Lucian placed his hand above Abram and Nate’s heart. The beast’s eyes changed to pure white as he felt their life sources. “Move!” He commanded, and the family scrambled back though they did not understand what was happening.

Removing the bandage from Abram’s chest Lucian bit down over his heart without a second thought. His fangs grew longer, and it pierced his heart. Lucian felt a bond forming as his life source connected with Abram’s life source that clung to a thread of hope.

Once the bond was complete, he moved towards Nate and bit down over his heart doing the same. The wound closed and in its place remained four crescent-shaped silver marks that resembled Alexa’s mark. Seconds passed into minutes as the family watched their sons for any movement. Tension etched their features, yet they felt hope.

Alexa dragged herself towards the bed and looked for any sign. Minutes turned into an hour and the family sobbed again as the monitors blared to life again. Abram and Nate gasped, opening their eyes which were jet black including their sclera.

“Sleep and heal now,” the beast commanded. Their eyes closed and their breathing became shallow showing they were asleep. The family hugged Lucian and sobbed in relief. They couldn’t believe what just happened, their children were alive. The beeping monitor was a proof enough.

Doctors who rushed inside said it was a miracle. Lucian did not understand what he did, he acted purely on his instinct and was glad it worked and they were alive. It took almost three weeks for the boys to come home.

Victor received a call from Vernon on a Tuesday morning when he was at work. They haven’t spoken in a long time, Vernon retired early siting health issues and moved out of Tennessee and settled in Oregon with his sons who owns a business there.

Victor grinned as he saw his old friend’s number flashed on his mobile screen. “Vernon what a pleasant surprise, How are you doing, man?”

“I’m fine as a fiddle.” Vernon laughed. “How is your family? Tell me about Lucian.”

“We are fine, Vernon. Lucian is a blessing to our family. I couldn’t have asked more,” Victor commented.

“Well buddy, there is something I want to tell you.” Vernon’s voice lowered. He did that when he wanted to talk something very important.

Victor perked up. “What is it?”

“I received news from Tennessee. Someone has been looking for the boy. They have gone to the orphanage, but couldn’t find anything as the documents were destroyed in a fire accident a few years ago,” Vernon informed.

“They have swept the legal division and found documents related to Lucian. I think they’ve found Alexa’s kidnapping case files and has been mopping around for quite some time now. Philip came told me about this. Someone in the department has been helping them all along,” Vernon concluded.

Victor sweated profusely. Who could be behind Lucian?

“Do you know anything else?” Victor asked him.

“No, I thought you should know this.”

“Thanks, Vernon. I appreciate this,” Victor told him.

“Anytime buddy,” Vernon replied before disconnecting the call.

Victor ran his hand through his hair. I cannot lose the boy now. What would Lucian say when he learned about this? He deserves to know the truth. What if the people searching Lucian are like him? Will they take him away from me?

Victor rubbed his face with a shaking hand. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing Lucian after all this time. Though his conscience said it was the right thing to do. He has loved the boy dearly. Informing his boss Dalton, Victor rushed to the home. Lucian and Alexa have come home for a week. They had permission from their university to visit their recovering brother.

The family were chatting in the living room and gave him confused glances when he entered. Amanda rushed to her husband. “Is everything all right?”

Victor shook his head.

“Sit down first and let me get you something to drink,” Amanda said and hurried to the kitchen.

Victor sat as Lucian gave him a concerned look. Alexa moved closer taking his hand and squeezing it in a comforting gesture. Abram lay on Lucian’s lap on the sofa.

“Here, honey, nothing a steaming cup of tea can’t cure,” Amanda handed him a tea before occupying the free side on the couch.

Victor sipped the tea. “Vernon called,” he said and Amanda tensed beside him. “Someone is in search of Lucian.”

“What?” Amanda whispered. They expected someone to come for Lucian one day. However, this still came as a shock. She hoped that no one would come for him after all these years.

Victor nodded. “We don’t know who it is and they are using sources inside the police and legal department.”

“Why would they do that? I mean, Lucian went missing years ago and if they wanted him back, they could have launched a petition at the police department.” Amanda frowned.

“I didn’t think it this way. You are right, Amanda. Why are they so secretive about their search?” Victor scratched his chin.

Lucian sat with a neutral expression as he thought through this. He knew his uncle would come for him. Was this Uncle Dimitri?

“I don’t want you to go anywhere Lucian,” Abram said holding his hands.

“I am not planning to.” Lucian smiled and the Steller’s let a relieved sigh hearing his reply. Alexa beamed and wiggled her eyebrows at Lucian, making his heart warm. This was what I want for the rest of my life.

Dimitri paced the hotel room. They reached the capital of Vermont two days ago. They found out that Lucian lived in this city, but their source did not know where he was. The legal documents contained the family’s Tennessee address, and the family had no living relations who lived in Tennessee.

Humans had weird names and thousands of families carried the same family name, unlike the supernaturals. There were thousands of family with the last name Steller and finding Lucian among them was not an easy task.

“How much would they reproduce?” He screamed in frustration. Humans were more evolved than the supernaturals and had all modern weapons. Humans would be a lethal force to face if the supernaturals were exposed.

It took years for them to find this information and he was not sure how many more years it will take to find Lucian in this city. With Lucian being a hybrid, his sister could locate him once he gained his Elven powers.

Dimitri was not sure how things will work out for them. Lucian was the first of their kind. He wondered if what her sister informed him was true. Giselle contacted him with a help of a witch. Last time they spoke, she informed him that Lucian might have claimed someone as she could no longer feel the bond.

If what she said was true, then it would be an issue. He was sure that Antonio would accept no one except Audriana for Lucian. Again they couldn’t leave Lucian in the mortal realm for so long. He wasn’t safe here.

The exposure to danger here was higher and once he gained his full powers, it would be easier for the enemies to locate him. Antonio did not know Giselle sorted out a witch now and then. The Lycan King did not trust the witch clan.

A knock distracted him and an elite guard entered after a moment. “I got the list with all Steller names,” Miranelis said handing him a list.

Dimitri felt dizzy just by looking at the list. The list looked like a manuscript of an ancient book with a few thousand pages. Fortunately, it had all the details of the family members including their names and age.

“First, we will have to shortlist this, find a match. Lucian is seventeen now. He could have changed his name, but let’s work with this.”

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