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Chapter 17

The forest was as beautiful as ever with its rich greens and unpolluted air. Alexa inhaled filling her lungs with a chill air. It rained a lot in Hinesburg and Alexa loved it here. She could hear a distant thundering which showed an impending rain and Lucian hated being in rain.

Now in Burlington, she still made hot chocolates on rainy nights and stayed with him with the lights on. Amanda stayed with him when he was in Hinesburg.

Alexa wanted to understand his unknown fear for rainy nights, he seemed fine during the daytime though he preferred indoors rather than being in rain, unlike Alexa. She used to drag him into the rain and later on stopped when she felt his uneasiness.

The ground vibrated as Lucian’s beast emerged from the dense forest. He has gotten more muscular and looked wildly sexy. They were approaching their eighteenth birthday in three weeks and she couldn’t wait to get their own car.

Abram told her that Victor was buying a car for her and Lucian. Though Abram ruined Victor’s surprise Alexa was excited at the thought. Alexa’s eyes wandered shamelessly as the beast flexed his muscles after the run. He couldn’t run in Burlington so he used his time in Hinesburg to go wild.

Now his beast was around ten foot tall. Alexa reached only an inch above his waist when he was in his beast form. Lucian reduced his height in beast form and shifted partially. His original beast form was taller, and she didn’t witness Lucian shift to his full height after his first shift. That was scary.

She walked towards him and traced his smooth velvety fur. It was jet black matching his hair and sparkled during moonlit nights. Lucian’s claws retracted involuntarily as she got closer, his beast always seemed careful when he was around her.

The beast tilted its head as he watched his little creature trace his fur, her little paws were so soft against his fur and he liked it so much.

“I wish my I had a velvety skin like you,” the little creature sang in an angelical voice.

“You… AAAA RR… eee perrr… fecttt…,” he rumbled and as his little creature shivered in delight. His rumble never fazed her. If anything the creature was turned on and he could smell her desire for him.

Alexa looked into his striking blue eyes as she giggled. Lucian’s beast voice was thick and more animalistic. He did not speak often in his beast form and when he did, it was with a lot of difficulties. His English slurred and drawled, Alexa loved his beast voice and it always sends shivers down to her spine.

“Come sit,” she dragged him towards the log she was sitting earlier. She crawled on his lap once he was seated and snuggled into his furry chest.

“I love the way you smell and you are so fluffy,” she whispered, ruffling his fur. He just huffed and placed his chin on top of her hair.

“Lucian, I was thinking about what dad was telling us earlier,” she said. “What if there are others like you? You know Lycans… or what if that someone looking for you is your family?” She asked, and the beast listened contemplating what she said.

“Shift,” she commanded. With a rumble, the beast shed its fur and shifted to its human form.

Lucian wondered how much control Alexa had over his beast, he might be strong and arrogant but in front of Alexa, he felt like a puppy. He allowed her to do anything as she wished.

Alexa blushed at the sight of Lucian’s naked torso. She could feel the warmth radiating from his skin and enjoyed it. However, she had to speak to him about this. It was gnawing her mind from the moment her dad told about Uncle Vernon’s phone call.

“Lucian, is there something you have not told me about you? You know I never know why you don’t like rainy nights and we never talked about your life before we met,” she asked, caressing his cheeks.

Lucian pondered on telling her the truth. She deserved to know the truth about me. She would be his wife and that meant they remained truthful and shared everything. He looked into her warm brown eyes.

She accepted and loved him for what he was and she will understand when he tells her his past or the fragments of what he remembered, he sighed at the thought.

“Prince Lucian Armand Orszak,” he told her his real name. He repeated it several times a day in his mind so he would remember.

Alexa’s eyes widened at that but she kept quiet and let him talk.

“I remember little. I was with my Uncle Dimitri when we were attacked by some ugly creatures on a rainy night. He got hurt and asked me to run as far as possible. I remember nothing about my escape,” Lucian sighed looking at the forest floor.

“I rummaged through garbage bins for food and was taken by four men one night. They locked me up in a lonely cabin and I met you there. You know the rest,” he said facing her again.

“Uncle Dimitri said he would come for me no matter what, he asked me to remember my name and keep it a secret as it was not safe,” he continued.

“I understand,” she whispered, leaning against his chest. “What if Uncle Dimitri is the one looking for you?” She asked after being silent for a few minutes.

“Could be… but I don’t care as long as I have you,” Lucian answered.

Alexa traced his face with her fingers, “You will have me as long as you want me,” she said looking into his eyes.

“I will always want you Alexa, only you,” Lucian said, and that was the most beautiful moment for Alexa.

“I love you, Lucian,” Alexa whispered as she pulled him down capturing his soft lips gently.

Lucian loved everything about Alexa. She was the most caring and kind soul. I am blessed to have her in his life.

He fisted her hair pulling her close. He traced her lips with his tongue and she opened her mouth letting him in. Her taste fuelled his desire and Alexa felt something harden beneath her. She adjusted herself in his lap straddling him without breaking the kiss and traced his sculpted muscles. His kiss was claiming and a familiar ache of need spread through her spine ending between her thighs.

Her mark tingled as she felt his need, his emotions were open to her and she loved the way he desired her. All the childhood insecurities vanished the moment he confessed her love for her. He made her feel special and beautiful, his hardness made per proud. Only she could have this effect on him, no one else had this power over him.

She did not know what gave her the confidence as she reached between them cupping his hardness and stroked it earning an appreciative growl from him.

Lucian’s body shuddered as his growl vibrated throughout her body making her grind against him with need. He broke the kiss and trailed kisses along her neck, a jolt of pleasure passed through her body when his lips touched her mark licking and sucking it.

His hands reached beneath her t-shirt, teasing her skin, feeling the smooth texture. Alexa moaned when his hands found her aching buds. Lucian massaged her breasts gently, his fingers playing with her sensitive buds.

The blue streaks in Lucian eyes shined brighter as she stroked him faster, his mild growls encouraging her to go on. He ran his hands over her back tracing her curves, her scent driving his beast wild.

Unable to hold any longer, he pulled her shirt up freeing her breasts. Alexa gasped as his warm breath tickled her already hard nipples and a loud moan tore through her lips when his mouth latched onto her nipple, sucking it.

Alexa’s back arched as she threw her head back at the wild sensation, which was burning hot through her veins. He sucked harder sending strong jolts of pleasure into her belly. She tried to squeeze her thighs together as the ache for something she didn’t know increased.

Pure pleasure coursed through Lucian’s body and his beast rumbled within him, her hands soft against his sensitive skin, his hips moved against her hand as she continued to stroke him. Lucian blinked in confusion when he felt the loss of her soft hands against his manhood.

She pushed his hands off her and his lustful eyes widened when she knelt before him. Her gaze locked with his blue orbs for a short moment before lowering herself. Her tongue darted out tasting him with a tentative flick.

Alexa doubted her actions with her sexual knowledge limited to the erotica’s she used to read. She wanted to taste him, to feel him, and the need to please him was stronger.

Lucian jerked but held still as his beast panted in anticipation. He had never experienced a woman’s touch before and his head reeled with all the foreign emotions. A loud growl erupted from his chest when she took him into her hot mouth a second later.

He was a goner the moment he felt her wet lips closed around his erection. She twirled her tongue around the tip, earning a breathy moan from him. She felt his body tense, his breath quickened as his fingers curled around her hair, his hips pumping into her mouth which felt like heaven.

Alexa increased the pace sucking him harder and his hips bucked against her mouth.

“Alexa!” He let out a lust-filled growl, before pulling out of her mouth and cupping his length with his hand, stroking it once, twice and he came with a loud roar that echoed throughout the forest, spraying his seed across her breasts marking her, once again.

A satisfaction filled her as he held her close, him panting hard as he rested his forehead against hers, his beast still reeling in the aftershocks of an earth-shattering orgasm. The entire experience was intense and Lucian’s beast roared within him, he wanted more. The heady scent of her need filled his lungs and his beast ached to dive between her thighs, tasting it.

It was getting darker, and they had to leave before someone came looking for them. He cleaned her using his discarded shirt and pulled up his pants without taking his eyes off her as she dressed, her face flushed. PicKing up the dirty shirt in one hand he offered another for her to take.

Alexa took his extended hand as they headed home in a comfortable silence. She still couldn’t believe she did that, her cheeks heated at the mere thought. Alexa could feel his gaze on her and she kept her eyes trained on the ground.

She tried to leave his hand and move ahead when the house came into view. However, Lucian pulled her closer by her hips and held her from behind as his hot breath fanned her neck.

“Leave that door open for me Alexa…” he whispered, “I have a debt to repay,” he whispered in a husky tone, tracing her smooth skin under the shirt she wore.

Alexa’s body trembled at his promise and she gasped. Lucian left her with a smirk and her legs felt weak in anticipation as she watched him go inside their home.

When they reached the home Amanda wore a formal dress and Victor had his party suit on.

“Another party,” Lucian raised his eyebrows at them, the beast within him perking up at the news. I can have her all to myself, he smiled.

“You bet,” Amanda replied rolling her eyes as Victor chuckled.

“Well, these girls Delilah and Delaney got admitted into your University today and we received an invitation to a party this evening,” Amanda explained.

“What? No, why in the world they would come to Burlington of all places?” Alexa exclaimed throwing her hands in the air.

“Don’t worry, we are their seniors there and I am with you. We will manage,” Lucian said and Alexa nodded still not satisfied. She did not even want to see their sorry faces.

Alexa smiled at the sight of Abram who wore a decent button down shirt with jeans. “Is Nate coming too?” She asked her parents.

“Yes,” Victor replied with a look that said. ‘I don’t know what they are up to this time.’

During Delilah’s last birthday party Abram and Nate pulled out the worst trick. The entire partygoers witnessed Delilah making out with her soccer player boyfriend semi-naked. Not only that Delaney tripped and fell into the five-foot birthday cake ruining her dress.

Mikayla’s hair almost burned and as for Scarlett, the boys taught her the best lesson for embarrassing Alexa several times. They sneaked into the pool where she was kissing her boyfriend and sprayed urine around her, the pool turned blue making it look like she pissed in it and Alexa laughed harder for hours at that.

The cake seemed to grow every year.

Alexa doubted if they made the cake matching Delilah’s height this year. Delilah liked to brag and uploaded her party photos on Instagram. Some partygoers had clicked the girls’ embarrassing moments and posted them on social media. Alexa and Lucian had a good time laughing at their photos.

“Good luck Abram, come with good news for me,” she whispered in her brother’s ears and he nodded with a mischievous grin.

The boys were so brilliant they never once got caught for what they did in the party, even in their school the principal had to let them go as there was no evidence to prove their claims against them. Though Amanda knew well about the boys, bothered a little. To her, the evil girls deserved what they did. Amanda knew how much Alexa suffered because of them.

“Alexa dinner is at the table. Don’t forget to eat. Lock the doors and stay safe,” Amanda said as she hurried out with Victor and Abram.

Alexa nodded and locked the door when she turned Lucian stood there with a smirk that held dark promises making her body shivered.

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