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Chapter 18

Giselle sat on a velvet couch with a set of ancient scrolls in hand. They had retrieved it from the ruins of Qluyln Hills along the valley of Rivendell. The symbols in the scroll were ancient and no one alive spoke or used that symbols anymore. Giselle spent hours on deciphering it for years now.

She had learned many ancient languages, scriptures, and scrolls during her younger days and she tried her best to figure it out. The scroll was important because it was from the Qluyln hills. The place was the last Qistina was killed.

According to the ancient mythology, a Qistina was born once in every thousand years.

The supernaturals always fought for power. Only a Qistina was powerful enough to bring justice and restore peace to the supernatural race.

A dark green smoke surrounded her and a dark witch stood there in all her glory. Giselle’s eyes widened in shock.

“Mirunalini… What are you doing here?” Giselle whisper yelled at the witch and her best friend from childhood.

The witch smiled showing her pearly white teeth. “I thought you’d be glad to see me,” she pouted.

Antonio did not like witches and Giselle had to keep her friendship with Mirunalini a secret.

When Dimitri had to go to the human realm, Antonio assumed that he went helped by his own Elven magic and she did not correct him, where Mirunalini sent him to the human realm.

Only a witch can send or bring anyone past the barrier that separated the supernatural realm from the human realm. It has been this way for thousands of years.

“You know what I meant,” Giselle rolled her eyes at her.

“I need you to come with me now,” her voice was urgent.

“I can’t. Antonio is in the castle and he will look for me,” Giselle whispered back.

“You don’t understand, I have found something of utmost importance.” Mirunalini stress again and Giselle caved in.

“All right, but you are bringing me back as soon as possible,” Giselle stated as she clutched her friend’s hands. She hated teleportation, it always left her with a sour taste in her mouth and she will be lucky if she doesn’t puke.

Giselle held her head as a wave of nausea hit her. “I hate it when you teleport me; next time I am walking,” she wheezed.

“I found your son Giselle,” Mirunalini rolled her eyes leading her to a cauldron which had dark streams swirling around it.

Giselle gasped when she saw Lucian in his beast form, “He is huge... Even bigger than his father,” she whispered.

“That he is,” Mirunalini agreed. “See this,” she said, and they watched as the beast ran through the forest. He broke into a clearing and there sat a beautiful girl with big brown eyes and brown hair.

“What’s going on?” Giselle tensed. The beast is near the girl. Not good… no, no, no, no. Her heartbeat quickened as she thought about the consequences.

The girl walked towards him and traced his smooth velvety fur. Giselle’s eyes widened as Lucian’s claws retracted as the girl got closer.

The beast tilted his head but said nothing. “I wish my I had a velvety skin like you,” the girl said in a beautiful voice.

“You… AAAA RR… eee perrr… fecttt…,” Lucian’s beast rumbled, and the girl shivered.

“She touched him,” Giselle whispered with an unbelievable expression.

How? Antonio never allowed her near in his beast form.

“Come sit,” the girl dragged him towards the log she was sitting earlier. She crawled on his lap once he was seated and snuggled into his furry chest.

“I love the way you smell and you are so fluffy,” she said ruffling his fur. Lucian just huffed and placed his chin on top of her hair.

“Lucian, I was thinking about what dad was telling us earlier,” the girl said.

“What if there are others like you? You know Lycans. Or what if that someone looking for you is your family?” She asked, and the beast listened contemplating what she said.

“Shift,” the girl commanded. With a rumble, the beast shed its fur and shifted to its human form.

Giselle was surprised and shocked to the core as she witnessed the scene before her.

“Impossible,” she whispered.

“Mirunalini…. is Lucian’s beast weak? He looked huge, and I thought he would be stronger, but he let the girl touch him and he shifted at her command. That never happens, is he that weak?” Giselle yelled as angry tears rolled down her cheeks.

“How is this possible? Antonio will never accept him as his heir if he is weak.” Giselle’s knees gave up as she sat on the hard floor of the cave they were in.

Nusyhz Mountain was near the Lycan Kingdom and Mirunalini lived in one of the deepest parts of the several caves it had. The cave was guarded with magic, so no one can find it out.

“Lucian is the strongest Lycan history has ever known Giselle. Most of all he has Elven blood in his body,” Mirunalini comforted her.

“But you saw what I saw, he allowed her to touch his beast, and he shifted her command. A Lycan never does that,” Giselle started again.

“The Lycans here are bred and trained to kill Giselle. They do not know the actual meaning of love. All they know is war, blood, and power,” Mirunalini stated.

“Listen, Antonio was born in the middle of a war and he was trained to be a killer from that moment. His beast knows only to kill and protect,” she said sitting down with Giselle.

“Lucian was brought up in a lovely family who showed him only love and kindness. His beast was tamed and lived among them for years before he shifted. I watched him with that family earlier Giselle and I am sure he would have never had that kind of love here,” Mirunalini declared and Giselle nodded.

“How did you find him, anyway? You were trying for years,” Giselle said looking at the cauldron and averted her gaze when the pair kissed.

“I was not looking for your son this time Giselle. I was looking for this,” she pointed the scrolls Giselle still had in her hands.

“This?” Giselle asked looking at the scrolls.

“According to the ancient myths, a Qistina can be killed only by someone her soul accepts. Thousand years ago someone found this, and he made her fall in love with him. The history states he cut her heart out while he made love to her for the first time,” Mirunalini explained.

“That was cruel,” Giselle stated with wide eyes. She did not know these details before.

“Yes, it is.” Mirunalini nodded and her jet black curly hair bobbed following her movement.

“I checked the other set of scrolls we found in that ruins and deciphered which resembles to be a year. If I am not wrong, a Qistina has already born and if my calculations are correct, she will gain her preliminary powers soon,” Mirunalini declared.

“And…” Giselle asked risking a sideways glance at the cauldron. The pair was decent and was heading back to the house.

“I was crying for her when I stumbled upon your son and this girl here,” Mirunalini said with a wide grin.

“Do you mean to say this girl is a new Qistina?” Giselle asked confused.

“I believe she is… her powers were roused yesterday. Look at that crystal,” she said pointing a white crystal which perched on the small wooden stand.

“I inherited it from my great grandmother. She used to be a witch at the time of last Qistina. She had written in her secret book that the crystal will lighten up when the next Qistina’s powers are roused.” Mirunalini said and Giselle felt dizzy with all the information.

“It’s just arousing Giselle. Her power has no boundaries and when it awakens, there will be a war,” she said as she walked back to the cauldron.

The pair talked to their family. Giselle noticed their kind faces and knew what Mirunalini said earlier was true. They were lovely.

“Lucian already has the girl’s heart, and it means her powers are all his,” Mirunalini whispered.

“Did the guy who killed the last Qistina get all her powers?” Giselle asked.

If he did, then he would be the worst all enemy.

“Unfortunately, her heart burned him alive for his betrayal. A Qistina’s heart can be won with love and to consume her powers one should consummate with her and mate her for life, but that bastard killed her before he finished the deed,” Mirunalini stated, her dark eyes twinkling with a wicked glint.

“And I think your son is going to just do that,” she smirked looking at the cauldron was Lucian was chasing the girl.

“Come here,” Lucian whispered. His black hair was disheveled, and he did not wear a shirt when they reached home, which left him shirtless with his killer torso full of view.

“No.” Alexa shook her head. A playful grin graced her lips as she turned around and ran away from him.

Lucian loved the chase, and the beast revelled in the thrill it provided. He let her get a head start as he chased her around the living room. Her musical giggled echoed through the hallway as she made her way past him to the bedroom.

“The first one to reach the bedroom is the winner,” she hollered over her shoulders as she ran.

Alexa was about to step into the bedroom when Lucian tackled her into the carpeted floor. Lucian turned them in the last moment cushioning her fall, so she landed on his hard chest facing the ceiling.

She panted and the adrenaline rush seemed to have left her as she analyzed the situation. Alexa could feel his hardness beneath her and his warmed seeped through her pores making her ache for something more.

Lucian turned them again, so he was on top, he pinned both of her hands above her head as his hands reached beneath her shirt tracing her bare skin. His hips pressed against her hip and his erection was hard not to miss.

“Do you know how much I love you, Alexa?” Lucian whispered as he nipped her earlobes from behind. Alexa could only moan in reply and it was hard to concentrate with him so close.

“I love you so much that my heart feels it will explode every time I am near you,” he said trailing wet kisses along her neck.

“Lucian,” Alexa moaned. It sounded more like an invitation and Lucian’s beast growled.

His hands reached down and unbuttoned her shorts, her breath quivered in anticipation. “You are so beautiful, Alexa,” he whispered again tracing the hem of her panties making her whimper. His long fingers slid in tracing her wet channel, Alexa moans grew louder as his thumb circled the most sensitive part of her body. “So perfect and wet Alexa…,” he commented nipping her mark.

“Oh God… Lucian.” Alexa never thought this experience would be so overwhelming. Her entire body squirmed with need. Her brain felt fuzzy with all the pleasure and she only wanted more.

Lucian could feel her need, his need to claim her increasing by every passing moment. He allowed her to turn around and as she did, he took her lips in a passionate kiss that ignited her body with a wildfire. Alexa could feel the tension building up in her body as her hips shook. She moaned and writhed as his fingers played with her core.

“Do you like it, Alexa? Now come for me…” Lucian whispered again and Alexa exploded screaming his name as he watched her with a hungry expression.

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