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Chapter 19

Alexa protested when his skillful fingers left her core. Lucian’s beast surfaced as the scent of her arousal filled teased his nostrils. He didn’t waste time as he picked up her and carried her to the bed.

Lucian caught her soft lips in a passionate kiss as his tongue delved deeper, tasting, claiming as his hands fisted with her shirt, tearing it and he stared at her bra covered mounts which always drove him crazy with want.

Tearing the bra without another thought he caught one of her strawberry colored peaks in his mouth sucking it. Alexa arched her back as she pulled him closer. Lucian kneaded her breasts while she moaned and writhed under him.

A fire raged through her veins with desire as she begged for more. As if reading her thoughts, he lowered his head, trailing wet kisses across her abdomen. She raised her hips allowing him to remove her shorts as his hands struggled to pull it down, leaving her naked under his feasting eyes.

For the first time, she did not feel embarrassed by her body. She felt powerful. The man above her loved her and made her feel beautiful inside out.

“You are perfect Alexa,” Lucian whispered as his eyes wandered over her naked skin with greed.

Alexa shivered when his breath fanned at her private area. His hands moved down cupping and squeezing her firm behind, pulling her close to his mouth as his tongue darted out tasting her desire.

Lucian was lost at her sweet taste that exploded his taste buds. She tasted like honey melon and his beast purred wanting more. He licked back and forth, exploring her wet folds, applying the right pressure on her clit.

Her breath hitched, and she moaned at the overwhelming pleasure that coursed through her body. He ruthlessly assaulted her with his tongue and she was lost. Tension built in her belly quivered. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she let go with a scream as violent tremors raked her body.

Lucian kissed her as she came down from her euphoria before positioning his hips between her legs. He was about to enter her when he felt it, her panic.

“Alexa,” he stopped as he watched her in confusion. “It’s okay, we don’t have to do it if you are not ready,” he whispered pulling her close to his chest. He adjusted his jeans and covered her body with a blanket as she continued to hyperventilate.

“Alexa, what is it?” Lucian tensed, a wave of discomfort washed over him as a faint ache started in his heart.

“Lucian,” Alexa coughed with difficulty. “Something’s wrong with me, something’s happening,” her voice laced with panic as she struggled to breathe.

“Breath Alexa, I am here for you.” Lucian cupped her cheeks. “Inhale!” Lucian commanded.

“I can’t,” Alexa wheezed as her face turned red due to lack of air and her cheeks were wet with tears.

“Shit, I am calling 911.” Lucian got up from the bed and before he could step further, an unseen force threw Alexa across the carpeted floor.

“Alexa!” Lucian tried to run to her only to be stopped by an invisible barrier. He banged on the wall as the beast clawed at him to break free.

Alexa was suspended in the air like a rag doll and a sharp pain shot through his body, it was not his pain again. He watched in horror as Alexa shrieked and her body lit up with a bright glow that blinded him. He felt her pain and agony. “Alexa!” he tried to reach her again. The bright light licked his skin, and he felt it burn.

He screamed not understanding what was going on. The light hurt him. Her pain grew intense. The bond they shared channeled her pain to him as they both writhed. He has shifted into his beast form as if on auto-pilot mode as his body elevated from the floor, he crashed across the ceiling and stayed there as the light continued to burn him.

His senses numbed and everything he could see was a white light. His beast howled in agony. After what felt like hours his beast crashed onto the floor with so much force he felt as if his bones would have broken at the impact.

Lucian’s beast panted as he watched Alexa’s limp body floated gracefully above him. He shifted to his human form and reached for her. Her skin was still hot, and she sweated profusely. Pulling her down he hugged her closer and sighed in relief when he felt her heartbeat.

“Alexa,” he patted her cheeks gently. Lucian lay her on the bed when she did not stir, both were naked. I must dress her and change before the Steller’s got home.

They didn’t understand what just happened but whatever it was, it was agonizing. His skin felt raw with the burn though he saw no visible burns. Covering Alexa with a blanket he rushed to his room changing into a pair of khaki pants and a loose fitting t-shirt.

Lucian dressed her up and cleaned the room when the Steller’s arrived. Alexa’s skin was still hot as if she was having a fever. He informed her parents what happened, excluding their romantic encounter. The family rushed towards her and Amanda brought cold rags wiping Alexa’s body with it.

“Place her in cold water…” Someone whispered.

“What?” He asked, looking around. The voice did not belong to anyone he knew. The Steller’s looked at him with a confused expression. “Did you hear that?” Lucian asked, and they shook their heads ‘no’.

“Place her in cold water…” The voice whispered again and Lucian knew it was not his imagination.

“It’s that voice again. It wants me to place her in cold water,” Lucian explained and after thinking for a moment he hoisted Alexa in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. Placing her in the tub, he opened the water and climbed in with her cradling her head. The water felt soothing against his skin and he felt the burn subside until it was a dull ache.

“She is special Lucian. Guard her with your life,” the voice said again.

“Who are you?” Lucian asked looking around him. The Steller’s who were inside the bathroom with them shrugged in response.

“You will find me in time Lucian,” the voice said, and he felt an unknown presence leaving the room.

Lucian though confused focused on Alexa. He couldn’t shake the odd feeling that crept into his heart. That voice sounded familiar. I’d heard it before. Where?

Giselle turned around as the pair got intimate. Her face turned red with embarrassment. “Mirunalini turn around. Don’t you have manners? That is my son and his mate you are watching,” Giselle exclaimed.

“Come on. I was looking at her mark, it is silver unlike yours.” Mirunalini said in a playful tone.

“Whatever it is… Move away from the cauldron this moment or I will destroy it,” Giselle threatened and flexed her fingers.

“All right… I am moving,” Mirunalini moved away with a huff.

“Promise me not to watch them when I am not around,” Giselle extended her hand while Mirunalini just stared at it.

“Choose—cauldron or promise.” Giselle narrowed her eyes at her friend and she promised to release a defeated sigh.

They had moved far from the cauldron and kept talking about anything and everything to keep them distracted by the noises came from the cauldron. A sudden scream caught their attention, and they froze at what they saw.

The girl was suspended in the air and a white light surrounded her and Lucian. It blinded them both and they could see nothing for a few minutes. When the light dimmed, they watched Lucian trying to wake the girl.

“Oh, God… It’s her powers. She received her preliminary powers. Only two more to go until she awakens her entire power,” Mirunalini whispered. “I realized something.” Her voice drawled. “It was her, she was hiding Lucian from us all this time.”

“What?” Giselle asked in confusion.

“Her subconscious mind had somehow hidden his existence from all the supernaturals. That’s why Dimitri or no one could find him all these years. When they reach near him, they get diverted somewhere else.” Mirunalini continued with same enthusiasm which only confused Giselle.

“Giselle, I have only learned about this in ancient texts. A Qistina is capable of protecting her own, I found Lucian while looking for her or she must have let her guard down with all that was going on. I wouldn’t have found him otherwise.” She explained and Giselle shook her head understandingly.

“I have to go back,” Giselle gasped in shock. “It’s too late and Antonio would have already looked for me,” she hyperventilated.

“Don’t worry. I will drop you before he sends a search party.” Mirunalini caught her hands and before Giselle could reply she was in the castle library panting like a dog.

The library door opened with a bang and Antonio marched in. Anger radiated from his beast. “Where were you?” His voice boomed and Giselle jumped with fright.

“I was meeting an old friend,” she answered. Elves could never lie, no matter how much they tried. Some twisted the truth, but being a high elf it was impossible for her and for them lying was a capital offense.

“I don’t recognize her scent.” His voice boomed, still laced with anger.

“That’s because you haven’t met her yet. She is my childhood friend, and we met after a long time,” she replied.

“Next time, do not leave the castle without telling me,” he warned and left the library without another word and Giselle sagged down with a sigh of relief.

Antonio couldn’t be reasoned with and he will kill Mirunalini before I could even explain. Giselle did not know how long she can protect her friend. It was not treason as her father had offered sanctuary to Mirunalini and her family for a long time. However, with her now being a Queen of Lycans they could hold this against her.

I must be more careful next time.

Lucian and Alexa did not speak about what happened earlier. They left for college as usual and Lucian did not touch her again as he feared another episode of earlier events. They were confused. Everything was perfect until she panicked and then the pain that followed was horrifying. He didn’t want her to go over that ever again.

At the moment they sat in the living room watching supernatural series. It has become their routine to search for any details about supernaturals and watch anything related to it.

“Lucian, I don’t think it was because of what we did,” Alexa spoke. He kept quiet as he didn’t know how to respond to that. “Lucian, please don’t avoid me. I can’t stand it.” Her voice broke and Lucian couldn’t stand it anymore.

He pulled her onto his lap and held her close. “I love you so much Alexa and I am not avoiding you. I don’t want to see you in pain.” His sincere tone laced with pain.

“It hurts so much to see you like that,” he whispered kissing her temples.

“I was fine until—Look, Lucian, know that I want you as much as you want me,” Alexa whispered and kissed him which he returned with a passion he felt only for her.

“We will wait until you recover. I will always want you, Alexa. My heart beats only for you, my love,” Lucian whispered and Alexa’s heart melted at his words. She hugged him and held on to him as her life depended on it.

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