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Chapter 20

“My hair is long. I mean it’s like it has grown almost seven inches overnight,” Alexa frowned checking her hair in the mirror.

“I like it long. It looks wavier now,” Lucian mused from the bed.

“Huh... you never said you didn’t like a thing about me. Whatever I say you always like it,” Alexa grumbled as she ambled towards him.

“Not true. I have told you I don’t like it when you cry,” Lucian argued and Alexa rolled her eyes pulling the laptop from him.

“My turn, you are at it for almost two hours now,” Alexa said and looked at him in amusement when she noticed the pages which were open.

“How to braid long hair? Seriously?!!” She exclaimed looking at the laptop and him.

Lucian shrugged, “I like it when girls braid their hair. You always seem to pull it into a ponytail,” he replied.

“So you have learned how to do it for me?” Alexa asked in amusement. She liked this side of Lucian.

“Kind of, maybe if you’d let me try a few times, I could perfect it,” Lucian replied as he got to work on her hair.

Alexa sighed in content when his fingers massaged her scalp gently before combing her hair. Sitting between his stretched legs, she sat the laptop on her lap and browsed.

“What are you looking at?” Lucian asked after a moment.

“I am searching about Orszak’s. You said your name is Prince Lucian Armand Orszak, which sounds royal and if you are a Royal, there should be something in here,” Alexa answered.

“Good luck with that,” Lucian said as he continued to braid her hair.

One hour and twenty failed attempts later, Lucian felt proud with the fishtail braid he had made.

“There is nothing on the internet,” Alexa sagged in his chest.

Lucian chuckled, “I know there isn’t.”

“Wait, do you mean to tell me you have done this before?” Alexa turned to face him and narrowed her eyes.

“I do have a brain you know,” Lucian shrugged.

“I hate you,” she hissed and got out of the bed only to be pulled back by a now angry Lucian.

He pinned both her hands above her head and straddled her hips. “Never say even if it was for fun,” he whispered seductively before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss, making her moan.

“Tell me how much you love me, Alexa,” Lucian whispered as his hands reached down inside her shorts.

“Lucian,” Alexa trembled.

“Tell me, Alexa,” he taunted her. His hands just tracing the outline of her panties never going in.

“I love you, Lucian,” Alexa whimpered.

“How much?” Lucian teased.

“I love you so much, Lucian. I don’t know how much but I know that I cannot live without you for a second,” Alexa whispered looking deep into his eyes. Lucian smiled in satisfaction as he kissed her again gently and his fingers dove deep and reached where she wanted those most.

Giselle sat in the library, searching for anything which provided more information about Qistina. Lucian will turn eighteen in two days’ time and she did not think she can reason with Antonio why Dimitri could not find him. She will be fine if Antonio did not ask her anything. If he asked she will have no other option but to reveal what she had found.

However, all the Elves were connected in a way and one could feel if the other was hurt or close. Being a mother she had a bond with Lucian which will allow her to locate him when he gained his Elven powers. With a Qistina around she doubted if it will ever be possible for her. She had lost the connection between them from the Lycan half.

The door was knocked and entered Lucian’s would be beta Nikolas Amari Sperazzo—the second born of Antonio’s beta. Giselle did not like Nikolas for he is the most arrogant boy she had ever met in her Kingdom. If she was not the Queen there, the boy would have never respected her.

“What is it, Nikolas?” Giselle asked her tone harsher than she intended to.

“King Antonio requested your presence,” Nikolas replied looking around. It was disrespect and Giselle let it slide for the moment as her mind was in turmoil.

“Go ahead, I will meet him.” She dismissed the boy and sighed placing the huge textbook on the table.

What does Antonio want to speak now? Giselle mused. She made it a routine to stay away from Antonio after her last meeting with Mirunalini.

She did not want to slip the truth and put both Mirunalini and Lucian’s girlfriend in danger. Composing herself she went to meet Antonio sitting in his throne room. “Good day, my love,” she greeted him with a kiss on his cheek and a polite smile.

“We have a word from Dimitri,” Antonio said and Giselle hummed as she sat down next to him. Raymond and Nikolas were present at the room and Giselle did not feel comfortable with them being there.

“He couldn’t find our son’s location. He has a list which has around thousand Lucians in the list. So far, everyone he met was human, and it was taking longer than we thought.” Antonio informed.

“Apologies for the interruption, Alpha. With Prince Lucian’s birthday in two days’ time our Queen should be able to locate him,” Raymond intervened and Giselle cursed. She smiled at Raymond and nodded.

“Yes, my love. Raymond speaks the truth. I should be able to find him on the day of his birthday,” Giselle replied. She should be happy but she didn’t want them to find Lucian now. She must speak to Dimitri. “My love, if you could excuse me I would like to meet my childhood friend,” Giselle told her mate.

“Giselle, I don’t know what you are up to. You spend way too much time in that library and now you want to meet your friend again,” Antonio complained.

“I am just worried about our son my love,” Giselle replied not meeting his gaze. It was the truth; her eyes brimmed with unshed tears.

“I am sorry Giselle. I understand how much this has put you through. Do what you must,” Antonio squeezed her shoulders and Giselle nodded.

Giselle felt overwhelmed by his understanding. Antonio behaved softer these days, Giselle remembered what Mirunalini said. “They were bred to fight and kill.”

Giselle reached and placed a gentle kiss on Antonio’s lips, which he returned with a passion that matched hers. “I love you, Antonio,” she whispered breaking the kiss. His desire enveloped her. “Just know whatever I am doing, know it is for Lucian,” Giselle whispered before leaving the throne room.

Alexa noticed Delilah and Delaney wandering in the corridor of their university. Mikayla and Scarlett went to a different university breaking the evil gang. She pulled Lucian and pointed towards them with a mischievous smile. They did not notice Alexa yet, the corridor was full of students hurrying to their next classes.

Alexa stretched her leg when they reached near her. Delilah tripped on her foot landing face first kissing the tiles. A Few laughed out loud while others tried to smother their laugh by covering their mouth. Delaney helped her up and dusted the mini dress she wore. Delilah’s face turned red with embarrassment as Alexa giggled. Her embarrassment turned into horror when she met Alexa’s eyes.

“Oops... I didn’t know you were kissed deprived enough to kiss the floor Delilah,” Alexa snickered.

“You!” Delilah sneered while Alexa leaned on Lucian and just raised her eyebrow. Lucian was amused at Alexa’s behavior and tried hard not to laugh.

The bell rang before Delilah could say anything and Lucian dragged Alexa to the classroom.

“This is just the beginning,” Alexa whispered to Delilah while glaring daggers at her who stomped towards her next class with Delaney. She couldn’t help doing what she did. The girls had put her through that much in school and though she despised the thought of Delilah joining their university to get even, she made it memorable.

“Payback time bitch,” Alexa whispered to herself. Lucian’s snort told her he heard her well.

Casting a spell to hide her scent, Giselle rushed to the secluded area of the castle. She knew Nikolas was following her, and she hid until he walked past her. How dare he follow me? Making sure no one was watching she pressed few bricks in a pattern only she knew. The wall creaked open revealing a tunnel.

Giselle walked inside and hurried towards Mirunalini’s cave. “Did you find anything?” Giselle asked her friend, looking deep into the cauldron.

“Oww...” Mirunalini jumped startled and fell backward hitting her butt. “You should stop doing that,” the witch exclaimed rubbing her ass.

Giselle laughed at her friend’s expression as she sat down on the mat.

“You said it is dangerous to speak and now you are here with no notice,” Mirunalini said going back to her cauldron.

“I told Antonio that I was going to meet my childhood friend and he said okay. But that boy Nikolas is snooping around and I don’t like that,” Giselle complained.

The green liquid inside the cauldron bubbled making a boiling sound. There were no dark steams. “I can’t find them again. That day was by luck and her guards were down,” Mirunalini sighed.

“Lucian turns eighteen in two days and Antonio expects me to find his location by then. With that girl around I don’t think I will find his location that easily,” Giselle told her friend.

The witch cackled. “Easy... Girl you will get no were near Lucian when she is around and I am telling you, you don’t stand a chance to find Lucian as long as she is with him. You need to find other ways to reach them,” Mirunalini responded.

Giselle nodded with a sigh and lay down staring at the ceiling. How will Antonio react when he discovers that Lucian is protected by the most powerful magical being in this world? Giselle mused.

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