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Chapter 21

Lucian kicked the punching bag one last time before moving on to the wooden dummy, practicing the latest moves taught by his Kung Fu master. Alexa had her nose buried in Cynthia Eden’s Night watch series.

“How long are you going to read that?” Lucian asked between the hitting and kicking, his breath heaved with the movement.

“Quiet, Lucian! This has so many interesting shifters. This story is about a Tiger shifter and there are werewolves, vampires, witches and what not’s,” Alexa mumbled without taking her gaze off the book.

Alexa has become engrossed in all shifter and witch stuff these days. Any book with a hint of supernatural stuff and she bought it. Coming here to Burlington provided her a good opportunity to hunt down the books and read to her heart’s content.

Lucian snorted in reply as he continued to practice on the wooden dummy. Once he turned seventeen and moved to Burlington for his studies Victor made him take martial arts classes.

Though Victor knew Lucian could protect himself and Alexa, he wanted him to perfect his skills. “A bit of training won’t hurt son,” was all Victor said when he introduced him to his Kung Fu master Mr. Wong.

Lucian took Kung Fu, kickboxing, and Swordfight. With Lucian being stronger than the humans he struggled to control his abilities at first, but he learned later on. The training though seemed pointless at first, seemed to have improved his focus and his senses were more tuned now.

Alexa opted out for yoga and meditation. She accompanied him to his sword fighting classes and now started practiced it with him. Lucian was covered in a sheen of sweat after the training. The training kept the hunting urges of the beast in check and he had better control over his beast, he thanked Victor for doing something like this.

“I am going to shower,” Lucian informed Alexa, who just nodded without taking her eyes off the book.

Tomorrow will be his eighteenth birthday and Lucian wondered what future has in its pocket for him tomorrow. He has been feeling changes in his body for past few days and he kept it from Alexa, not wanting her to get worried.

Last night he felt thirsty and went to the refrigerator to fetch water. His nose twitched when he smelt a rotten apple. They should be careful not to waste food. Lucian thought as he picked the spoiled apple to dump it in the trash can.

“I am sorry. There are many people who spend days without food and I am throwing you away,” Lucian whispered remembering the days he spent rummaging through garbage bins for half-eaten sandwiches. To his surprise, a faint green glow lit his hand as the fruit revived itself and looked as if it was freshly collected from the tree. Lucian gasped placing the apple on the kitchen counter and examined his hand.

The glow was gone leaving him to wonder what just happened. He revived a dead apple, and he didn’t understand how that was even possible. Getting out of the shower he dressed and jogged to the kitchen. It was his turn to prepare dinner today, and he wanted to surprise Alexa with something.

Probably a candlelight dinner, Lucian thought gleefully. Alexa won’t even notice with her being so engrossed in her book. Last week when he came home late from his training, she had surprised him with a homemade meat pizza and chocolate mousse. He didn’t even know she knew to make that.

She had decorated the table with a bouquet of fresh roses and wore a plum colored short dress which showed a decent amount of cleavage. His member hardened when he thought about the hot make-out session they had after the dinner.

The corner of his lips curled upwards into a smile as he set out to make her favorite dish, stuffed chicken with veggies and chipotle chicken fajitas. For dessert he settled on some ice cream they stored in the refrigerator.

When the delicious smell of chicken drifted through her nostrils, Alexa’s stomach rumbled with hunger. Lucian’s cooking was one to die for and her mouth watered as she inhaled.

Sneaky,” she whispered to herself chewing her lower lip in deep thought. You want to surprise me, Lucian? You are in for a big surprise yourself then, Alexa thought cheekily and tiptoed to her room. Her horny brain kept supplying all things she could do to Lucian that night as she jumped into the shower.

That was the fastest shower I’ve ever had. Pulling out the Victoria secret lingerie she let out an evil smile.

Oh Lucian, do you know how hard it is to not drool when you look all sweaty with that killer abs while you are training,” she whispered as she put on the red laced thongs and bra.

She settled down for a red short mini dress which hugged her body like a second skin and showed her bum if she bends down. Perfect. She got this piece to tease Lucian and today was the best opportunity for that. Putting on a light makeup and a cherry red lipstick she sends a flying kiss towards the mirror and wiggled her hips.

Darling Lucian here I come,” Alexa whispered and giggled before darting towards the kitchen. She didn’t bother with wearing a shoe, what was the point in wearing high heels when you can’t walk two feet without falling down. Alexa didn’t want to spoil this evening.

Lucian was almost done with the setup and was lighting the candles when the enticing scent of Alexa teased his nostrils. Looking up his eyes darkened at her attire as the beast growled. The hunger he felt for food was long gone and he hungered for her. She looked delectable in that mini dress and his eyes zeroed in on her bust, which showed a lot of cleavages than usual.

“Wow, Lucian… the food looks delicious,” Alexa clapped and rubbed her hands together looking at the delicacies in front of her.

Her voice sent electric jolts of pleasure to his member. Lucian straightened and pulled the chair out for her to sit on. Alexa enjoyed the food and the sexual tension was thick in the air. Lucian didn’t take his eyes once away from her and she enjoyed teasing him now and then wondering how long he can hold up.

The familiar green smoke filled Giselle’s bedroom and she tensed. Oh, God! Antonio is in the bathroom and will be here anytime now.

“What are you doing here? Do you realize what you have done?” She whispered to her friend and the bathroom door opened revealing a shirtless Antonio. His nose twitched, and he snarled when his eyes found the source.

“Antonio this is my childhood friend Mirunalini,” Giselle intervened standing between him and her friend as he prepared to pounce.

A loud roar escaped his throat shaking the castle walls, and the warriors raced inside the room within seconds including his beta and his son Nikolas. This is bad. Giselle’s eyes widened as Mirunalini held her closer.

“Traitor,” Antonio snarled, trying to swipe at Mirunalini.

Giselle pulled her friend just in time dodging the attack. “She is not a traitor,” her voice boomed as her eyes turned white. “She is my friend, and she has information about our son,” Giselle held her head high as she spoke.

The Lycans around growled but stood their ground as Antonio contemplated what she said. “Continue,” Antonio’s voice was animalistic as his eyes blazed with his beast’s bright amber.

“We calculated wrong Giselle, Lucian will turn eighteen today. This year is the leap year. His birth stars are in perfect coordination tonight which means he will gain his Elven power tonight,” Mirunalini blurted out.

Mirunalini did not expect she would get caught and the entire situation scared her to death. She was a witch could protect herself if needed. However, she had a weakness. She was the runt of her coven, the slowest. Giselle gave her a puzzled look.

“That’s not all. Something has changed, Giselle. I don’t know what but the Chrystal ball keeps on shimmering. I am afraid tonight will be the second wave,” Mirunalini whispered the last sentence only for Giselle to hear.

Giselle gasped. “That’s not good,” Giselle plopped down on the bed as she thought about the situation in hand.

“What are you two talking about?” Antonio growled again, his anger has lessened at the mention of Lucian but he did not take his eyes of the witch.

“Lucian will be gaining his Elven power tonight my love, which means we can find him sooner than we thought,” Giselle explained.

“Mirunalini, I want to speak to Dimitri,” Giselle said after a while. “He should be ready when the moment comes.”

“We will have to head towards my cave for that,” Mirunalini replied casting a sideways glance at Antonio.

“Like hell, you are taking her,” Antonio roared again as his claws extended. Mirunalini screeched as she jumped on the bed and hid behind Giselle.

“My love, calm down. Mirunalini is my childhood friend and my father have offered asylum to her and her family for centuries. You cannot go on killing her for just being a witch,” Giselle tried to reason with him.

Antonio’s attention turned towards Giselle and he growled low in his throat not liking what she said.

“She is our only hope in finding Lucian now,” Giselle stressed.

“And why is that?” Antonio questioned and Giselle blinked unable to hide the truth anymore. She glared at Mirunalini as she gritted her teeth.

“We believe he is being protected by an unknown magic which hides his existence from the eyes of the supernaturals,” Giselle answered.

“What nonsense are you two talking about?” Antonio snarled stepping forward.

Giselle backed up with Mirunalini and averted her gaze showing her neck in submission to his beast. “It’s true, my love. That’s the reason Dimitri could not find Lucian all these years. Whoever is doing this, is a lot more powerful than we thought,” she concluded not wanting to reveal any further.

“What are you suggesting?” Antonio asked in a calm tone, which Giselle knew only a facade. Inside he was raging and she could feel the waves of anger rolling from him.

“We need to inform Dimitri. Elves are connected to each other in a way and at certain circumstances they act as a beacon if they get stranded or in danger, giving their location to another elf close by,” Giselle explained. “Lucian might be protected by magic, but when he gains the power he will act as a beacon showing us his location even if it lasts only for mere seconds. That’s what we are looking for,” she added and Antonio nodded his head.

Giselle’s explanation sounded reasonable, and he wondered who might strong enough to hide his son’s presence from them. Whoever it was, they must find their son soon. “I am coming with you,” Antonio stepped forward taking Giselle’s hand.

“Your Highness, but–” Raymond started and Antonio silenced him by raising his hand.

“I trust my mate Raymond and I am not taking any risks where my son is concerned,” Antonio replied before disappearing with his mate and the witch.

Raymond stormed out Antonio’s chamber. He knew the Queen hid something and when Nikolas informed him last week about her disappearing in the secluded area of the castle, his suspicions were confirmed.

Whatever was happening he did not like it. Only a little while before Lucian was found and then his daughter will be the Queen with Nikolas becoming Lucian’s second in command, Raymond smiled wickedly.

The power that comes with the throne was too much to ignore.

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