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Chapter 22

Lucian’s eyes darted towards Alexa’s plump lips as she licked the last of her ice cream. “The food is to die for Lucian you are amazing,” Alexa complimented rubbing her stomach. She helped him load the empty plates into the dishwasher and didn’t miss the way his body brushed against hers.

She could feel his desire and she didn’t want him to hold back anymore. They are turning eighteen tomorrow, anyway. Alexa gasped softly when Lucian hugged her from behind running his hands over her thighs.

“I don’t want to wait any longer Lucian. If you consider all the leap years we are eighteen already,” she whispered seductively as he placed a kiss on her shoulders. His beast rumbled sending delicious shivers across her body and she turned looking deep into his bright blue eyes.

“Take me, Lucian. Make me yours forever…” she whispered, leaning towards him. A growl ripped through his chest as he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. His stubble rasped against her skin but his mouth felt so soft and hot… Intoxicating.

When his sharp teeth nipped at her lower lip, Alexa let out a moan opening her lips to give him access. In response, his tongue invaded, sweet and seductive as it slid against hers.

A haze of need clouded her mind, spreading throughout her body as he pulled her body flush against him. It had just reached between her hips as a hot, heavy ache when he picked her up and carried her towards her bedroom, not once breaking the kiss.

Alexa felt her back sink into the plush bed before he pulled away. As she panted for breath, thoughts still reeling, Lucian’s hands caught at the fine fabric of her dress and ripped it to shreds along with her lacy bra.

Cold air rushed over her exposed skin, hardening her nipples and making her gasp beneath his hungry gaze. Then Lucian’s hands and mouth began to explore if she were the most valuable treasure alive, mapping out the curves of her body with slow caresses and lingering kisses.

She clutched at his head, welcoming that wicked attention as waves of need continued to pulse through her. By the time he nuzzled between her thighs, she was flushed and eager for more; keenly aware of how swollen she was beneath her thong as his nose brushed against it.

A growl and the heat of his breath were the only warnings she had before his teeth caught a scrap of fabric and ripped it off. Alexa moaned even before his mouth found her. Her voice rose as his tongue licked her slick folds, ruthless as it sought out and found that most sensitive part of her.

Her fingers dug into the sheets, desperate to hold on as lust and raw emotion coursed through her body, threatening to carry her away. Every movement of Lucian’s mouth stoked her rising pleasure and soon she writhed, unable to handle it.

He only pinned her hips still and continued to attack her with his tongue until pressure built up white-hot. It only took the barest grazing of his teeth to drive her into a thrashing orgasm.

“Lucian, now,” she panted, trying to pull him up. He wouldn’t stop. “Lucian, I want you now,” she half-growled with need, and now he snapped up his head, staring straight into her soul.

Before she could say anything else, he had her pinned to the bed. His erection prodded at her, but he held back long enough to first capture her lips with his own. Then he thrust into her in a fluid motion, breaking the barrier.

She yelped in pain, frozen in place by the uncomfortable sensation of him stretching her full, but her next breath came out as a moan when his hand slipped between them to stroke her back into a haze of pleasure. “I love you, Lucian,” she whispered, as he moved against her in a rhythm that matched her panting breaths.

At her words, he shuddered against her as if losing all sense of control. She glimpsed his wild eyes, their blues dark with lust, and then he found her mark and bit down hard enough to draw blood. Instead of pain, wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her.

She lost herself to bliss, aware of nothing except Lucian while she clung to him and gasped out his name. He roared into his own release, breath hot against her neck as their hearts pounded against each other.

“Alexa… my love,” Lucian whispered hoarsely as he released her neck. They stared at each other with so much love when a blinding light surrounded them.

Alexa did not tense like last time as she stared at the captivating blues eyes of Lucian. Warmth formed in her heart, spreading to other parts of her body. The only emotion she felt now was love. Lucian couldn’t take his gaze of Alexa. The blue streaks in her eyes got brighter, and he watched it shimmer with a mixture of gold. It was exquisite and mesmerizing.

Heat licked his skin from the inside, it was not painful like last time and he welcomed the warmth. Leaning down he kissed her again passionately. He could feel their bond getting stronger than her thoughts were getting clear as day to him.

He felt her love, need and most of all her urge to protect him from anything out there. Their bodies elevated from the bed and the other things in the room floated around them as if there was no gravity. Lucian paid no heed to what was happening as he held her close resting his forehead on hers and inhaled her enticing scent.


Giselle heaved her guts out when they hit the cave. Antonio crouched as he fought with overwhelming nausea. “I hate this,” Giselle grumbled taking the cloth offered by her friend. “I don’t understand why you are not affected by this fast-moving,” she huffed throwing the cloth back at the witch.

“Years and years of practice my friend,” Mirunalini just shrugged as she went towards the cauldron.

“Want to speak with your brother or not?” She asked casually as if the Lycan King was not around them. Antonio watched around his surroundings suspiciously. So this is where Giselle comes every time to meet her friend.

He watched as the witch poured a potion into the cauldron and murmured in an ancient dialect which he couldn’t understand. The green bubble shimmered as dark smokes swirled around the pot. Antonio stepped back with his eyes wide when Dimitri’s face came into view. He looked tired with a disheveled hair and untrimmed beard.

“Brother!” Giselle called.

Dimitri jumped startled before settling down with a huff. “What is the need of startling me like that?” He grumbled as if this is a normal occurrence.

Antonio watched in amusement as Giselle giggled like a little girl. She never giggled when she was around him. She looked beautiful, her smile mesmerizing.

“Look I have information. Lucian is getting his powers today unlike we thought, so stay focused. We believe he is being protected by magic so you will miss him and can never find him if you miss this chance,” Giselle spoke with an urgency.

“What?” Dimitri’s eyes widened with shock, “I will get on with it,” he stated in a serious tone.

“All right, I will talk to you later,” Giselle informed before his face vanished showing the bubbling green liquid again.

“How did you do that?” Antonio asked in awe looking at the witch.

“That’s called magic Mr. King,” Mirunalini chuckled and Giselle let out a hearty laugh at her friend’s mention of Mr. King.

Antonio slowly reached touching the corners of his mate’s lips. “You look beautiful when you laugh, why don’t you laugh much when you are around me?” He enquired softly. He had never seen this side of Giselle in all these years.

“Maybe if you are not grumpy and not behave as if you want to bite her head off every time she speaks, she will smile often,” Mirunalini supplied with a huff and for the first time, Antonio did not growl at her to Giselle’s surprise.

She watched her mate as his face softened and he nodded once acknowledging her friend’s words.

Was he changing? Giselle thought and she couldn’t control the little hope and joy that bubbled inside her heart. Giselle’s eyes glazed over and turned white.

“It’s happening,” Mirunalini whispered.

In Burlington, Dimitri’s eyes glazed over as he felt a tug in his heart. An elf is nearby. Dimitri closed his eyes and focused on the tug. It came from somewhere near him within one or two-mile radius and before he could pin the exact location it went off.

Shit… He kicked the sofa in frustration. At least he now knew Lucian is in the same town and he was within a two-mile radius. “Wake up. We got a Prince to find.” Dimitri yelled as he shook the warriors awake.

The thirteen-year search would end today. He can finally go home after all these years.

“Lucian and Dimitri are in the same place,” Giselle said gasping for breath.

“What did you see?” Antonio asked shaking her.

“I could connect for five seconds and they both were within a two-mile radius. I could tell that.” Giselle confirmed. And mated, she excluded that fact.

She glimpsed her son with that girl as they floated in the air with a white light surrounding them. She wouldn’t tell her mate about that now. It was by luck he didn’t attack Mirunalini today and she did not want to test him again.

Antonio crushed her against him and she felt his joy through their bond. “I am so happy Giselle. Our son will finally be home,” he stated with a wide grin. He looked a few years younger and handsome when he smiled. Only he didn’t smile often, Giselle thought as she admired her mate.

“We have to go back and tell this good news to Audriana. She will be the happiest person to hear that. She will be his mate, after all,” Antonio clapped her shoulders and Giselle grimaced at the mention of Audriana’s name.

Sorry Audriana, Lucian can never be yours. Especially now he is mated to a Qistina, the most powerful magical being to be ever born. I wish I could reveal the truth, Giselle nodded without responded to her mate. She got a glimpse of that girl’s power before she got swatted back. The girl was stronger than she thought. The girl hissed in anger and it was her luck Alexa didn’t attack her right away.

No one knew the boundaries of a Qistina’s powers and Giselle wondered what powers she could hold and how she would react when Dimitri tries to bring Lucian back. Giselle could only pray that everything turns out well.

“I am not going through that again,” Antonio scrunched his nose in distaste. Giselle looked confused before she understood what he was mentioning.

“Me neither. Come I will show you another way,” Giselle chuckled pulling him towards the tunnel.

They took fifteen minutes to reach the castle. “I didn’t know there is a secret pathway here,” Antonio admitted after a while.

“It was mentioned in one scroll in the library,” Giselle answered him with a smile.

“Don’t keep anything from me again,” Antonio scolded in a soft tone as they headed towards their chamber. “Raymond, my friend,” Antonio greeted the grumpy beta on the way.

“Alpha,” Raymond bowed as he regarded the King and the Queen with a suspicious glare.

“We found where Lucian is and Dimitri is close. Prepare a grand feast and most of all inform Audriana,” Antonio grinned as he conveyed the news.

“Definitely, Alpha,” Raymond smiled which did not reach his eyes and Giselle couldn’t help discomfort that crept under her skin in his presence.

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