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Chapter 23

The room was a mess when Lucian woke up the next day. He didn’t remember how they ended up on the floor. Last night they made love for the first time and he was sure they were in the bed. He groaned in pain when he tried to move. His head felt like it would explode if he tried to move again.

“Alexa…” His tone weak with exhaustion. Lucian’s entire body ached and his skin felt raw with pain.

“Lucian?” He heard her call from the other end of the room.

How did she go there? They were together when he fell asleep. Lucian frowned as he tried to move again and hissed in pain that shot through his body at the small movement.

“Lucian, are you okay?” Alexa’s concerned voice sounded too far though he could feel her so near.

Alexa panicked when she saw Lucian lying down on the floor, his skin was red and raw as if he got burned. The heat radiated from him was too much for her human skin to bear. “Oh, God! Lucian, what happened to you?” She sobbed. Alexa felt so helpless and heart ached to see him in pain.

She rushed to their fridge bringing raw meat. Maybe this would help, she felt her hope rising. Their bond was stronger than before and her skin burned mimicking his pain. Lucian craved for something and she didn’t know what it was. Why is this happening every time they try to be together? Is this because he is different? She couldn’t think of staying away from him.

If this will be the result every time we tried to get together, I will stay away from him. Her tears broke free of its confines and trickled down her cheeks, soaking her shirt. She couldn’t see him in so much pain.

Heading to the room she tried to feed him the meat. “What am I supposed to do now? We cannot even go to the hospital?” Alexa cried when he couldn’t chew it down. “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have teased you like that. Lucian, please be okay.” When her tears fell on his body, it sizzled and evaporated.

He was too heavy for her to carry and he was too weak to walk by himself towards the bathroom. Alexa rushed towards the kitchen pulling all food packets and water bottles from the freezer. She arranged it on top of him to cool him down.

First time something like this happened, they were staying by the lake, so it was easy to cool him down. The food she placed on top of him was defrosted under a minute. Alexa ran to the bathroom, picking up the towels she put them under the cold water before carrying it to the room and covered his body using the cold towel.

Her parents were supposed to visit this evening to celebrate their birthday, and she didn’t want them to see Lucian like this.

Lucian craved for blood. However, his body was too weak to chew the raw meat. He closed his eyes trying to calm down his racing mind. “Lucian,” Alexa’s panicked voice floated through his mind. He wanted to tell her he was fine but he couldn’t.

What is happening? Lucian winced when the second wave of pain shot through his body.

Alexa was exhausted. She felt another wave of pain and her heart constricted in her chest. A foreign craving for blood floated through her mind and her eyes widened with realization. Lucian needs blood. Where would I go for blood? The raw meat does not have that much blood on it. The frozen meat is clean of it.

Contemplating for a moment, she rushed to the kitchen taking out the kitchen knife that was too sharp for her liking. There is no point in panicking. You can do this. She chanted as she ambled her way towards Lucian with shaking legs.

She couldn’t stand to see his pain anymore. Closing her eyes, she drew the knife inside her palm and winced when it cut through her skin. Alexa brought her bleeding hand towards Lucian’s mouth while the other hand supported his head. Lucian gulped the blood with greed and his satisfied groan echoed through the bathroom walls as his body rejuvenated.

Alexa hissed in pain when she felt his fangs embed itself into her skin. He drew too much blood in a minute and it made her dizzy. Her body went slack when he pulled his fangs out of her hand. Lucian’s body temperature was still hot, but the redness was gone and the natural color of his skin returned.

Lucian cracked his eyes open and squinted when they met with a bright light. He caught Alexa just in time before she fainted. She looked pale as a ghost. When he noticed her bloodied hand, he realized that fed her blood to him.

Though he swayed a little, he got Alexa to the bed and collapsed next to her in exhaustion. Lucian breathed a sigh of relief after making sure that her breathing and heartbeat was normal. He licked the open wound in her palm and watched in satisfaction when it closed.

Placing his hand over her heart he felt a surge of power that coursed through his vein. Though nothing happened at first a faint glow lit up his palm and his concentration never wavered from her. He stopped only when he saw the pink color return to her cheeks and sagged beside her in relief.

Dimitri reached the apartment which sat in the silent community of Burlington. This was the sixth apartment he visited today. There were eight teenagers with the name Lucian and two had the last name Steller within the two-mile radius.

After Giselle warned that Lucian was protected by an unknown magic he didn’t want to rule out others. So, he visited everyone in person. He had no luck far. Neither had they matched Lucian’s profile nor are they supernatural.

“21B, Victor Emmett Steller,” Dimitri confirmed the name on the list before knocking. To his dismay, the calling bell did not work when he heard nothing he knocked again. After a few minutes, he heard shuffling inside and soft footsteps approached the door. The door opened but Dimitri couldn’t see inside as it had the chain lock in place.

A pair of warm brown eyes peeked through the opening sizing him up.

“Oh, hi… Victor Steller?” Dimitri asked.

“That’s my dad. What is it?” The girl behind the door had a beautiful voice.

“Something related to work. Can I see him?” Dimitri probed as he sniffed for any scent of a Lycan. He could smell a male inside and something more. Dimitri was sure they were in a relationship.

The girl tilted her head and narrowed her eyes which said she didn’t trust him. “And who you might be?” She questioned, her voice held so much authority that Dimitri’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment. He never thought a human woman could hold an Alpha command in her voice.

He’d heard only Antonio using that tone. “Dimitri,” he blurted out before he realized his mistake. He never said his real name to anyone before.

The girl’s eyes widened before she closed the door and opened it wide. “Dimitri? Uncle Dimitri?” She questioned much to his surprise and before he could reply she ran inside.

“Lucian! It’s your Uncle Dimitri…” Her voice echoed through the small living room. Dimitri and the guards stood outside the apartment, their heart racing. They found him. A boy who looked like an older version of the five-year-old Lucian came out and his eyes widened when he met Dimitri.

Lucian was surprised when Alexa shouted Uncle Dimitri’s name. He stopped in his tracks when he met him in person; there was no mistaking that scent which felt so familiar or that face. It was Uncle Dimitri. Dimitri looked the same. He got bulkier than he remembered. “Uncle Dimitri…” Lucian whispered.

“Lucian…” Dimitri’s voice held joy. He found his nephew—after all these years. Dimitri crossed the hall in three long strides, engulfing Lucian in a bone-crushing hug. “Thank God, I found you. We were looking for you everywhere in this human realm.” Dimitri held Lucian at one arm’s length and gave him a once over.

“It’s good to meet you too, Uncle Dimitri. I almost forgot your face.” Lucian smiled.

“I love reunions…” Alexa sniffled beside them with happy tears. “Come on in,” she called the guards who stood outside. “I will get something for you guys to drink,” Alexa called over her shoulders before going into the kitchen.

Dimitri frowned looking at her direction. That girl was no ordinary girl, she was more. Her scent was mixed with Lucian’s and the faint scent of sex clung in the air could not be mistaken. “You mated!” Dimitri gasped.

“If that’s what it means, yes. Alexa is my girlfriend and my wife to be,” Lucian stated in a confident, making Dimitri step back.

Alexa’s heart soared to the moon at his words and she couldn’t help the wide grin that found its way to her lips, lighting up her face.

“Do you realize how much trouble you are in Lucian? Your father will never approve of this?” Dimitri whisper yelled.

Lucian’s gaze never once wavered. “I don’t care what he thinks, Uncle Dimitri.”

Dimitri knew of Lucian’s arranged mating with the brat Audriana. “She is a human,” Dimitri argued, knowing Lucian wouldn’t change his mind.

“That she is and so much more,” Lucian replied. He opened his mouth to say something when Alexa interrupted.

“Your drinks…” Alexa chirped. “Why are you still standing? Come on sit and we can speak,” she beckoned placing the drinks on the table. The guards tensed when she got near, with their demeanor stiff made no move to take the drinks.

“Please sit down,” Lucian led Dimitri to the couch where the guards now stood.

“They are like you, aren’t they?” Alexa whispered when he got near.

“Yes.” Lucian nodded with a smile.

“Lucian you know our existence is supposed to be a secret,” Dimitri asked through gritted teeth.

“You are an elf!” Dimitri almost jumped when Alexa pulled his ear. He didn’t even notice when she got close or how she could see his pointy ears. No human could see his ears. Did my magic wear off? Dimitri thought as he touched his ears.

Alexa’s giggle brought him out of his stupor and Lucian laughed along pulling her back onto his lap. “He is an elf, Lucian. Look at his ears!” Alexa tried to prove her point, making Lucian laugh.

Dimitri looked at them, his mouth agape. Lucian was a child when he got lost and he didn’t know what Dimitri was. How did the human know so much about me? Dimitri frowned in confusion. The guards shifted on their feet. “How do you know I am an elf?” Dimitri asked not bothering to hide his anger.

“Movies of course, Lord of the rings and Epic for example. They have elves, but you look more handsome than the actors,” Alexa gushed making Dimitri blush for a moment, but he still stared at her in shock. Dimitri didn’t know how to react. The human not only knew about them but also was mated to his nephew.

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