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Chapter 24

The guards did not sit and went to stand guard on each end of the couch, ready to strike if anyone dares attack Dimitri. Both stood tall at six feet with a broad frame which said they worked out a lot, one had a dark skin with piercing amber eyes, his short curly hair stood out different from his entire demeanor.

Other guard had a long ugly scar which ran across from his right eye to the left cheek marring his tan skin. His pale green eyes held no emotion as he stared across the room to nothing. His unruly shoulder-length hair and crooked nose stroked an unknown fear inside Alexa.

She did not miss the weapons strapped to their torso and the glint of the shiny metal did nothing to reduce her fear. Lucian rubbed her arm unconsciously, and she felt herself relaxing under his touch. Alexa turned her attention from the guards to stare at the elf who sat before her in admiration as Dimitri shifted in his seat.

Dimitri looked like an older brother to Lucian. He had thick chocolate brown hair with matching eyes with a tan complexion. His straight nose flared now and then as if he was sniffing for any trouble. His firm lips held a permanent frown, and she was so lost in admiring him she didn’t even listen to what they were speaking.

Lucian told her about Dimitri only a few weeks back but he did not tell he was an elf, she assumed him to be a Lycan like Lucian and it was a surprise to meet another fairy tale creature in person.

“Are fairies real?” Alexa blurted out of blue making Dimitri cringe. He didn’t know what to make of the girl. Lucian seemed in so much love with the girl and foreboding stirred in the pit of his stomach thinking about Antonio.

“Hey... I am talking to you,” Dimitri’s thought train derailed, and he was startled to see Alexa waving her hands in front of his face.

“Ah, what did you ask?” Dimitri questioned without sharing her enthusiasm.

“Are fairies real?” Alexa asked again, her eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“Yes,” he sighed and something told him the questions would not stop there.







“Tiger shifters…”


“Aww... Why? It would have been cool to have them...” Alexa pouted as Dimitri rolled his eyes. “What about, Zombies?”

“No. Not in the literal sense anyway but there are Necromancers,” Dimitri answered truthfully. He had seen few zombie flicks during his stay in the human realm.

“Necromancers?” Alexa frowned and Dimitri knew what would be her next question. “Necromancers are wizards who practice black magic on dead people,” he explained.

Alexa’s mouth formed a cute ‘O’ while she thought about what he said.

“Alexa... baby, it’s almost lunchtime. You are starving our guests,” Lucian intervened and Dimitri let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh... shit, I forgot. You guys talk. I will get on to it,” Alexa said and bounced towards the kitchen.

Dimitri stared at her with his jaw open. This girl was mated to the future King of the Lycan Kingdom and me, myself was the Crown Prince of the Elven Kingdom and yet she behaved it was like nothing. “She is interesting,” he commented after a moment.

“Yes, she is, and she has the most beautiful heart,” Lucian stated with so much love that Dimitri felt bad for his sister Giselle. Why can’t Antonio be like this with Giselle? He felt sad at the thought. It’s not that Antonio did not love his sister. Antonio was born amidst the war and was trained to kill from that day, he knew nothing about family or love until Giselle came into his life.

Giselle had changed Antonio a lot. However, Lucian’s disappearance had once again roused the beast within and ending his sister’s romantic life which bloomed during their six years of mating crushing any hope. These days Antonio behaved more like a King than a mate. They did not even have any youngling after Lucian.

Dimitri shrugged off the thought and focused on Lucian whose expression held so many questions. The guards relaxed their stance once Alexa left the living room. The sound of running water and the refrigerator door being opened reached their sensitive ears.

“Do you know exposing our world to mortals is a capital offense?” Dimitri asked Lucian after contemplating it for a moment.

Though Alexa was in the kitchen, she could hear everything being spoken in the living room. Her senses were heightened after Lucian’s marking and the thin wall that separated the living room and kitchen did nothing to stop the voices from being heard.

Alexa smiled. Poor elf there is no point in sending me away to speak your secrets even if I can’t hear it Lucian would never hide something from me. She smiled at the thought as she prepared the meat to make sirloin steak with garlic butter, beef Spanish rice, and salad.

“I don’t know and I don’t care anymore,” Lucian answered with a shrug. “Uncle Dimitri, I was kidnapped by a child trafficking group a few months after my escape. They had kidnapped Alexa too and her family rescued me.” Lucian got up from the couch and paced the floor as he recalled his past.

“I killed them to save myself and her. I did not even know I had it in me until I was back in control. Her parents knew I was different, yet they took me in, they brought me up like their own son. They fed me and gave me an education.” Lucian’s eyes glistened with unshed tears as he spoke.

Dimitri knew right then how deep Lucian was connected with the human family.

“They were the only family I know and I owe them with my life. They didn’t understand the changes I went through, but they stood by me and trusted me. I don’t know what happens now, but I will always protect them no matter what it takes,” Lucian said with a determination as the thought of Antonio’s angry beast flashed into Dimitri’s mind.

“I understand,” Dimitri replied with a sigh. “Your mother will understand too, maybe support you even. I am worried about your father, no one wants to see him angry,” he said and one guard shuddered, tracing the long scar that marred his face.

“Lucian your father Antonio Maxwell Orszak is the King of the Lycan Kingdom and your mother Giselle Kamryn Orszak, my sister is not only the Queen to the Lycan throne but also the Crown Princess of the Elven Kingdom.”

With a sigh, Dimitri got up and went to stand near Lucian facing the outside world through the large window on the other side of the living room. “Lucian... I don’t know how to say this to you,” Dimitri drawled. “Your father has arranged your mating with his beta’s daughter and he will never accept Alexa,” he grimaced.

Alexa’s eyes widened when she heard about Lucian’s fiancée and a wave of anger rushed through her small frame thinking about the other woman in Lucian’s life.

Lucian’s shoulder stiffened. “I won’t give up Alexa. I have loved her since I can remember and can never imagine a life without her,” he stated leaving no room for arguments.

Alexa relaxed as a small smile graced her lips at Lucian’s words. Good, because I do not understand to give you up either. I would hate to kill that bitch.

“I understand. Now you have marked her and completed the mating, you both can never be separated and there is no power in this world strong enough to break a mate bond,” Dimitri chuckled as Lucian relaxed his stiff posture. “It’s just to keep you informed that there are many people who won’t be pleased with you being mated to a mortal,” he added.

Alexa had finished the cooking under forty-five minutes as the men spoke, the food smelled delicious and she smiled in satisfaction as she arranged the table for five. The guards might loosen up after food. She had made the lunch meatiest knowing well that the Lycans had a weakness for meat.

“The easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” her mother always said when she cooked. “Lunch is ready…” She hollered from the kitchen. The guard’s nose flared as the delicious aroma of tender meat wafted through their nostrils and their tummy rumbled loud as if on cue, showing their hunger for food.

The guards looked at Dimitri before stiffening their posture again. Their fight with the beasts to control the urge to run towards the kitchen, failing with every passing second as their minds screamed for food.

Dimitri chuckled under his breath, “Let’s eat. We did not stop for breakfast and the guys would devour anything now,” he said and followed the smiling Lucian to the kitchen.

The guards waited for Dimitri and Lucian to fill their plate before loading their plates with food. Alexa giggled on seeing their action and went to sit on Lucian’s lap. Lucian pulled her closer, feeding the first bite of his food to Alexa.

This simple gesture in the human world took Dimitri by surprise. A Lycan never shared his food with anyone. No matter how close they were. Though they provided food for their mate and children before they ate, they did not allow them to take from what was there on their plate.

Lucian and Alexa had a perfect understanding as they ate their food in silence, both feeding each other. The guards devoured their food and thanked Alexa when she offered more. Their eyes had softened, and they smiled at her for the first time—their look no longer sinister.

“So what are your names?” Alexa asked taking a bite of the steak.

“I am Kieran and that’s Callum,” the one with the long scar said, pointing the dirty blonde guard who sat opposite to him.

Alexa nodded with a smile. They looked so big and scary when they came in. Now with a little food inside their tummies, they acted as if they had known her for years. Food magic. I hope this works for Lucian’s father too.

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