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Chapter 25

Dimitri ate in silence. Though the food was delicious, he couldn’t enjoy it. His mind was in turmoil. Several questions bombarded his brain which vanquished the little hunger he had for food. He mulled over the events that led to this day.

Giselle would understand her son’s choice. Their parents loved each other to this day and their romance was something both Giselle and Dimitri envied. They wanted something like that for themselves, but Giselle ended up with Antonio.

The siblings could do nothing to stop the arranged mating. He still remembered the day their mating was arranged. The war had done so much damage to their Kingdom and many Elves went into hiding. Elves were stronger and had good combat skills. However, their chances were slim against the combined forces of the Vampires and witches.

The magic of Elves was entwined with nature and they used it only for good. The damage they could do to their enemies was much less when compared to the dark magic that almost turned the Elven land barren.

Their father and the King Marquis Van Speybroeck contacted the Lycan King Antonio for help, who demanded Giselle as his mate. Their parents were not happy with his demand but it was the only thing they could do to save their people.

His father thought as a King on behalf of their people rather than as a parent that day when he gave Giselle’s hand in mating to the ruthless Lycan King. Antonio arrived with his warriors in less than a day and together they fought to defeat the vile group of vampires.

The witches’ dark magic had done a lot of damage to the Lycan forces before getting killed and a few who got away went into hiding. There was peace after a long time and the Elves came out of hiding to restore their land.

Giselle cried into their mother’s chest as Dimitri watched her unable to help. “Everything will be all right, my dear. Antonio will treat you well.” Their mother tried to comfort his sister. She mated Antonio in a simple ceremony held in their Kingdom. Dimitri cringed when Antonio bit into his sister’s shoulder, marking her as his forever.

There were difficulties in their life until Lucian was born. Antonio’s ruthlessness seemed to mellow down, and he behaved like a mate, making his sister happy. That was all lost when their own men betrayed and attacked them.

Antonio’s twin brother Dominick tried to take over the Kingdom. There was blood everywhere and Dimitri who was visiting his sister had taken Lucian from there to safety. They were ambushed on the way to the Elven Kingdom by the ghouls and Lucian was lost.

Dominick Maximilian Orszak, who was only a few seconds younger than Antonio lost the fight to his brother and escaped, vowing to have his vengeance at any cost, he awaits his chance to this day. The rumors had it that Dominick had joined hands with their common enemies to take over the Lycan Kingdom. If that happened there will be peace and no supernatural creature would be safe.

“What?! Lucian’s own uncle tried to kill him!” Dimitri was brought out of his thoughts when Alexa yelled and anger contorted her features.

Dimitri looked bewildered. How? How did she read my mind? His eyes only widened more when he noticed the golden blue streaks glowing in her eyes. The room shook with vibrations coursing through their bodies, everything inside the kitchen was elevated as if there was no gravity. Dimitri felt his body getting light as he struggled to stay on the floor.

The guards looked alarmed as they clutched the table with all their might.

What the hell was happening? Why do I feel so much power being radiated by a human? Dimitri looked at Lucian, who tried to calm the raging Alexa.

“Alexa, baby look at me,” Lucian cooed. His left hand rubbed her back while he caught her chin with his right hand and turned her to face him.

“I am safe. See… breathe, my love.” Lucian continued to coo as he rested his forehead on hers. Alexa closed her eyes and Dimitri relaxed as the power he felt earlier shimmered. The vessels elevated earlier returned to its original places as if nothing happened and the guards relaxed. They now looked at Alexa with a new-found fear.

She is no human. That was Dimitri’s first thought. This has nothing to do with Lucian’s marking. It was something different. I must contact Mirunalini and Giselle. They could give me the answers.

Dimitri nodded to Lucian as he tried to calm his racing heart. He left with a promise to visit soon.

The Steller’s reached Burlington in the evening and were not happy to learn about Dimitri’s visit. They never missed a birthday of Alexa and Lucian. When Victor about Dimitri’s arrival he thought about taking Lucian away from Burlington.

“It must be his choice, dad,” Alexa said and patted his hand in assurance.

Victor nodded half-heartedly as they prepared to celebrate their birthdays. Nate and Abram cracked jokes and told them about their new pranks in school.

Alexa opted out for a simple attire, wearing a pair of comfortable black skinny jeans and a fitting red sleeveless blouse that accentuated her hourglass frame. She applied minimal makeup and braided her long hair just the way Lucian liked it.

Lucian wore tight fitting jeans with a red polo t-shirt which stretched over his muscles. The family cheered when they stepped out of their respective rooms. Alexa smiled when she caught his attire, they wore a matching color.

After cutting the cake and normal birthday routines, Victor lead them outside their building where a sleek black Porsche Macan S sat with a red bow on top.

“Whoa… I knew it!” Alexa squealed as she bounced towards their new car. Lucian’s eyes lit up at the sight of their gift. He hugged Victor and Amanda before rushing to the car. The interior was just as beautiful as the outside and he inhaled the smell of rich leather.

“This is cool. “Hop in! Let’s go for a short ride.” Alexa called and jumped into the driver’s seat. Lucian climbed to the passenger seat next to her while the boys jumped into the backseat, buckling themselves in as the adults smiled at them.

“You guys carry on. We will join you some other time,” Amanda said waving at them.

“Drive safe!” Victor shouted at the retreating vehicle. His daughter was all grown up, and he did not miss the way she behaved around Lucian. They had taken their relationship to the next level.

He found a torn underwear of Alexa in Lucian’s bathroom earlier which confirmed his suspicion. As a father, he wanted to shake Lucian for touching his daughter but he knew better. This was bound to happen and now they were eighteen. He gave them his blessings long time back and shouldn’t feel this way.

“Shut it, Papa Smurf. We all knew this was bound to happen,” Amanda stated while Raelyn chuckled. Victor sighed and rubbed his face as Amanda pulled him back inside the building. Though he was okay with Lucian dating his daughter, he was not comfortable. “You’ll get used to it,” Amanda whispered and squeezed his hand with a smile.

Amanda is right. Alexa would be better off with Lucian. He knew all about the fat-shaming she went through as a young teenager back at school. Victor wished he married her off to Lucian before he becomes a grandpa. He kept his mouth shut not wanting to hear another lecture from Amanda.

Dimitri rushed to their hotel room and searched his bag for their family medallion he kept hidden.

Finding it in the bottom of the bag where he left it, he clutched it closer heading to the bed. “You may rest for a while. I am going to contact my sister,” Dimitri dismissed the guards. He must call the other guards back. They’ve found Prince Lucian. “Ask others to return. The search is over!”

His palm-sized gold medallion hummed with power as he held it in his hands. The smooth edges and back of the medallion felt cold against his skin. A face of an Elf was carved on top. The eyes were encrusted with emerald crystals which glowed at his touch.

The facial features of the female Elf were intriguingly beautiful that stared at it for a long time whenever he picked it up. He traced the lips of the female Elf wishing he found someone as beautiful as her. “Who are you?” Dimitri whispered.

He asked the same question to the medallion multiple times before though he never got an answer. To carve something like this, they should have seen a person alive this beautiful. Looking at the beautiful she-elf had his heart racing every time. He couldn’t help the emotions that rushed through him by looking at it. He was in love with the carved face for centuries.

For all, he knew she could be an imagination of the person who carved this, or maybe alive and mated to someone. Dimitri sighed and focused on the task at hand as he rubbed the emerald crystals once and spoke the ancient spell taught by Mirunalini. Giselle had it made for them when she left the Elven Kingdom to live with Antonio.

The siblings were close and Giselle couldn’t bear to be away from her baby brother. They spoke to each other every day using the medallion though they had to keep it a secret from Antonio.

Antonio hated witches and the knowledge of the medallion would be dangerous to their childhood friend Mirunalini. Antonio had seen it once and Giselle claimed that it was their family jewel which wasn’t a lie.

The medallion was there in their family for centuries. Dimitri’s had a female Elf while Giselle’s was that of a male Elf whose features resembled the female Elf in his hand. They looked like siblings and that was another reason Giselle chose these two medallions amongst the others they had.

The emerald crystals shimmered as a familiar green mist surrounded his palm. Dimitri smiled as his sister’s face came into view.

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