The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 26

“Dimitri…” his sister sighed in relief when she saw his face.

“Did you find them?” She whispered and Dimitri believed his sister well knew of the girl Lucian was with.

“You knew, didn’t you?” He questioned with a slight anger lacing his voice. They have spoken almost every day, and she did not even mention a word about this except for saying Lucian was protected by an unknown magic.

“I am sorry, brother. I wasn’t sure. I had a doubt when I lost the bond with Lucian on his sixteenth birthday, and then I didn’t want Antonio to find out. You know how he is.” His sister sighed.

“What is she? I witnessed and felt so much power radiating from her and she could read my mind clear as day,” Dimitri asked narrowing his eyes at his sister. He was sure that Giselle knew more about the girl. Mirunalini had the gift of vision and she could see anything through that cauldron she keeps in the cave.

“Look, it’s something very important.” Giselle lowered her voice to a mere whisper as she looked around to make sure no one was there. “Mirunalini believes that this girl is the next Qistina and whatever I have witnessed so far only strengthen the fact,” Giselle informed.

“Qistina?!” The name felt familiar, though he couldn’t remember what it meant.

“Daughter of Justice,” Giselle whispered again making his eyes go wider.

“What? Can’t be…” His voice rang with disbelief. The siblings loved to read and spend often in their parent’s library researching ancient scrolls and took pleasure in deciphering the ancient symbols and texts.

“It’s true,” Giselle mouthed.

“So that pretty much explains what I witnessed, huh!”

“What happened?” Giselle asked, her curiosity getting the best out of her.

“I was thinking about Dominick and she read my mind. The room shook, and every vessel in the room elevated in the air. It was Lucian who calmed her down, and there was no telling what would have happened otherwise,” Dimitri grimaced. He liked no one reading his thoughts.

“Oh, God! Where are they now?” A frown marred Giselle’s beautiful features as she processed Dimitri’s words.

“I left them half an hour ago and came to speak to you,” Dimitri replied and Giselle tensed.

“What? What if his location is hidden again? It was a miracle you could locate him, Dimitri. There is no telling what happens now. After all, she hid him from our eyes and left you wandering in the human realm for the past thirteen years,” Giselle whispered.

Dimitri felt like a child before his sister, he didn’t think of that when he left them to speak with his sister. “What do I do now?”

“Well, a part of me is excited to meet my son after all these years while the other part of me is afraid of Antonio. I do not understand how he will react when he learns about his mating,” Giselle said in a helpless tone and tensed when the door to her bedroom crashed open. Giselle jumped as a furious Antonio entered with a grace of a predator as he stalked towards her.

“What did you say? Lucian has a mate?!” Dimitri cringed hearing Antonio’s animalistic roar as his eyes shifted to the bright amber of his beast. His anger was directed at Lucian and not his sister. “Dimitri… B-b-rrrin-ngg L-lucian to-o-o meee nowww…,” Antonio’s voice slurred as he shifted to his beast form.

“Yes, Alpha King Antonio,” Dimitri cast his eyes down not wanting to irk his beast. He worried for his sister who stood with her head bowed and he could see the tears that stained her cheeks. Dimitri ended their conversation without another choice and headed to the living room to speak to the guards.

The Steller family was eating their dinner when the bell dinged announcing someone’s arrival. “Uncle Dimitri…” Lucian frowned as he sniffed the air. “I will go.” Lucian stopped Amanda when she stood.

“Lucian…” Dimitri greeted.

Victor tensed and the cutlery clanked against his plate at the mention of Dimitri’s name. Amanda tried to rub his arms to calm him down. Nate and Abram sniffed the air as their posture changed. Before Alexa could stop them they hurried out of the kitchen, going to stand behind Lucian. Their chest vibrated with growls as they narrowed their eyes at the several guards accompanied Dimitri.

Alexa stood in the living room not understanding what was going on. Dimitri’s face was grim hinting bad news. The new guard’s nose flared, and they growled at Nate and Abram, who returned the growls with full intensity. Lucian’s calm posture changed in as his lips curled up showing his fangs at the guards who dare growl at the boys.

“Calm down,” Dimitri commanded, and the guards grumbled and growled at their throats in return. Dimitri was not their Alpha, and they obeyed him only because of the orders from their King.

Kieran and Callum who came earlier moved past the new guards and entered the apartment going to stand next to Lucian facing the other guards. Dimitri’s eyes widened with shock when they met Nate and Abram. “You created them?” He asked, shock clear in his voice.

“Come in if you want to talk,” Lucian said not taking his eyes off the others.

The other guards were the elite warriors who guarded the royals and obeyed only to an Alpha. Though they knew Lucian was their Prince, they did not sense the beast inside him. Alexa had unknowingly covered Lucian’s scent and the power radiating from his beast.

Dimitri motioned the guards to enter and once they were all in the closed the door. “Your father found out about your mating and he is furious,” Dimitri stated and Lucian tensed.

The warriors narrowed their eyes at Lucian, uncertainty weighing down on them. They did not feel the urge to obey him and a few of them thought he was not fit to be their Prince. Maybe he was beast less just like their Queen. That was their conclusion when they couldn’t sense the authority.

Alexa chuckled. Oh, boy! Only if they knew, but why can’t they sense Lucian’s beast? She frowned at the thought. The elite warriors turned their attention towards her at the sound of her chuckle and their eyes widened when they sniffed the air. Loud growls erupted from one’s throat as he looked at her with pure hatred.

A human.

“A human with a Lycan’s mark,” he growled. His features turned red with his eyes glowing bright green showing that his beast was in control.

“I will never bow to a human,” another one snarled at her.

Dimitri cursed under his breath. He should have informed them before bringing them in, he made a mistake. Lucian was in front of Alexa in a blink of the eye. Nate and Abram stood flanked his sides. The elite warriors frowned looking at the juveniles. How did he create them? And how did he mark the human?

“Calm down guys. We are here to protect Prince Lucian and his mate. She also makes a killer beef steak, you know,” Kieran muttered trying to calm them. Dimitri stared at him in disbelief while Alexa chuckled behind Lucian.

“Did you say beefsteak?” The tall guy who stood at the back enquired curiously in his boyish tone while the others growled at him muting him. The Steller’s stood inside the kitchen with only their heads peeping out. The tension was thick in the air and the display of testosterone was too much to handle.

“They are an abomination,” one guard pointed his claws at the boys.

“Prince Lucian betrayed us by marking the human,” another growled. A few acknowledging growls resonated through the room. Lucian’s lips curled as he growled in warning—the beast stirred within him despising the utter disrespect towards his mate and the boys he cared for.

He pinned both the guards to the wall, growling at their faces. His fangs ascended as his dark eyes shifted to that of his beast’s. The partial shift was quick and smooth. His muscles flexed when he hoisted them higher.

“You will respect my mate and her family. You dare growl at her again, I won’t think twice before ripping your throats apart,” Lucian snarled. The Lycans in the room were forced to their knees, unable to withstand the power that was rolling from him in waves.

Even the human and Elves were on their knees including Dimitri. The guards in Lucian’s grip bowed and showed their neck in submission. They slid down when Lucian released them.

Nate and Abram whined. The power radiating from Lucian was too much for the boys to handle. Lucian’s gaze softened when he noticed the boys and he engulfed them to his chest rubbing their backs in a comforting gesture.

“Your sound is so scary,” Abram complained as he sniffled into his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Abram. I was not shouting at you or Nate,” Lucian said as he slowly turned to his human self. “Uncle Dimitri, if you may sit we can talk and figure out what to do next,” he said pointing the couch and Dimitri nodded with a proud smile.

Lucian was everything he dreamed him to be. He was strong and compassionate to the others just like the Elves. He will make a perfect King to the throne. Abram and Nate perched next to Lucian while Alexa headed towards the kitchen to get something for them.

Amanda already had the drinks ready when Alexa went in. They were shocked to learn that their Lucian was a Lycan Prince. It only added to their worries. What will happen now he has no choice but to leave? Amanda couldn’t stomach the thought of Lucian leaving them. After all, she had loved him like a son. She couldn’t help the tears that threatened to fall as she sniffled silently.

Victor was no better either. Arthur and Raelyn’s faces were grim as they stood together holding their hands.

“I was talking to your mother when your father barged in and we did not realize he was even there. Giselle was careful like every time. We aren’t sure how much he heard,” Dominic took a sip of juice Alexa offered.

Lucian nodded picking up a glass for himself, his eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. Alexa walked towards the elite guards who stood at one corner of the room. They tensed and cast their eyes downwards as she approached them.

Kieran and Callum were the first ones to pick the juice, muttering a ‘thank you’ with friendly smiles. The other guards made no move to take the glass and Alexa caught the eye of the tall guard who perked at the mention of food.

His eyes were darting between the juice and the other guards, showing his internal struggle to make a move. Alexa smiled as she picked a glass and offered it to him. His blue eyes lit up with a warm smile gracing his lips as he accepted the glass and gulped it.

“What are you guys waiting for? Need an individual invitation or what?” Alexa snorted in irritation as the other guards continued to look down, ignoring the tray of juice. “Your loss. Hey, bluey mind another glass?” She asked the tall guard offering him another glass which he accepted without hesitation. Kieran and Callum chuckled as they helped themselves to the second glass.

“It’s Quentin, but I like bluey,” the tall guard said in a boyish voice surprising Alexa. On a close observation, he looked young, maybe one or two years younger than her.

“I like you, bluey. At least you are not grumpy like the others,” Alexa commented collecting the empty juice glasses from them.

“I am not grumpy,” Callum countered.

“Yeah, he is just grouchy,” Kieran stated earning a glare from Callum.

“No. I am not,” Callum said facing Kieran.

“You are.”

“I am not…”




“Not…” Callum shouted poking Kieran in his chest.

“Are…” Kieran said poking him back.



“Oh, God… Stop, you two.” Alexa giggled at their childishness. She thought the Lycans were arrogant and then these two proved her wrong.

Lucian stood beside Alexa and the guard’s banter had made him smile. “I believe that we have more important matters at hand to discuss.” He reminded Alexa and steered her towards the couch where Dimitri sat with surprise written on his face.

The guards never laughed or cracked jokes in his presence. How good would it be to see Antonio laugh like this for once? He thought as a new hope blossomed inside him.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Dimitri. I will make him laugh,” Alexa replied in a cheerful tone, making him frown.

“Stay out of my head.” Dimitri scowled and tied his hands to his chest.

“I can’t,” Alexa shrugged sitting down with Lucian.

“You have to.” Dimitri pointed his finger as he spoke in a commanding tone.

“Well…. First, I don’t know how to and second, stop thinking so loud,” Alexa countered with narrowed eyes and Dimitri sagged in his couch with a defeated sigh.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Alexa smirked as she relaxed on the couch. It wasn’t like she did it on purpose. She was confused at first when she heard his thoughts for the first time. It sounded as if he was speaking out loud before she realized he never spoke at all.

However, she didn’t fancy this new ability to be able to listen to others thoughts. First, it wasn’t a good habit. Second, the constant voices inside her head nagged at her, disrupting her peace. I need to find how to switch it off.

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