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Chapter 28

The Steller’s extended their stay in Burlington for a few days. Though Victor was satisfied with Lucian’s decision, he knew his parents wouldn’t give up. If Lucian was the only heir to the throne, then they would come back for him, one way or another.

Victor did not miss the tension that coated Alexa’s features. Though she let the others believe she was fine, he knew his daughter well to know her emotions. I must secure her future with Lucian.

Amanda noticed the determined look on Victor’s face and the way he kept gazing at their daughter and Lucian told her they will have a talk sooner.

Later that day, the family gathered in the living room after dinner. Though everyone spoke and behaved as if everything was normal, the heavy tension in the air could not be mistaken. Abram and Nate were engrossed in video games, oblivious to the tension.

Lucian couldn’t shake the foreboding that clouded his mind thinking about his father. He wanted to meet his parents. However, the way Uncle Dimitri reacted when he met the boys wasn’t assuring. The thought of a fiancé waiting for him added to his worries. A deep frown settled on his face and Alexa was lost in her own thoughts.


Lucian looked up from where he sat to meet Victor’s worried gaze.

“There is something I want to talk to you.” Victor did not beat around the bush when he wanted to say something. He settled down on the couch opposite to them.

“What is that you want to talk about?” Lucian questioned already aware of the topic.

“Will you…” Victor took a deep breath before meeting Lucian’s curious eyes. “Will you marry my daughter Lucian?” Victor’s question surprised everyone. The Steller’s shared a look with each other before focusing on Lucian.

Lucian’s eyes widened. They are too young and I am yet to finish my education. I don’t have an income on my own. How would I take care of her?

Alexa was surprised her father would ask something like that to Lucian and tensed when she thought about Lucian’s response. Her heartbeat quickened with anticipation as she watched Lucian’s mouth opened and closed, with no words coming out. Different emotions washed over her, which she could tell was his.

Abram and Nate sat there with a goofy grin of their own as if they already know the answer. The adults held their breath as they all waited for Lucian to speak.

“That’s all I ever wanted,” Lucian responded and the family let out their breath in relief. “But…” He met the gaze of every member in the room before looking at Alexa. The family tensed, eagerly looking at him to know what he would say next. “I have no means to provide a life she deserves.”

Victor hugged Lucian with a huge grin on his face. “I’ve got it all covered, my boy. Just say ‘yes’ and let us do the rest.”

“But, Victor…”

“I know what you might think, Lucian. It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s your family I am worried about,” Victor cut him off. “I don’t want to see either of you heartbroken.” He released Lucian and patted his back. “Considering that your parents are royals. They would do anything to get you back and I don’t want my daughter to get hurt. I know I can’t stop what future holds, but I want to make sure my daughter’s relationship with you is secure.”

“I understand.” Lucian nodded, though he knew the supernaturals gave no damn about the human laws. His talk with Uncle Dimitri was informative, and he expected his parents here soon.

The human marriage wouldn’t stop his parents from coming for him, but again his relation with Alexa wasn’t secure like the way Victor thought it would be. Well, it will help if his parents tried to pull strings abiding by the human law like they did to find him.

Lucian cared neither way. He wanted to be prepared to meet his father when he came, either human or supernatural way. “Alexa…” He turned to his mate, standing beside him. “I know this isn’t how you expected it.” He got down on his knee as Alexa’s eyes filled with joyful tears. “I don’t have a ring, or can afford the one you deserve. I’ve loved you since I could remember and it’s an honor to know you feel the same way. Will you honor me again by becoming my wife?”

“Yes!” Alexa jumped into his waiting arms, kissing him with all the passion she felt for him.

The family cheered when they broke apart.

“My sister is getting married!” Abram hollered as he ran around them in circles.

“It’s our sister, you doofus!” Nate yelled as he ran behind Abram.

“Sorry, our sister is getting married!”

Amanda and Raelyn chuckled. Nate hated when someone pointed out Alexa and Abram were his cousins. To him, they were his siblings. “Enough, you two. Get back to your games and let the adults talk.” Amanda turned to the engaged couple, her eyes glistened with moisture. “That’s a beautiful proposal, Lucian. Here, put this ring on her finger. It belonged to my mother.”

“Thank you,” Lucian whispered, accepting the ring. Alexa sniffled when he slipped the ring on her finger. He pulled her to his chest, kissing the crown of her head. “I love you, Alexa.”

“I love you too.”

“Set the date, papa. The sooner I marry her, the better,” Lucian said, meeting Alexa’s gaze and enjoyed the pink shade that covered her cheeks.

His eyes roamed across her body, the thoughts of the passionate night they shared filled his mind. He didn’t hide his emotions from her and smirked when Alexa’s eyes widened at the images he pushed through the bond.

Abram and Nate sniffed the air not understanding what they smelled. Lucian stiffened and composed his posture. He must reign his emotions around the boys, he thought as the oblivious family members went to fetch champagne to celebrate.

Two days later…

Alexa cast a sideways glance at her husband with a shy smile. Lucian looked breathtakingly handsome in his black suit. Alexa’s eyes wandered along his strong frame as his eyes concentrated on the road ahead of them.

They now headed towards their lakeside home to spend their wedding night. She had always dreamed of this day though it was a simple ceremony with the Steller family and a few guests. Only friends from Victor and Arthur’s close friends and a few neighbors attended the wedding.

It was how she wanted it to be. Everyone she wanted was there. Alexa traced the simple platinum wedding band chosen by her parents, happiness bubbled within her. The family drove back to Hinesburg the previous night for the marriage.

Amanda bought an elegant wedding dress and a black suit for Lucian. With both being eighteen, the civil marriage was done in a few minutes. The Steller’s had arranged a grand lunch and had decorated their backyard in the short span of time, where they shared their first dance after marriage.

The sideways glances Lucian sent her way held many promises and Alexa’s body shivered deliciously in anticipation. She chewed her bottom lip nervously when the car halted in front of their home. Though this was not their first time, she felt as if so many things have changed after that.

Lucian opened the door to her side and extended his arm for her to take, which she gladly did. Her legs felt like jelly and she was afraid her knees would give up any moment. As if feeling her turmoil, Lucian picked her up in bridal style and carried her over the threshold.

Alexa giggled as he kicked the door open and struggled to close while both of his arms were engaged with her. The home was decorated—rose petals occupied the floor and scented candles littered the hallway, throwing a romantic shade of yellowish glow throughout the house.

A soft gasp left her lips when her back hit the soft bed filled with flowers. Lucian’s eyes were shining bright blue, and he looked wildly sexy with a hint of the fangs under his firm lips. He didn’t pounce on her like she expected. Instead, he stood there watching her with his predatory eyes.

Alexa watched as he pulled a small blue colored velvet box from his front pocket. “This is for you,” he whispered, handing it to her.

What’s in it? She sat up on the bed taking it from him. Her fingers unlocked the box, impatient to see the contents. “This is so beautiful!” Inside the box was a simple silver chain with a wolf pendant.

“It’s not much, but I wanted to get something for myself,” Lucian said, clasping the chain around her neck. The tip of his fingers traced her smooth skin and her intoxicating scent filled his lungs. My wife.

“I love it, Lucian. How did you get it?” Alexa asked, tracing his smooth chin.

“Well, I worked part-time where I went for my Kung Fu training. You know cleaning and stuff,” he said pulling her into his lap so she straddled him. “I didn’t tell you because you didn’t want me to work. But, I worked so I could buy a ring to propose after graduation.”

“Thank you. I love it,” Alexa said cupping his cheeks. Her voice thick with emotion.

“You are so easy to please, my love.” Alexa felt Lucian’s fingers gliding through her zipper behind, his touch on her skin sending fire through her spine. “One day, I will have a job and I will buy you a ring you deserve. Maybe marry you once again in a grand setting, take you to honeymoon,” Lucian whispered tracing her jaw with his lips. His breath tickled her skin.

“Lucian,” Alexa whispered wanting to tell something, her mind hazy with his touch.

“Shush… Lay back and let me love you.” He captured her alluring lips.

The fire demon hovered over Hinesburg looking for the light. The mysterious human realm confused him. When he first noticed several blinding lights which glowed the sunset, he was beyond confused. The witch said there was only one blinding light, and it was a girl, yet here he saw numerous blinding lights coming from everywhere.

Upon close inspection, he found the lights were coming from a strange object which looked like a crystal, weird shaped crystal to be exact. One crystal exploded at his touch, sending the humans into a frenzy. He was invisible to the mortals. When the light exploded, they screamed and ran away from the source.

The demon inspected every blinding light and found only a crystal. He was supposed to be in the sanctuary of hell, enjoying the screams of the tortured souls. Yet, here he was looking for some girl named Qistina whom he knew nothing about.

Why would his master accept the witch’s request? Her soul was tainted beyond redemption, he thought as frustration mounted. He cannot go back without finishing the task. He had no option but to prowl on this human real until then. I am stuck here.

Lucian took his time removing her clothes, exploring her exposed skin. He trailed soft kisses at every inch of her revealed skin, making her gasp.

His firm hands ran over her naked length caressing her curves, as his mouth closed around her hard peak, each tug sending jolts of pleasure to her body. Alexa gripped his head, bringing it closer to her mound as she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him in.

Lucian pressed his erection to her wet core as she arched back trying to get closer. His hands reached between them. Find the sweet spot, he circled his thumb, stimulating her pleasure as she let out a ragged moan.

Alexa’s hands fisted in his hair as she moaned and arched her back. Lucian’s mouth left her breast and her protest never made it past her lips when an overwhelming pleasure filled her. Lucian’s taunting lips closed around her bundle of nerves, sucking and licking.

He ran his tongue along her slick heat that was wet and dripping. Each sinful stroke had her climbing to a new height. His beast rumbled, and she felt the vibration pulse through her body.

Soon it all became too much as her core contracted and an orgasm hit, sending her soul into the skies and beyond. Within seconds Lucian flipped her, so she was now on all fours, her back in the air, ready for him to take… To claim.

A faint glow lit her body as Lucian entered her channel in one fluid motion. Wave after wave of unstoppable pleasure coursed through their bodies binding their soul stronger as they made love. A blinding light lit the room. Tendrils of energy—so pure—swirled around the couple, swallowing their moans of pleasure.

The fire demon hovering in the sky almost crashed into a plane when he first noticed an unearthly light shining so bright, far from his position. It looked so different from the crystal lights and he rushed towards east without wasting time.

He stopped mid-air when he lost the light for a moment and yipped in happiness when it lit after a few moments again. I will reach the light, finish the task and go back to torture the souls in my care, he thought blissfully as he flew towards Alexa and Lucian.

The morning rays of sun peeked through the thick curtains waking Alexa from her dream filled slumber. Lucian was insatiable on the bed. He kept her awake for most of the night and each time felt magical.

Alexa traced her swollen lips and watched Lucian now sleeping peacefully under the sheets. The love she felt for him was so overwhelming that it felt like her heart would explode. They did not care about any protection last night or the night before.

Though Alexa felt it was too early to get pregnant, she did not care. They are married, and they loved each other for years if a child came aboard then they would welcome him/her. The thought warmed her heart. However, she knew she wasn’t ovulating. I am in the safe zone, anyway. She got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom to continue with her morning routine.

The fire demon crashed into the forest of Hinesburg when the light shut off. I was so near and I missed it. He was sure the light was coming from somewhere near and he set out on his foot to find the source.

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