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Chapter 30

Raymond couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. Humans were weird. He had earlier heard few guards talking about the human realm in the castle. His eyes followed their every move. While the Lycans stood with extreme tension this side, on the other side Alexa and her human family sat comfortably on the picnic chairs.

The boys had brought something in big bowls, inside was white sand rock kind of things found on the shore side of Qlors Slopes back in the supernatural realm. Raymond wondered if they were eating sand rocks. He frowned when Quentin excitedly picked up a hand full off those white things and put it in his mouth chewing it noisily.

The humans should cower at the sight of a deadly beast, especially someone like Antonio. Instead, they sat as if they were waiting to watch an entertainment. None showed even a hint of fear. Raymond had sniffed the air several times still nothing.

As expected, Giselle had embraced her son the moment Mirunalini drew the magic circle and sat with the humans as if she had known them for years. The two human women from their group had brought bright colored liquids in crystal cups.

Anger bubbled within Raymond and he averted his gaze to the fighting circle. The magic circle was convenient. Once the fight starts, an invisible barrier would form from the edges making it impossible for the fighters to exit. The fight concluded when one fighter accepted his defeat or at his death if he refused to give up.

Lucian stood at the edge of the magical circle. Though his face was neutral Raymond didn’t miss the way Lucian often glanced at Alexa and how the corner of his lips twisted, controlling a smile that threatened to escape.

Audriana fumed beside him, his daughter’s emotions were clear as day and he could feel it through the blood bond they shared. Nikolas might plot ways to kill Lucian in his head. His son always thought of him and cunning at that.

Dimitri stood at the center of the field overlooking the magic circle. At the wave of his hand, the barrier went up starting the fight.

“It’s started!” Alexa exclaimed from where she sat. “Oh, wait! I haven’t kissed him luck yet,” she yelled and ran towards the circle.

Raymond smirked. Once the circle was up not even the witch could get it down until the fight was over that was the specialty of this combat circles. He stood straight expecting the moment she would crash at the barrier. His lips curled and he could taste the laughter bubbled in his throat.

Alexa had run past Dimitri, who ran behind her to stop her. Just as when Raymond thought she would crash into the barrier, she crossed it and pressed her lips against Lucian’s.

Audriana let out an unpleasant growl and Raymond felt her anger rolling in waves, mirroring his fury. Lucian picked Alexa and deepened the kiss earning a growl from Antonio. Instead of getting tensed as they all had expected, the couple chuckled and Lucian let her down.

Antonio’s beast glanced at Giselle who watched her son with so much love and growled. It sounded more like a complaint than a warning. Giselle met her mate’s eyes for a second before averting it to her son.

“Lucian, that’s my favorite t-shirt. I am not allowing you to rip that. Come one give it to me,” Alexa ordered with a playful grin.

Lucian responded with a full-blown smile as he complied. “Here, do you want me to remove the jeans too?”

“Nope. That bitch there is ogling at you and I want to gouge her eyes out. Just shift to your beast already,” she whispered. Lucian chuckled and pulled her for one last kiss.

Audriana gasped when she noticed his smile. He was the gorgeous man she had ever met and the thought of having him for herself made her shiver with delight. She watched with greed as Lucian removed his t-shirt, his body was ripped with muscles which looked delectable.

The urge to run her fingers through his sculpted chest was stronger, and she didn’t bother if others could smell the scent of her arousal. Once the fight was over Lucian will be mine. There was no way Lucian could beat King Antonio—after all he was the King. She had witnessed Antonio’s beast in combat and he was ruthless.

Beside her, Raymond still couldn’t figure out how that girl got inside the circle unharmed. The circle should have burned her or at least flung her ten feet across the field. However, nothing happened.

Once Alexa left the circle, Dimitri waved his hand again indicating the opponents to start the fight. Alexa giggled and clapped enthusiastically along with the other spectators.

Antonio rolled his shoulders before pouncing at Lucian, who has not yet shifted. His war cry vibrated through the ground. The elite guards cheered for their King and watched the fight anxiously.

Lucian did not move as his father charged towards him in his beast form. His father’s beast was around ten foot tall with a jet black fur similar to that of his beast, the only difference was the color of their eyes.

Lucian’s were bright blue, while his father’s bright amber eyes burned like fire. They might be similar yet so different. Lucian dodged the incoming beast at the last moment moving to the other end of the circle. Antonio crashed against the invisible barrier and turned around with his rage doubling up.

This time he pounced again with his claws extended. Lucian just ducked slipped through his thigh gap. Antonio once again swiped with his claw. The Steller’s cheered for Lucian.

Lucian stood facing his father with a wide grin on his face, which only irked Antonio more.

Why hasn’t his son shifted yet?Is he weak because of the mating? Antonio growled. “W-w-ee-akk,” his beast drawled pointing a finger at him.

Lucian just laughed off his claim as he continued to dodge his attack instead of fighting him. Antonio’s beast grew restless. His son did not shift but continued to fight in his human form, his size serving as a huge advantage on his side.

“F-ii-t---e,” Antonio growled again.

“I am,” Lucian replied with an unchanging grin which only fuelled his father’s anger.

Antonio closed his eyes concentrating on his human form. There was no point in wasting his time like this. “I never thought you would be so weak, Lucian,” he yelled once his shift was complete.

He was stark naked and nudity was not something that Lycans bothered about, they were used to it. The humans shrieked shielding their eyes from his nudity. The elite guards smirked at their childlike actions.

“It’s good to see you, father,” Lucian replied with the same smile.

“I see, what the mating has done to you, boy. You are weak and pathetic, not fit to be a King.” Antonio spat making everyone cringe.

Lucian just shrugged in response still smiling. “So can I take it as this fight is over? I don’t have a beast like you expected, now you know I don’t belong in the supernatural world with you.”

“Impossible! You’re lying,” Antonio whispered in disbelief. “You are my son, my blood. How could you not have a beast?” Antonio’s gaze burned wholes in Lucian’s head. “It doesn’t matter,” he smiled wickedly after a moment. “I do not appreciate this mating and that pathetic human will die for your mistake,” he hissed.

Lucian clenched his fist to control his anger. “No father, I won’t allow you to do that. She is my mate and I want you to respect my wish.”

“I do not care about your wish. I promised you to my Beta’s daughter and I will fulfill that promise,” Antonio sneered.

“Hm…” Lucian hummed crossing his hands over his chest. “Let’s say I defeat you here, will you let us be?” Lucian asked meeting Antonio’s eyes.

“I will.” Antonio’s lips curled up as he agreed without a second thought.

“Do you promise father?” Lucian pressed.

“I promise.” Antonio nodded. “On one condition, you will have to make me submit to you,” Antonio added earning audible gasps from Giselle and a few others.

“Sure.” Lucian nodded and flexed his muscles. He did not dodge Antonio’s attack this time, instead, he blocked his punches. Antonio was taller and well-built when compared to Lucian in human form, which served as an advantage on Antonio’s side.

He headbutted Lucian drawing first blood. Lucian wiped the blood off his nose and smiled at his father. They continued to fight with each other with Antonio nipping Lucian’s skin now and then drawing blood. Antonio did not even sweat as he continued to fight, everyone tensed when he had Lucian on a choke hold.

“I win, Lucian,” Antonio bellowed in his ear.

Lucian’s eyes locked Alexa, who still had a smile on her face. The other’s faces were grim and his mother already had tears in her eyes. Alexa’s trust in him was overwhelming. The boys were biting their nails anxiously as they waited for Lucian to make his move.

“Well done father!” Lucian said in an appreciating tone. “But I am not done with you yet.” His grin widened before twisting his father’s hands earning a painful growl from him. “I am sorry,” Lucian said as he landed his first punch at his father’s jaw almost dislocating it from the hinges.

Antonio staggered a few steps behind as shock coated his features. Lucian flexed his muscles and tilted his neck until a satisfying pop could be heard. Antonio did not hold back when he fought Lucian again. The fight grew serious and this time Antonio spat blood.

Lucian did not even pant as he stood tall against his father. Outside the circle, the humans cheered as the Lycans watched the scene with shocked expressions. Raymond never expected Antonio to slack, yet there he was bleeding from several gashes made by Lucian.

Rage contorted Antonio’s features as fur covered his body. He roared as he charged towards Lucian, who has not yet shifted. Lucian caught Antonio’s claws and kicked his knees with such a force that his beast’s knees gave up and crashed the ground on all fours.

“I don’t need my beast to beat you in a fight, father,” Lucian said with a slight anger that laced his voice. He caught his father’s beast in a choke hold. Lucian’s gums burned as his fangs extended, his beast clawed at his chest to be let out. “I don’t want to harm you, father. Accept your defeat!” Lucian growled in an inhuman voice.

This confused Antonio. His son did not shift once during the fight, yet he beat him in the fight. No one ever had drawn blood from his body in a combat. His son was strong and there was no mistaking that beast within him. Antonio’s beast could feel the power radiated from his beast and it wasn’t like anything he ever felt. Not even his father’s beast had so much power.

“Accept your defeat!” Lucian let out a ferocious growl making his beast shiver for the first time. Antonio took a deep breath and pride coated his features. His fur melted as he shifted into his human form once again.

“I accept my defeat,” Antonio said causing the Lycans jaw drop and the magic circle vanished as if it was never there.

Lucian dropped his father and stood back. “Good.” He nodded at his father and extended his hand for him to take.

Alexa ran towards Lucian as others cheered for his victory.

Antonio still couldn’t believe why he did what he did. The power being radiated from Lucian was too much. His beast had shown his neck in submission when he felt the raw power and he felt ashamed of his defeat.

The fire demon that watched the fight from a safe distance above the ground contemplated if it was safe to make his presence known. The place was littered with Lycans and he did not see the blinding light again. He watched each one in that place carefully for any sign.

It was when the little girl ran towards the winner he noticed the first sign. Her skin lit up as she hugged him and the glow only grew brighter when they kissed. He wondered why no one around them noticed the way she glowed.

“I will never accept this!” A Lycan shouted from across the field as he ran towards the couple with pure rage.

He waited the right moment to make his move as he continued to watch them.

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