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Chapter 31

Lucian gazed at the oncoming attack with no interest in indulging with him. He was tired of these Lycans who dare show up at his home and their constant need for showing power only annoyed him. Their aggression may work well in their Kingdom, but this right here was his territory and he would never tolerate someone who tried to rip the peaceful life he had here.

He did not shift as he couldn’t risk hurting his father, even by accident. Lucian wanted to show him that his son was not weaker like he thought. He could choose his own mate. The love he developed for Alexa was not forced by anyone. He doesn’t remember when exactly that happened.

Maybe it happened when he first met her, or maybe when she stood up for him, or because she was always there for him when he was ugly and unworthy. Her emotions for him never changed, not when he was that thin skinny boy, or not when he filled out and became stronger, or not when he changed into a terrifying beast.

She had always loved him no matter what, and he reciprocated her feelings. He only stayed away from her for a while not wanting to ruin her virtue at such a young age. Time to show the Lycans who was the boss here, he growled and pushed Alexa behind him.

Everyone around him scattered across the ground giving them space. Antonio watched with wide eyes as a shifted Lycan barrelled towards Lucian with pure rage. Raymond was controlled by his beast’s instincts and he wouldn’t go easy on Lucian.

The Elite guards cheered as the eight feet Lycan approached Lucian, intending to go for a clean kill. Lucian balled his fists, his taut muscles flexed as his eyes narrowed at his opponent.

Everything played in slow motion as Lucian’s eyes narrowed at Raymond’s beast. He caught his clawed hand in his bare hands and twisted it until he heard a sickening crack of his bones. Picking the beast over his shoulder he threw him into the ground with all the strength he could muster into his human form.

As for the others, before anyone could blink their eye, Raymond crashed on the ground shattering chunks of mud with the impact. The elite guards watched with their jaws open, they had only witnessed him shifting partially. They couldn’t feel the full extent of his beast’s strength due to Alexa’s unknown protection on Lucian.

When their King was defeated, they thought their King went too easy on Lucian as he was his son. Now as they watched the Royal beta’s broken form, trying to get up from the ground as his broken bones healed, they were filled with an unknown fear for Lucian.

Audriana caught her brother, who tried to take a swing at Lucian with his silver blade. She shook her head at him with a warning as her eyes sized up Alexa stood at the edge of the forest. Two teenage boys stood a few feet from her and she was an easy target at this position.

The fire demon who noticed Alexa standing closer to him took the chance. How hard would it be? I will just abduct her and vanish before anyone even notices. He descended towards the ground in stealth mode.

Lucian huffed with annoyance as Raymond got up from the ground healing faster with his supernatural strength. His anger only increased two-fold for being manhandled by Lucian.

Deciding to end the fight, Lucian concentrated on his beast, feeling the familiar warmth spread over his body as his beast surfaced, fur sprouting from underneath his human skin. His muscles and bones expanded as they rearranged on their own accord.

Audible gasps could be heard as he finished his shift and stood tall at twelve foot, accessing the threat with no interest. Raymond’s beast trembled at the sight of Lucian’s beast. Not even Antonio was this big.

Lucian’s beast appeared lethal and one of the worst nightmare to mess with. The Steller’s watched him with a huge grin while the boys and Alexa cheered. The elite guards were on their knees bowing to their new King.

Audriana literally drooled at the sight of his beast, her beast purring and going crazy inside her head. His body was ripped with ropes of muscles—dark velvety fur-coated his skin which glistened in sunlight, strong thighs and arms with sharp talons that could tear through anything and everything. He was the biggest beast she had ever seen and she couldn’t control the desire she felt for this beast.

Lucian’s nose flared when a deep scent of the desire filled his nostrils. His beast puffed its chest in appreciation and liked the attention he received from everyone. When his eyes met a pair of grey that looked back at him seductively, his beast scrunched his nose in disgust. Though he liked the attention, the scent did not attract him, it only annoyed him.

Raymond had knelt down not so long before bringing the fight to the end.

Lucian’s nose twitched when the breeze brought along a stench of fire and ash. He turned just in time to notice a small creature whose body was covered in flames tiptoeing towards Alexa who was in his presence.

Alexa who stood at the end of the forest line was confused when she noticed Lucian growling at her direction. He let out a ferocious growl that shook the ground and made the Lycans whimper in fear. The fire demon froze in his tracks when he heard the growl and gulped audibly when he noticed that all their attention were on him.

Alexa gasped when she noticed the little creature burning himself and the grass under his feet. “Oh, my God! You’re burning,” she shrieked not knowing what he was. Being an innocent girl she was, she believed he was hurting.

Dimitri reached her in a swift motion and swung his blade at the demon cleaving his extended forearm. Fresh molten lava dripped from his wound. The demon wailed—its ugly, inhuman cry echoed through the forest. Its body lit with more flame and eyes that was pure red molten lava glared at them.

He growled and grumbled as his forearm grew back once again to its normal form. The demon spat fire at Dimitri who pushed Alexa out of the way and dodged it in time. The fire caught the tree trunk behind them burning it.

Lucian was surprised to see the strange fire creature spitting fire and his anger flared when the fire missed Alexa by mere inches. He rushed forward swiping his sharp claws across its chest.

The demon wailed again, the lava dripped from its body burned Lucian’s claws melting it. Lucian’s eyes widened as he looked at his burned claws, the demon just healed back to its normal self as it sent another fireball towards him.

Lucian being huge, he couldn’t dodge the fireball in time. His skin sizzled and a smell of burning flesh filled the air when it connected with his abdomen. Alexa screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran towards Lucian who tried to put off the fire.

The fire burned vigorously as it had a mind of its own until a white cloud covered his abdomen putting it off. Lucian gazed at Abram who stood there with a fire extinguisher in his hand. The flesh surrounding his abdomen was burned. The wound would have been dangerous if Abram had not stopped it on time.

Puoots, the fire demon cackled behind them as it prepared to send another fireball at them. This time they were ready. Alexa took the fire extinguisher from Abram with a scowl. No one touches my husband. Before the fire demon threw the fireball at them, it was surrounded by a white cloud, which once cleared left a white coat in his body.

The fire demon panicked as he felt the fire within him dull and his body cooled off and turned black and solidified as if he was a volcanic rock. His now coal black eyes stared at them with horror as his mouth formed a scream which never came out.

The demon was still alive, but trapped within his body unable to move. His soul thrashed around the confines of his own body trying to break free. No one defeated a fire demon without the help of any witch. Summoning them took a great deal of magic and left the witch with a tainted soul.

The fire demon wailed internally as he cried for help, sadly there was no one who could hear his cries.

“Cool!” Abram stated in awe.

“Can we use him as a garden gnome?” Abram requested an excited tone making everyone relax. They didn’t see that coming. Mirunalini whispered something to Giselle, who nodded in agreement.

Alexa inspected Lucian’s wound which has now healed and sighed when she felt his strong arms around her. The entire Lycan crowd gasped again, excluding the Steller’s, Giselle and Mirunalini who had witnessed the beast’s exchange with his mate.

Lucian’s claws retracted as usual when Alexa hugged him back and he picked her up with one arm, she leaned across his shoulders hugging his huge neck as few wet tears made their way to his fur. The beast did not like the pain his mate was feeling. He rumbled real low in his chest showing his displeasure on seeing her tears.

“Quiet! You are the reason I am crying. Don’t you have the brains to move away when a ball of fire was coming at you?” Alexa yelled without taking a breath, again earning a few audible gasps from the crowd.

Antonio watched the exchange with wide eyes. No beast has allowed their mate or anyone to touch them. If the beast touched someone it was to kill and not to comfort. It was how they grew up, all they knew was to hunt and kill. He did not understand the exchange he witnessed.

However, his beast watched the exchange with a longing in his eyes. An emotion he did not understand well. His gaze flicked to where his mate stood and then back to the young couple.

Lucian’s beast huffed in annoyance. “P-p-rot-te-ttt,” his beast drawled pointing his thick long clawless finger towards her chest.

Alexa slapped the finger away, “Never ever repeat this again. Do you understand?” She sniffled, slight anger laced her tone. His beast looked at her and at his slapped finger, without understanding. “No, you dumb ass. You don’t get hurt next time, okay?” Alexa repeated, hiding the smile that tugged at her lips.

Lucian’s beast gave her a wide grin showing all of his fangs. If it was someone new, they would have thought he was threatening her.

“Shut it! Your breath stinks.” Alexa complained her voice muffled as she buried her face in his fur.

The beast’s body shook with laughter at her reaction as he held her closer, inhaling her floral scent which always reminded him of gardenias. He turned towards Abram and Nate, “A-a-ll w-w-a-a-i-te,” he said pointing others. The boys nodded in understanding.

“Everyone gather around and wait until Lucian returns,” their voices could be heard ordering the overgrown Lycans as Lucian entered their home to change. Lucian chuckled at their actions, the boys never showed an ounce of fear even after witnessing all the fight.

Abram and Nate shouted their commands at the Lycans as if they were under their commands. They would grow to become a stronger Lycans. The boys understood his every command and one day they will be his right-hand men when they grew up.

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