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Chapter 32

Gretchen Wraith, the most feared witch in the supernatural realm watched the fight between Lucian and his father with a malicious glint on her face. The dark cauldron bubbled with a popping sound now and then, letting out dark smokes which swirled around her.

She appeared more vicious than ever. The attack on the fire demon was unexpected. The knowledge of a Qistina being already mated to Lucian did not bode well for her. The reason she couldn’t find Lucian all this time became clear.

He was being protected by a Qistina all this time and she had claimed him for herself. Her heart, soul, and body already belonged to Lucian. No wonder his beast was so strong when compared to that of his father or any Lycan.

She must have an alternative plan. Getting Dominick mated to the girl was out of the question now and she thought of a way to break their bond. Anyway, she never intended Dominick to gain Qistina’s powers.

A Qistina can only be killed by someone she loved, so Gretchen planned to have her killed by Dominick. A mate bond was sacred and can never be broken by any power known to this world. Good thing I am not from this world. Gretchen thought viciously, and she knows a way to break their bond. How convenient?

The Qistina’s powers weren’t awakened to the full extent, and she was still vulnerable. Consuming her heart was the only way to gain her powers for herself. Gretchen smiled in content as a new formed in her head.

Alexa giggled as her back hit the bed.

Lucian captured her lips in a passionate kiss pouring out all the love he felt for her. He fought his father and won, all for his love, to keep her forever.

“I am so proud of you Lucian,” Alexa whispered as his head dipped between the valley of her breasts peppering soft kisses and his mouth covered her mound over the T-shirt she wore as his hand kneaded the other.

Alexa moaned as her body heated with the pleasure coursing through her veins. The beast fought for his mate and now he wanted to claim his prize. “Lucian… we must stop. They can hear us,” she moaned as her breath quickened.

Lucian’s beast was in control and he did not care for the world as he concentrated on the prize lay before him.

Her body and soul for him to claim….




He ripped her shorts with one tug, his claws extending and making it easier for him. Lucian spread her legs wide. His tongue darted out wetting his lips. Her womanhood glistened with the need for him as she watched with hooded eyes. Her hands fisted the sheets as her hips arched towards him in anticipation.

Lucian’s mouth watered at the sight of the treasure cove that beckoned him over. He scooted lower with his hands pinning her thighs apart, feasting at her pink flesh with a hungering gaze.

With a rumble of growl, he dipped his head between the apex of her thighs inhaling—her arousal so thick in the air and he felt his own member hardening with need. His hot breath fanned her private area, sending delicious shivers throughout her body.

Alexa let out a loud moan when his lips closed around the sensitive nub as his tongue lashed out tasting her. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders as her hands fisted with his hair trying to get closer to his taunting mouth.

The world around her forgotten, she could concentrate only on Lucian and his ruthless tongue. “Oh… Lucian…” Alexa moaned and bit her lips to silence it as words failed her. That feels so good… Don’t stop. Her husky voice floated inside his mind.

Oh, I don’t plan to. With his beast in control, his tongue had this raspy texture which felt so hot and different against her skin. His teeth scraped against her bud hiking her pleasure and she writhed under him.

Alexa squeezed her eyes shut and threw her head back relishing the moment. He held her by the waist limiting her movements.

Each flick of his tongue sending jolts of erotic pleasure to her entire body. She could feel the tension building up as her stomach clenched and muscles trembled, a cry of ecstasy left her lips as her climax hit her, waves and waves of pleasure rippled throughout her body.

Lucian’s passion filled eyes met her dark chocolate ones with blue streaks which were now half closed in a daze. His fingers traced her lip as he adjusted himself between her hips. My love… his voice floated through her mind as he entered her slowly but in a torturous motion. He kept his movements slow and sensual, building up the tension back in her body.

She wanted him to move faster, she tried to lift her hips hinting him what she wanted yet he wouldn’t relent as he continued his passion-filled thrusts. His hands reached between them as he stroked her bundle of nerves, softly running his thumb over them in a circular motion.

“Lucian… faster... please…” Alexa whimpered with need as his lips covered hers, tasting and claiming her.

His rhythm increased at her request and he gave her what she wanted. Their mental walls came down and their emotions open to each other, Alexa felt his deep love for her and her heart swelled lighting up with a bright glow that would blind any naked eyes.

However, Lucian saw through the light—her beautiful eyes half closed, plumps lips slightly parted, head was thrown back with her back arched towards him, her dark hair spread wildly on the pillows. She was a sight to behold.

He could feel the pressure building up within her and he quickened his pace. He captured her lips swallowing her scream when she exploded beneath him, her body shaking violently as he followed her suit releasing in her.

He didn’t bother with using a condom. Amanda had given her a morning pill after their wedding night just in case. Though Lucian’s beast didn’t approve, he kept quiet. The human side understood the responsibilities they had.

If she got pregnant he would care for his offspring. The thought of her pregnant and swollen with his child only turned him on. Lucian held his love close to his chest as she recovered. There was nothing he could compare to the love he felt for her. She is my world.

Aftermath, he carried her to the shower. Lucian rinsed her hair and cleaned her body with so much love, Alexa’s felt overwhelmed with all he was doing as she sent a silent prayer to the God.

I wish this love lasts forever… She prayed letting out a silent tear that went unnoticed under the warm stream of water.

The Lycans and Elves outside could hear what was going on inside. A few had a goofy grin while the others shifted uncomfortably on their feet.

The humans were not bothered as they carried on with their usual banter, mostly because they heard nothing. The boys were too busy moving the now frozen fire demon to their garden finding a special spot to put him.

Audriana fumed and her insides were on fire as she heard her betrothed engaged most passionately with the other woman.

Her enemy…

She could tell he went down on her, even though Lycans were primal many did not do that to their mates. Only those who loved them to the extreme dared to engage in such an act. It was thought as a submissive act on the Lycans part.

The thought of Lucian going down on his mate fuelled her rage. She wanted that, she was born to be the Queen, to rule the supernaturals beside him. The prophecy said Lucian would become the King of supernaturals, not just the Lycans.

He would stop the war and bring peace to the supernatural realm by uniting them. Lucian would be the Alpha King protecting the supernaturals. The power his position brought with was too tempting to let go. No matter what happened she would break his bond with that unworthy human.

The King and her father might have failed and submitted to his beast, but she would fight for what was supposed to be hers.

Now she had seen Lucian she liked him, so far it was only the throne and power she was after. His beast had stirred the unknown emotions within her and she would do anything to make him hers… at any cost.

She tuned out the moans of the other woman as her mind plotted viciously to end her competition.

Lucian and Alexa came out after an hour, showered and dressed in clean clothes. Victor averted his gaze when he spotted the new love bites on his daughter’s neck. She was married, yes–still, it was tough for him to digest the thought of his daughter indulging in something like that.

Lucian cleared his throat as he scanned the crowd. His father’s wounds were healed, and he was dressed in a pair of sweatpants which belonged to Victor. His mother rubbed Antonio’s biceps to soothe his sulking beast.

“Father, I have won the challenge and I choose to stay here with my mate,” Lucian declared. He raised his hand stopping whatever his father tried to say. “I understand that human education holds no value in the supernatural realm, yet this is what I want to do. I want to complete my education and live a normal life with my mate,” he continued.

“I also understand that I am next in line to the throne and am expected to rule the Lycan Kingdom. I will return to the supernatural realm when I am ready. Until then, I will give you time to get used to the fact that my mate is a human and she will be your Queen. I will never choose another female in this lifetime or in any life for that matter,” he announced leaving no room for arguments.

Audriana growled in displeasure as Lucian flicked his gaze to her.

“Audriana, I apologize for what happened. It was not your mistake you grew up believing one day I will be your mate. Fate has changed my course when I stumbled into the human realm. I love Alexa and hope you can understand this,” Lucian’s voice softened.

He couldn’t blame the female for feeling animosity towards Alexa. She grew up believing he would be her mate. She might’ve probably loved him. However, he did not know of his betrothal and even if he knew, he doubted if he would’ve wanted to be with her.

Lucian gazed at Alexa, the memories of their first meeting drew a warm smile on his lips. No, he thought. Nothing could’ve stopped him from falling in love with Alexa.

Audriana’s eyes widened at his apology. No Lycan, especially a Royal apologized for his mistake, even when he was at fault. Her heart melted as she thought about her devious plan and her beast almost accepted the apology.


However, she nodded not bothering to hide her displeasure.

“You can all leave now. Mother, I would love for you to visit and spend time with us in a relaxed environment,” Lucian said pulling his mother into a hug.

Giselle let out a soft sob as she embraced her son. She wanted him to be happy and he cannot have that if he came to the supernatural realm. She did not want him to be the part of the upcoming war. "I love you, my son,” she whispered kissing his cheeks.

Her hands caressed her son’s face with so much love that Lucian felt he was a child again. A vague memory of her visiting him flashed in his mind. Giselle could not visit Lucian often. The Lycan children were separated from their mother once they weened of breast milk and they are forced to train at such a young age.

She always watched Lucian play with his nanny and when he used to train inside his chamber with no one’s knowledge. He often caught her scent and chased her, but she was quick to leave the place not wanting to get caught. If she ever got caught watching her son, she would be punished for going against the law.

A stupid law that kept the mother’s away from their children. She was happy how growing up in the loving family had changed Lucian for good and how much he different he was from the other Lycans.

“I am so proud of you my son,” she whispered again as she rested her forehead on his. Silent tears telling stories which words failed to express.

Alexa could hear her thoughts and her heart ached for a mother who had to watch her child in secret just because it was against the rules to visit them often. I would have no offspring taken from their mother if I was the Queen. Which I would be soon, she thought with a resolve.

Lucian rubbed his mom’s back as her tears soaked his shirt. He understood her emotions, and he wanted her to spend more time with him. However, her being the Queen she couldn’t stay away from the Kingdom for so long and her place is with her mate.

“Mother, I will come back for you. I promise,” he whispered for her to hear.

Giselle nodded and turned to look at her mate. Antonio has lost no fight in his lifetime and though he had lost to his son, she knew his beast did not take it well. His face was void of emotion as he stared back at her. She was afraid how he would react once they went back.

Preparing herself for the inevitable, she stepped inside a circle drawn by Mirunalini with other Lycans and waited for them to be teleported.

Dimitri hugged Lucian, he was proud of his nephew. “Congratulations, Your Majesty,” he whispered only for Lucian to hear.

Alexa watched them leave with a foreboding that squeezed her heart.

Something was going to happen, and she had no clue what it was, she gazed at Lucian who watched his parent’s departure, his face neutral. If he was sad to let them go, he didn’t show it on his face.

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