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Chapter 34

Lucian stirred in his sleep. The temperature grew hot all of a sudden. His breathing grew harsher. It felt as if someone suffocated him. He woke up with a start and clutched his chest as an excruciating pain shot through his heart.

“Lucian!” Alexa woke to hear Lucian’s painful grunts, screamed not understanding what was happening.

“Dad!” Alexa shouted.




“Lucian! What happened?” She held him close as she couldn’t understand the reason for his sudden pain.

An excruciating pain hit her chest as Lucian’s walls came crumbling down. She felt what he felt.

“It hurts!” Lucian stated gasping for breath. Tears welled up in Alexa’s eyes as she watched Lucian tremble with pain. She felt only half of that pain and couldn’t imagine how he was coping.

Victor rushed towards his daughter’s room when he heard her cry for help. “What is going on?” He bellowed as his sleepy eyes noticed Lucian on the ground clutching his chest. “Shit!”

“Oh, God! What do we do now?” Amanda came forth pulling Lucian from the ground and held his head in her lap.

Alexa cried out loud as she rubbed Lucian’s chest frantically to reduce the pain. It felt as if someone was splitting their body from the inside out. She fell down clutching her chest as a pain started in her heart this time. It was nothing like the pain she felt when they consummated their relationship for the first time.

This one was different. Her mind was clouded with dark whispers as she felt invisible hands ripping through her soul.

“Take this couple that I see

Let the love be gone,

Knots of discord, knots of hate

Soon to part is their fate

With this spell, I know I’ve won

I curse their love to come undone!”

The witch chanted and the knots she tied around the pentagram caught fire. Gretchen’s voice rose over the noises of the dark shadows that whirled around the cave. Audriana almost felt bad for Lucian writhed on the ground in pain.


“Free them from the sacred bond

Split their souls

I cut these ties

I break these bonds

I separate them forever more

So more it be.”

This time Alexa fell down clutching her chest. Lucian’s clawed at his chest as a small boy tried to stop him from doing any more damage. Their screams filled the cave and Audriana watched in satisfaction. Alexa’s pain was something she would relish forever. “That bitch deserved it for taking my arranged mate from me,” she whispered.

The blood inside the pentagram rose from the ground, their molecules separating from each other. Audriana’s eyes did not miss the way the cells fought harder when being separated by the invisible forces.

The screams coming from the cauldron stopped when the blood particles separated.

“Audriana…” The witch addressed. “It’s your turn. Get ready,” she said and before Audriana could blink she was sucked into a bubble, travelling through the dark abyss.

Audriana closed her eyes to stop nausea. She did not like teleporting. Her insides squeezed with discomfort as she tried to focus on the task at hand.

Alexa and Lucian stopped screaming as they lay on the ground panting. The mark on Alexa’s shoulder had turned darker instead of its usual silver. Abram had controlled Lucian from hurting himself. The Steller’s watched Lucian and Alexa with worry, their faces held pain and helplessness.

Amanda ran her hands through Lucian’s hair. She loved the boy as her own and seeing him like this hurt. God, why do her kids keep suffering? What did they ever do to deserve this pain?

Alexa leaned against her father’s chest. Victor held her protectively in his arms. Their room shook violently as a dark smoke surrounded them and they were shocked to see Audriana standing there wielding a silver sword.

“What are you doing here?” Victor bellowed in anger. Everything his children went through flashed in his mind.

“You did this!” Victor pointed an accusing finger at her as his face contorted in anger.

“Yes. Do you think I will stay on the sidelines and bow to this bitch while she flaunts her mark?” Audriana sneered.

Victor pounced on her. Female or not, no one touches my children.

Audriana was ready for him. She dodged his attack and kicked him so hard that he flew across the room crashing at the side of the bed.

“Victor!” Amanda rushed towards her husband.

“Do you think you stand a chance against me, human,” Audriana spat. “I am stronger than you’ll ever be.” Audriana looked Alexa as her rage. Her task was to grab Lucian and leave for the supernatural realm.

Looking at Alexa she saw an opportunity. The one she would never miss for anything in the world. She bent down taking the hand of unconscious Lucian and within a blink of an eye, she lodged the silver sword into Alexa’s heart. Her blood sprayed across the room as Audriana’s laughter filled the air.

Abram screamed when he saw her sister being stabbed by a heartless woman who stood in front of him.

He saw red.

His fingers tingled as his nails extended into sharp claws.

He noticed Audriana take Lucian’s hand while her other hand clutch an amulet she wore in across her neck. Abram let out a ferocious growl and pounced with clawed hands, digging at her back and twisted her innards earning an agonizing scream from her before she disappeared.

He slashed the space, but the blood in his hand and some torn tissues was proof enough he got her nice and square. His parent’s screams brought him out of his anger filled daze and he rushed towards his sister who lay there with a silver sword launched inside her chest.

Her heart had stopped.

Something snapped at him as he threw his head back and let out a painful howl, which was soon answered by another howl nearby. Nate.

Giselle turned Antonio’s office upside down in search of the medallion. She plopped on the floor with a relieved sigh when she found it under his heavy desk. Rubbing the medallion she chanted the ancient spell allowed her to communicate with her brother.

“Dimitri!” She shouted in relief when her brother’s concerned face came into her view.

“Giselle?” Dimitri frowned with a puzzled look. His sister was fine when he left to meet their parents.

“Antonio and Raymond have gone out. They have imprisoned us inside the castle. They are up to something, Dimitri. I know this. He had blocked me and I couldn’t feel his emotions,” Giselle informed him in one breath.

“What?! I am coming, Giselle.” The link disconnected and Dimitri stormed out of his castle towards the Lycan Kingdom with his most trusted soldiers.

Audriana gasped for air as an agonizing pain shot through her spine. Someone had attacked her from behind before she left. It was not the adults, only the boy stood next to her when she stabbed the girl.

There was no way the boy could have attacked her or could he? She was so caught up with Lucian and the bitch to care for her surroundings. The magic that carried her through the never-ending abyss dropped her and Lucian in the middle of the cave.

Audriana thanked her lucky stars when she found no dark spirits surrounding the cave like before.

“What have you done?” Gretchen screeched as she threw Audriana across the cave with a flick of her finger.

Audriana’s breath was knocked out from her lungs at the impact. “I did as I was told.” Audriana coughed trying to breathe.

“No. You went out of line and stabbed the girl!” Gretchen bellowed. Her features contorting with pure rage as dark energy swirled dangerously around her. The cave shimmered at her outburst.

Audriana’s body shook at the sight of the witch who looked deadlier than the ghosts that surrounded the cave earlier.

“You shouldn’t have touched the girl, Audriana. And for that you shall be punished,” Gretchen stated in her deadly voice.

Audriana felt invisible arms choking her. Her body elevated from the ground and invisible hands pinned her against the cave wall. Her legs dangled with no support. She gasped as her face turned red with her air supply cut.

“What the hell?” Audriana’s body came crashing down at the voice of her saviour, none other than her own father.

Antonio and Raymond had returned to the cave at midnight like the witch had asked them to. When they heard a commotion inside the cave, they rushed in and the scent of Audriana’s blood had them sprinting towards her.

What they witnessed had them gaping at the scene with disbelief. Lucian lay unconscious on the ground while the witch held Audriana against the cave wall with her powers. She was choking her. Raymond was the first to break out of his daze as he shouted at the witch, who released her clutches from his daughter’s neck.

“Your daughter killed the girl, Raymond. She should have just stuck to her task, instead, she went out of line and stabbed the girl with her sword,” Gretchen bellowed. “For that, she will die today.”

Audriana was again dragged by invisible hands as she fought the invisible hands and screamed at her father to save her.

“Stop it. Why does it matter to you that the girl is alive or dead?” Raymond argued. No one touches my daughter.

“Gretchen, release Audriana! I won’t hesitate to kill you,” Antonio’s voice boomed across the cave.

“You cannot do a thing to me you pathetic Lycan,” Gretchen spat as Antonio’s beast pounced on her.

Raymond picked his daughter and ran out of the cave as Antonio fought the witch. Antonio could get nowhere near the witch. Invisible hands held him and tore through his torso as the witch laughed maniacally. He fought the invisible hands slashing the air. Blood whooshed from the gashes he received.

Antonio knew he could do nothing against the witch and her dark magic. He looked across the cave frantically for anything that could help. Another hand slashed on his back this time deeper. The Lycan King screamed in pain as he felt something biting and chewing on his leg.

He spotted the dark cauldron few metres from his position. Without another thought he lunged for the cauldron, destroying it with his claws and kicking it down. The witch screeched in anger as the cave shook violently with tremors.

Antonio hoisted Lucian and ran out of the cave with him on his shoulder.

“I will be back you filthy Lycans. You will all pay for this mistake,” the witch bellowed as Antonio and Raymond ran for their lives with their children on their shoulders.

Giselle ran out of the office room when she heard the commotion outside. Dimitri had just arrived, and they were talking about the possibilities in the office room. Quentin came running and informed them of their King’s arrival. His eyes said more and Giselle sprinted towards the castle entrance.

Antonio and Raymond looked dishevelled as they carried unconscious Lucian and a crying Audriana in their shoulders.

Giselle gasped with a hand on her mouth as shock coated her features. “Lucian…” She whispered with wide eyes as Antonio walked past her, carrying Lucian to the chamber he used as a child. “What have you done?” Giselle shouted from behind and his face held no expression as he laid Lucian on the mattress.

He left the room without another word as Giselle followed him after contemplating for a moment.

“Call for a celebration. The Prince has come home,” Antonio’s voice boomed with happiness as the Lycans cheered.

“Antonio!” Giselle exclaimed.

He again paid no heed as he marched into his office closing the door.

Pure rage flared within her at his disrespect. He brought Lucian from the human realm. He has done something so despicable. Else why would he avoid me like a plague? She mused as she stomped towards Lucian’s chamber.

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