The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 35

Alexa’s lifeless eyes stared at the ceiling as her parents cried over her ashen body. Blood pooled on the floor, soaking the carpet. Their helpless cries echoed through the walls.

Abram couldn’t believe what happened. He blinked and shook his head, praying for this nightmare to an end. Nothing happened. I should have done something sooner. I should have fought for my sister.

“Alexa!” Amanda wailed. “My baby… Come back.”


“Victor! I can’t see her like this. Do something. Oh, God!”

Abram’s body shook as his mother’s cry infiltrated his numb senses. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his knees gave out. Beside him, Nate stared at Alexa with no emotion on his face.

Nate had responded to Abram’s distrust call and arrived with his parents. The pain was too much to bear. They were sleeping when they heard the screams and now their daughter was dead, stabbed with a silver sword straight through her heart.

The family’s cries echoed through the dark and the rain poured as if nature itself mourned for her death.

Lucian was unconscious and his body was cold as ice. Mirunalini inspected for spells used on him, her eyes closed as her hands hovered over his naked torso. Giselle and Dimitri stood next to him waiting anxiously for Lucian to wake up.

“Oh my God!” Mirunalini whispered after a while. Her expression was one of disbelief.

“They broke his mate bond and erased his memory of her,” Mirunalini whispered. Her voice so low they had almost missed what she said.

Giselle gasped as she staggered back in shock.

“What?!” Dimitri bellowed in anger. Mate bond was sacred, and no one dared perform a ritual that dark. Only one would do such a thing, the one who sold her soul to the demon master from the hell beneath. “Gretchen…” Dimitri whispered as realization set in.

As on cue, Raymond and Antonio walked into the room followed by Raymond’s family.

“What have you done?” Giselle turned to face Antonio. Angry tears rolled down her cheeks. “What have you done, Antonio?”

“I have done the right thing by saving our son,” Antonio replied with a neutral expression.

“The witch broke his mate bond and erased his memory of her. Is that a right thing?” Giselle yelled. She balled her fists as wisps of pure energy pulsed through her veins.

Antonio’s face contorted with anger. “Stand down Giselle, I don’t care that you are my mate. I will not hesitate to put you in your place,” Antonio bellowed. “That mate of his was a human and she would have died one day, leaving our son broken. I did the right thing by saving him now before their bond got any stronger.”

“You did that by dark magic. That bitch erased his memory, Antonio and I will never agree with you,” Giselle did not back down.

She was on fire.

Several emotions coursed through her mind.




“Don’t worry, my Queen. The girl is dead. Lucian will be fine when he wakes up,” Audriana smirked.

“What did you say?” Giselle was at her face in a moment.

“I killed his mate right before taking him from the human realm. I stabbed her with a silver sword right through her heart. She is dead,” Audriana replied with pride. Her shoulders and head held straight.

Audriana’s body was thrown across the room and the Lycan grunted when her body collided with the wall. Everyone except Antonio gasped in shock as Giselle’s hands glowed brighter. She rushed towards the girl and hoisted her by the collar of her gown.

Audriana swallowed. She’d never witnessed the Queen with so much rage. No one has ever seen Giselle using her Elven powers or knew what she was capable of. Audriana felt invisible hands crushing her bones and wheezed for breath.

Giselle narrowed her eyes at the young girl who stood before her. The girl did not know what she was talking. No one can kill a Qistina. A Qistina can be killed only by a person she falls in love with. Alexa’s heart belonged to Lucian and therefore only Lucian can end her life.

“Giselle, enough!” Antonio bellowed. However, Giselle paid no heed to his warning.

“You signed your death warrant Audriana!” Giselle’s whisper was deadly as she pushed the girl away from her. “A Qistina can never be killed by someone like you. Be warned, she will come for you and when she does, you will have no place to run. No one in this world can save you,” Giselle hissed at the girl who looked at her with wide eyes.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Antonio growled. His beast did not like that Giselle stood up against them. She did not back down like she usually did. His claws itched, but he held back. This is my mate.

“Oh! My poor mate, you will suffer the consequences too. The girl she thought she killed is no mortal. She is the most powerful soul ever to be born.” Antonio stepped back unconsciously with each step Giselle took towards him.

He had never seen her furious. Her brown eyes held a strange golden glow as her body glowed. Wisps of energy swirled around her. “She is the daughter of light and justice. Alexandra is no human Antonio. She is an immortal just like you and me. Maybe more than us,” Giselle drawled, her eyes not leaving her mate’s.

“She will come for Lucian and when she finds him, no supernatural can stand her wrath.” Giselle turned and was again in front of Audriana in a second. “And you girl, you will die a painful death by her hands,” Giselle warned and left the chamber followed by Dimitri and Mirunalini while Antonio watched her with a dumbfounded expression.

An hour has passed and the family sat there in a stupor. The girl killed Alexa and took Lucian with her. They were just humans and what would they do to find him? They had all witnessed the magic. How were they supposed to fight against a magic like that?

Amanda’s sobs had stopped and she sat there staring at her daughter, waiting for a miracle to happen. Lucian brought Abram and Nate back. Maybe his mark on my daughter would work. The poor mother hoped as she held to the tiny thread of sanity.

Abram and Nate stared at Alexa. There was no warmth to her body—her heart had stopped beating a long while ago, her face so pale and lifeless, her open eyes were not twinkling. Her parted lips held no smile.

The family was at loss, they did not know what to do. They did not know if they had to call the police. How were they supposed to tell the cops that their daughter was killed by a supernatural? How would they explain the ancient looking sword that was embedded in her chest? Victor sobbed again and the others followed.

When they thought there was no hope, a faint glow lit Alexa’s heart.

“Vic-Victor, look!” Amanda shook Victor pointing at their daughter. They watched with wide eyes as her entire body glowed. “Oh, my God! She’s coming back. The mark is working.”

Victor immediately picked Alexa from the floor and laid her on the bed. They all watched the miracle in awe. Alexa’s body elevated and she floated over the air in a vertical position facing her family. Her eyes were pure white, glowing like white crystals.

The family gasped as the sword removed itself from her body and Alexa’s lips curled, emanating a ferocious growl. The things in the room elevated and the walls shook with mild tremors. Her eyes scanned the crowd for threat as she wound closed.

“Lucian…” She called in a different voice that was bold and thick.

“That girl who came this morning stabbed you and took him away,” Victor replied, his eyes glistened with tears.

The things in the room crashed down as Alexa growled in anger. The family was thrown against the floor by an invisible energy that pushed past them.

“Alexa… Baby, calm down. We are your parents,” Amanda whimpered and scurried back when Alexa moved towards her at lightning speed. Amanda tensed when her daughter’s hand rose to her chest and hovered over her heart.

“You speak the truth,” Alexa whispered after a moment. “I shall find him and when I do, she will pay for what she did,” Alexa hissed as she flew towards the window, her eyes scanning the world outside.

Two days later…

Lucian was still unconscious. Giselle has not spoken a word to Antonio. When he tried to seek her and assert his dominance she threw him across the room using her power. She tied him up with tree vines and hung him upside down when his beast tried to lash at her. She left him that way in the garden.

He must be licking his egoistical wounds from earlier. Coward beast! Giselle growled at the thought. Never in her life, she’d felt so much hatred for her mate. Not even during their arranged mating. She accepted her fate and accepted the bond.

Lucian’s situation increased her worries. His heart was raw, and the wounds did not heal. They couldn’t feel his beast and the healer has done her best to him. Giselle fumed inside, it was high time that Antonio was taught his lesson.

“Mirunalini I want you to do something for me.”

The dark witch shot a questioning glance at her friend.

“I want you to break my bond with Antonio.” Giselle’s soft face was hard with no emotions as she looked at her friend with a determination.

Mirunalini opened and closed her mouth with no words coming out. Dimitri was just as shocked as their friend.

“I want him to feel what Lucian feels. The only way to make him understand others pain is through delivering pain,” Giselle continued. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she gazed at her son. “I know you cannot do it. I want you to take me to your great-grandmother who can do this.”

Dimitri looked at his nephew. “It would inflict pain on yourself too?” He said after a while.

“I know. But, I need to do this, Dimitri. I can’t see my son suffering. Antonio should realize what he has done to his son.”

Mirunalini nodded in understanding. This was the only way to teach Antonio a lesson and Giselle would put him through the same pain her son was going through. “I’ll take you. We leave at dusk.”

Giselle walked to her son’s room with a bouquet of gardenias. She had Dimitri bring those flowers from the human realm. With Lucian back to the castle Mirunalini was allowed to go back. They couldn’t find the whereabouts of Alexa as she had her blocks up. Giselle remembered how similar to gardenias the girl smelled.

The bond must have broken and Lucian might not have his memory but this could trigger something. Antonio could have commanded her and the entire Kingdom to swear secrecy about Lucian’s past, but he did not ban her from leaving clues.

Even though Giselle was not a Lycan, she was bound to the promise she made during their mating. One was to abide by Antonio’s command. She couldn’t break the promises she made. She sat next to Lucian on the bed with her hand over his heart. His body was warmer now, his eyes moved as if he was dreaming.

“Lucian, my son… I know you can’t hear me, but if you do, I want you to listen carefully. Always follow the scent of gardenias… They will take you to your destiny,” she whispered.

She smiled softly when his heartbeat quickened. His nose flared as he inhaled the enticing scent and the movement of his eyes increased behind his eyelids.

Her son had heard her.

“Find your destiny, Lucian. Do not stop until you find it. I command it,” Giselle whispered clasping his hands in hers. She was a Royal High Elf and Lucian was a hybrid. As a mother, she could command his Elven side and she did. She left the clue and gave him a command, never once breaking her promise.

The magic could’ve bound his beast, but his Elven side would remember something. Giselle hung to her belief. The flowers were enchanted so it wouldn’t die. She had ordered the maids not to touch the flowers.

Giselle was sure Lucian would wake up soon and Antonio would pay a hell lot for his mistakes. No one noticed when she left the Lycan Kingdom that night. Everyone was so engrossed in the ongoing celebrations.

No one knew when Antonio fell in his chamber experiencing an excruciating pain in his heart as Giselle broke her bond with him. When he woke up two days later in his bed with a healer beside him he felt empty. His bond so silent and his mate’s scent so faint in the room as if she was not here for almost two days.

“Giselle…” He whispered.

The healer held a sad look as an enchanted letter made its way towards Antonio and hovered over him. Antonio remembered that kind of letter well. It was like the letters Giselle send her parents. He caught the letter with an aching hand and opened it.

“Dear Antonio,

It hurts me to see how time has changed you. I don’t recognize the man you have become. It pains me to realize that you aren’t the same man I fell in love with.

Never in my dreams, I thought a day like this would come. A mate bond is sacred, and you tainted it by ruining our son’s life. I can’t live on with that knowledge. You crushed his heart and didn’t care about the pain you are subjecting him to.

All these years, I’ve put up with the atrocities of the Lycan world. No more. You broke a sacred bond and now I condemn you to your son’s pain. This will hurt me too. But, this pain is far better than the shame of your sin.


Antonio’s eyes went wide as realization set in and his beast whimpered. That agonizing pain, the silent bond it was because Giselle broke the bond with him.

She is gone.

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