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Chapter 36

He chased around a beautiful girl with chocolate brown eyes and brown hair through the woods. Her giggles were like chiming bells and his name on her lips felt so right.

He caught her and pulled her flush her against his firm body. Her warm frame pressed against his as he ran his hands over her curves. Her body shuddered as he placed a kiss on the crook of her shoulder where it met her neck.

His beast purred with delight when she ran her tiny hands tracing his muscles. The scent of gardenias surrounded them as he made love to her and everything felt perfect until the perfect scenery changed into a more horrifying one.

They were surrounded by darkness and all he could smell was death and ashes. They were ripped apart by invisible hands as the girl screamed his name. His beast roared and snapped at the invisible force trying to get to the girl. His heart clenched in pain as the girl screamed for help.

With every passing second, the girl was taken far from him until he could no longer see her.

Darkness clouded his vision until he felt nothing.

Audriana traced Lucian’s cheeks. She felt him tense under her touch. He was unconscious from the time she brought him here. His eyes moved behind his thick eyelids framed with long lashes and his breathing increased as if he was dreaming.

His sleeping form tensed before calming down. They couldn’t feel his beast and after Giselle left Audriana made it her routine to stay with Lucian. She took care of him and wanted him to see her first when he opened his eyes.

Her patience was thinning with the time taking for him to just open those damn eyes and her beast growled in frustration. She couldn’t wait to mate him and claim the throne for herself. The mate bond has never been broken compulsorily, and she wondered what changes he would go through.

Audriana hoped that with Lucian’s memory gone now could take the place as his mate. With Antonio being unstable from the broken bond, it was only a matter of time before she became the Queen. A wicked smile crept on her lips as she looked at Lucian’s unconscious form, her mind dreaming the day of her crowned as a Queen.

The dark castle sat in the secluded part of ‘The Fabled Hill’. Darkness loomed over the castle giving it a sinister look as night creatures crawled around the vicinity in search of food.

Gretchen walked in as the night creatures bowed their head, some wagging their tails with their saliva dripping tongues as their eyes watched her excitedly for the treats. “My children,” she whispered as she caressed few ugly creatures that purred at her touch as they flopped down with their belly up.

“No fighting…” Gretchen sang in an eery voice and threw dead raccoons at the creatures that rushed forward to devour them. She watched in satisfaction as the sound of fangs tearing through dead flesh filled the air and walked inside the lonely corridors.

The dim lit corridor led her towards the heart of the castle where she was greeted by several maids who hurried towards her with wide grins.

“The Queen is back,” they whispered excitedly in hushed voices.

“Prepare the bath and lay out my favorite gown,” Gretchen ordered as the maids scurried past her.

The dark cloak covered her crooked figure was discarded first as she stood before the mirror with a wicked smile. She waved her hand over her frame and watched with pride as her spell wore out revealing the true beauty of the ugly facade.

She stood tall at five foot eight inches, with fiery red hair which cascaded her beautiful round shaped face. It reached just below her waist covering her round breasts. Her calculating green eyes ran over her hourglass frame in approval.

She was thousand years old yet she looked as fresh as a morning flower, not a year older than thirty. Her blood red lips curled up into a smirk as she ran a finger over her navel. The maids were back with a bathtub filled with warm water and fragrant oils she loved. She climbed in and closed her eyes relaxing as the maids pampered her.

Once the bath was over, they dressed her up in a fine silk gown matching the color of her lips. The heart shaped bodice accentuated her round breasts, and they looked as if they are ready to spill out of the dress any moment.

The dress flared from under her bust accentuating her voluptuous curves with a one side slit that started right above her left thigh leaving the rest to the viewer’s imagination. Her fiery red hair was now combed and left flowing in its natural waves.

Red ruby jewels decorated her body, and the maids completed her look with a diamond encrusted crown on top of her head. With a satisfied look, she sauntered past the maids in search of her King.

The Vampire King Zaros Moldark Balthazar sat on his throne alone. His Queen had gone out on some business and he was bored to the bone. There was nothing there to take care of with no war the vampires were restless with nothing to do. They hungered for blood which was becoming scarce with the dwindling number of supernaturals.

Gretchen had brought humans from the human realm to quench their taste. However, nothing would satisfy them like a supernatural blood which brought a thrill with it.

Human blood was normal. Their body did not race with excitement. It was just enough to satisfy the burning hunger they felt in the pit of their stomach. The puny humans were so easy to break and there was no fun in breaking them.

Everyone ached for blood and war.

His nose twitched when an amazing fragrance filled his nose and a smile crept across his rosy lips. His fangs extended painfully as Gretchen came into view, her creamy, flawless skin contrasted well with her blood red dress and her body was so delectable.

Her beauty drove him crazy as his jet black eyes darkened with desire and he had her pinned against the wall before she could blink. His nose dipped into the crook of her head inhaling her enticing scent.

Gretchen let out a lust-filled moan when the Vampire King bit down her neck drawing blood. His hands fisted with her dress as he tried to feel her curves. “You were gone too long, my love,” he breathed pressing his erection against her hip.

“I know… I won’t be going anywhere soon,” Gretchen moaned as she captured his lips with a kiss full of need.

The maids around the throne room left the area, giving privacy to their King and Queen. Their moans and screams of pleasure were the only sounds that could be heard from the room as they devoured each other in centuries-old game of love.

Gretchen was born to a poor witch who was too good that the good within her got them nowhere. She had always been the beautiful one and her beauty brought the riches to her doorstep in the form of suitors. She used her beauty to get what she wanted and discarded men like clothes.

It was Zaros who captured her heart. She had just lost Grendell, her only son and was mourning his loss when Zaros came into her life. He was just an ordinary vampire looking for a meal in the forest when he stumbled on her.

He was entranced by her beauty and her by his. Zaros was a predator and everything about him was attractive—his shoulder length jet black hair which matched his eyes, his chiseled face and his broad frame filled her with a need she never experienced before.

Together they started the war and Zaros became the King of Vampires making her the Queen. She couldn’t conceive considering their different anatomies, yet it never bothered her. They were immortals and shall rule the supernatural world together forever.

She used Dominick and turned him against his own brother, but he couldn’t kill Antonio that day. They had a support of another witch hiding from Gretchen. Lucian was lost into the human realm.

“I have news for you my love,” Gretchen mused as their naked bodies lay tangled on the floor. “Prince Lucian is back. I broke his mate bond and erased his memory. Queen Giselle broke her bond with Antonio in revenge. Now the Lycans are at their weakest,” she explained as a wide grin replaced the expectant look on Zaros face.

“Then we shall start a war, my love. Give our children what they need,” Zaros smirked with a dangerous glint on his face as Gretchen smiled at him with love.

“Let us bath this realm with blood,” Gretchen purred as she pulled his head down for another kiss.

“Your Majesty!” The Lycan bellowed as he ran into the hidden cave.

Dominick, who was training lowered his sword and looked at the Lycan who addressed him with urgency.

“Prince Lucian is back. Word has it that King Antonio has broken the mate bond of his son. Queen Giselle left the Kingdom after breaking her bond with King Antonio in retaliation. There is chaos everywhere,” the Lycan finished as Dominick frowned in thought.

The kingdom is in chaos.

He would never get another chance like this. Lucian and Antonio would be at their weakest with the absence of their mate bond. There was no other Lycan stronger than him in the Kingdom. He was the second strongest in the hierarchy.

“Tonight we fight for our rights,” Dominick bellowed as the fellow Lycans cheered, their beasts perking up at the chance of war.

There was no way Antonio would win this fight. He would walk in and challenge his brother. Once he wins the fight, the Kingdom would belong to him forever. Dominick’s beast roared as he puffed his chest, his hunger for revenge increasing his anticipation.

Alexa stared at the white ceiling as her body felt numb. After her outbreak last week, her brother had calmed her somehow and after that, she felt nothing.

The usual overwhelming feeling of love that made her heart swell was absent. Her heart was void. She could no longer feel Lucian. The bond was quiet; the mark had turned black as her heart.

Anger rolled in waves from her as the room shook with violent tremors. Her family was the only thing that kept her sane and she wanted nothing more than to destroy everything in her path. A dark energy filled her as her eyes shifted focus. A hunger like nothing filled her as she let out a frustrating scream breaking the glasses of the window pane.

Abram ran into his sister’s room to see her floating in the air with her brown hair blowing around like that of a ghost with the non-existent wind. The malicious glint in her face scared him to the bones. A horrifying chill started on his spine as he looked at Alexa’s demonic form.

Her pitch black eyes held no emotions. The usual white glow that surrounded her was replaced with that of a dark one that covered her with its dark tendrils.

Abram’s breath hitched as he watched her with wide eyes. He felt invisible hands binding him and he was too scared to make a noise or run. He was whisked towards her and his form rose from the ground without his approval.

Alexa’s mouth opened showing sharp fangs and he could feel his life source being sucked out by his own sister. His mouth opened forming a silent scream as he begged her internally not to do this. Alexa stopped when she felt something familiar. Her now two-inch claws ripped Abram’s shirt, and she traced the four silver colored crescent moon marks.

Her eyes changing to its normal form momentarily as she pressed her hands over his mark feeling the bond thrum under her hands. Lucian’s bond was quiet as if he was sleeping.

“Lucian…” She whispered right before passing out taking her brother with her.

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