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Chapter 37

Raymond closed his eyes and took a deep breath as his hands gripped the golden throne, relishing the way it felt. The huge throne swallowed his body, cushioning his back. He traced the red velvet as his lips curled up. How long had I craved for this day?

With the Alpha King out of commission, it was his duty to lead the kingdom, and he just did that. Who would dare to ask me if I sit on the throne? I am their King now. He didn’t care if Lucian ever woke up. He’d find a suitable Lycan for his daughter and maybe bid Goodbye to the unconscious Lycan forever.

His eyes rolled back into his skull as he inhaled the air with greed. He’d renovated the throne room with the interior he preferred. Raymond couldn’t thank Giselle enough for her sudden decision to break the bond with Antonio. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be sitting on the throne.


Raymond’s eyes snapped to the Lycan warrior as fury lit his veins. The corner of his lips curled up, showing his deadly fangs to the warrior dared address him as the beta.

“We are under attack!” The warrior informed paying no heed to how Raymond reacted. The Lycans had known his greed for long and it was expected though they could never see him as their King. Their King still breathed and their Crown Prince was alive.

“What?!” Raymond jumped, his fists clenched. Who would dare attack my kingdom?

“It’s Prince Dominick. His men are attacking without mercy.”

“Ah, Dominick…” Raymond sneered. “He is mine. No one shall harm him.”

The warrior opened his mouth to respond when an agonized cry echoed through the throne room. A ten-foot tall beast marched in, power and authority rolling from it in waves. It washed over Raymond, making him shiver under its hard glare.

“I knew I would find you here,” Dominick spoke, his fur melting into his human skin. “You’ve always had a thirst for this throne. I should’ve known better.”

“Dominick…” His name rolled out of Raymond’s tongue with distaste. He believed he got rid of the Lycan Prince for good.

“It’s Alpha Dominick for you!” Dominick snarled and shifted to his beast form—an action so quick that a mortal eye would miss it.

“I should’ve killed you sooner.” Raymond panted, unable to withstand the raw power radiating from Dominick. He clenched his jaw before shifting to his beast form. The throne is mine.

The warrior stood back and watched as both the beasts lunged at each other, roaring and snarling.

Dominick gazed at the mangled body of the Lycan who lay before him in disgust. Did the foolish beta think he could win this fight with me?

He took pleasure in fighting the power-hungry beta. Dominick took his time in making Raymond’s death painful. His agonizing screams satisfied his hungering beast with his blood tasting like the most wonderful nectar in the entire supernatural world.

His beast tore him limb from limb and chewed at him while he was alive. Raymond watched helplessly as the beast chewed his body. He glanced at his blood dripping claws as he prepared to face his twin brother after thirteen years.

He climbed into the bathtub filled with fresh water and dismissed the maids. The memories he tried to forget so hard came crashing down on him. Raymond played the main role in manipulating him all those years when he wallowed in pity.

In the olden days, the Lycan Kingdom was divided into four territories—North, South, West, and East. Dominick’s great-grandfather Richard had four children, and each ruled a territory, under the watchful eye of his great-grandfather.

The rulers of Western and Eastern territory were killed during one war between the supernaturals. Richard united the Western and Eastern territory with the Northern territory as they had no heirs and brought them all under one rule.

The ruler of the Southern territory was survived by a daughter who was also Antonio and Dominick’s mother. Dominick was only younger than Antonio by a few seconds and was capable of the throne in every way. He was trained from the day of his birth to be the King and dreamed of it every minute.

The Alpha blood within him wanted to lead.

Instead of giving the southern territory to him, his dead father Alaricus had united the northern and southern territory of the Lycan Kingdom. After Antonio’s victory against the Vampire forces, Alaricus crowned his firstborn as the only King of Lycans.

Dominick lost it that day, his beast raged destroyed his chamber. He locked himself in, unable to come to terms with the new changes. He wanted to fight his brother and everyone on the throne he rightfully deserved.

He hated his brother’s mate Giselle when she came to the castle. Dominick saw her as a weakling not fit to be the Queen. His hatred grew every day, and that’s when Raymond brainwashed him. Raymond fuelled the anger he tried to hide. When Lucian was born he too was happy to see his nephew for he is his blood, his family.

However, Raymond ruined their relationship even before it blossomed. He fed him all the lies and turned him against his own brother. He promised to fight with him on the day he challenged his brother for the throne.

Then on the night of the attack, everything changed. Antonio was in good spirits as he arranged Lucian’s mating with Raymond’s first-born daughter and Raymond accepted betraying him. Everything going on was too much to handle, they were so happy and something snapped within Dominick that day.

He challenged his own brother. He lost his ability to reason with and lost that day to his blood brother, all the while Raymond watching from side-lines with a smug look on his face. Dominick was banished from the Kingdom and was forced to leave, more like escaped to save himself from being killed.

It was later he learned that the vampire and ghouls attacked his brother’s castle. The blame was in his name. His ruthless brother set a bounty on his head forcing him to live hidden inside a cave like a caveman.

Dominick’s mind was in turmoil as he reached the door of his brother’s chamber. The sick scent of pain and agony filled the air, making him gag. His brother was in pain. Dominick did not wait as he opened the door and ambled towards his brother who lay on the floor wearing nothing more than a kilt.

The blood bond they shared once again came alive as he stared at his brother. His beast howled wanting to take away the pain.

Antonio’s hollow eyes stared at the ceiling as his beast howled sadly within him. Dominick heard the painful howl of the beast which made his heart clench. Why would Giselle put him through such pain? If what I heard was right, then Antonio deserved this fate for ruining a mate bond. No one ever dared to break a sacred mate bond.


There were claw marks on Antonio’s chest as if he was trying to dig his heart out. Tears stained his cheek and the once strong King was now just a broken man. Dominick frowned as he thought what he wanted to do with his brother.

He came here for revenge, but he didn’t expect to find his brother in this state. His beast rattled within him. Dominick knelt beside his brother, caressing his cheek before he knew it. The beast within whined, wanting to comfort his blood brother.

All the time they spend together flashed in Dominick’s mind and his jaw clenched. My brother. Gone was the need for revenge. A determination so pure filled Dominick.

“Pick him up. Place him in the bed and call the healer,” he ordered his right-hand men. Dominick had only a handful of Lycans who supported him. They were mostly his childhood friends, and they left with him when he was banished from the Kingdom. The Lycans hurried to hoist Antonio from the floor and do as they were ordered.

He couldn’t bring himself to hurt his brother, not when he was in this condition. Good, I never wanted a mate for myself, Dominick thought as he exited Antonio’s chamber. Dominick sniffed taking in all the new scents as he walked through the dim lit corridors. The Lycan guards stationed at the corridor bowed in respect. Lucian was in his old chamber.

Once inside the chamber, he took in Lucian’s pale appearance. The boy was a replica of his brother and himself. Antonio and Dominick were identical twins, with their eye color being the only difference. Dominick frowned at the sight of a young girl next to Lucian. Oriel said Antonio broke his son’s mate bond. Who is this girl? With Lucian being in a human realm, he must have mated to a human.

The girl gazed at him with no fear. Her face held a smug look which felt so familiar.

“Who are you?” The girl flinched on hearing his harsh tone.

“Audriana.” The girl responded in a not so soft voice.

Audriana, the conniving daughter of a conniving father. Dominick’s lips curled up in an unpleasant sneer as he looked at the girl with distaste. “What are you doing here in Lucian’s chamber?” Dominick’s voice was still harsh, this time she did not flinch.

“I am tending to my fiancée.” She replied and Dominick boomed with laughter.

Father tried to side with his brother so his daughter could be the Queen and the daughter was now trying to win Lucian. How convenient? Dominick’s laughter turned into a snarl as he hoisted Audriana by her neck.

“Uncle Antonio…” Audriana wheezed.

“No, I am Dominick, your King. Your good-for-nothing father is dead by my hands. Try to speak with disrespect again, I shall kill you the same way I did your father.” Dominick snarled throwing her on to the floor. “I shall tear your pathetic form limb by limb and chew your bones, while you scream for mercy and watch helplessly.” He taunted as her face paled.

Audriana bowed her head in submission as Dominick advanced, her neck touching her chest. Her body trembled with fear as tears stained her cheeks.

So she knows the survival tactics, Dominick smirked. “Leave!” His voice boomed and Audriana scurried out as fast as she could at his order. “Keep an eye at the Sperazzo’s. I don’t trust them,” he told one of his men, who nodded and left the chamber.

Dominick sighed and looked at Lucian, who lay there with no care about the surrounding happenings.

His hand traced Lucian’s flawless skin, as another memory flashed through his mind.

“Will you help me train, Uncle Dominick? Father will never allow me to train with anyone,” the young Lucian complained to him during one of his secret visits.

“Sure, Lucian.” Dominick laughed as he showed a few new tricks to Lucian who tried to follow his move anxiously.

The Lycan children were separated from their parents at such a young age to start with their training. Antonio did not allow his son to train since he was so small compared to the other Lycan children.

Lucian was so adorable and a pleasant child that Dominick sneaked his chamber several times to just visit him. It was their little secret.

Looking at Lucian has triggered their old memories which he treasured so much. Dominick also realized that he was the rightful heir to the throne. I have no family or heir. If Lucian wanted the throne, then he can have it. Dominick shook his head at the thought. His qualms were with his brother, not his nephew. He could never harm the boy he loved as his own.

“I will bring you back, Lucian and when I do, I will find that mate of yours and unite you both,” Dominick promised as he caressed Lucian’s face. “I will teach that father of yours a lesson. Hell, I think no one can teach him anything after what your mother did to punish him,” He chuckled.

“If anyone deserved that kind of punishment, it is your father. This is the only way to get through his thick skull,” he quipped. “You rest now Lucian. Uncle Dominick has everything under control,” he patted Lucian’s chest in a loving gesture before leaving the chamber.

“Dustin and Murdoch, guard the chamber. Let no one inside. Anyone. Do you understand?” Dominick ordered and his trustful guards nodded curtly taking their positions outside the door.

The thoughts of Gretchen kept gnawing his mind as he tried to settle down on the comfortable bed in his chamber. His mind wandered restlessly on the possibilities. The witch spoke about a girl named Qistina.

He was never interested in a mate and he decided right away he would fight alone without the help of the witch to claim the throne. However, his instincts said the witch had greater plans and he was merely a pawn in her game.

“What are you planning Gretchen?” Dominick whispered as he sat up and rubbed his chest just above his heart, which squeezed in discomfort. I must be prepared if something happened and I must find Lucian’s mate. Dominick thought as he summoned the guards who accompanied Dimitri in search of Lucian to the human realm.

First I must learn about everything that has happened.

“M-ii kk--een…m-ii kk--een …” One of the underworld creatures ran towards the throne room in search of the Queen who has returned. His crooked leg tangled with his other leg as he tried to run fast, making him fall face first on the carpeted floor.

“What is it Cuauts? What got your twisted legs tangled?” Gretchen chuckled as she admired her perfectly trimmed nails.

“D-d-ooomii is-ss k-ee-inn-g,” it screeched with his snake-like tongue parted from the middle, making it harder for him to speak.

“Come here,” Gretchen called.

The creature moved forward eagerly as she held its head in her hands.

“Hmm…” She hummed in amusement at the news. “Do you know my love? Dominick has finally manned up and took over the Lycan Kingdom,” she said tapping her foot.

Zaros chuckled darkly. “It will not bother our plans, my love. It means we have one less problem to care about,” Zaros crooned drawing circles on her delectable skin.

“Hmm…I love it when you do that,” Gretchen purred seductively as she drew him closer.

The creature took that as its cue to leave and hopped out of the throne room.

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