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Chapter 38

Alexa’s family including Arthur’s sat in their living room contemplating the situation. Alexa never came out of her room after Lucian’s disappearance and the family feared her occasional outburst.

Their exams had started and Victor informed the university that, Lucian and Alexa were in a small accident. He also forwarded a fake medical certificate stating the same which made the university believe their claim.

Alexa seemed fine around Abram and Nate. Now and then she placed her hand over their heart listening to their silent bond with Lucian. The boys were growing restless without Lucian and the Steller’s were clueless about what happened or how they could help their daughter.

Inside the room, Alexa rubbed her chest for the millionth time to soothe the ache she felt in her heart. After all these years of living with Lucian, she couldn’t bear the emptiness she felt inside her heart. She let out a silent tear that soaked her already wet pillow.

She was losing her mind. The dark whispers inside her mind won’t go away and they wanted her to do things she has never dreamed off. Hell, she almost sucked the life out of her own brother when she lost it once. Alexa closed her eyes and tried to tune out the conversation going on the outside. Her family was arguing over different plans to get Lucian back.

One of their plans was to contact a witch. Where would they find a witch in Hinesburg? Alexa frowned as the ache in her heart intensified. After half an hour of mulling over the darkness and shoving the tempting whispers away, she heard a cry.

A cry filled with pain and sorrow.

Alexa’s eyes shot open as she looked for the source, she could already feel the shift in her eyes as her surroundings became more alive. The Steller’s were startled to see Alexa out of her room for the first time after the incident.

Her dark eyes scared them as they stood silently waiting for her to act. Alexa focussed each of her family members, dismissing them without a second look she sauntered towards the source. The cry pulled at her heartstring and the urge to find the source was getting stronger as her legs moved on its own.

Her legs halted in front of the fire demon that was now nothing more than a volcanic rock statue. She could feel his soul rattling inside wanting to get out. The cry she heard belonged to him.

“Help…” She could hear his weak cry. His soul was growing weaker with every passing minute and it was a miracle he survived this long. Alexa felt bad for the fire demon when another thought crossed her mind.

“Who sent you here?” Her voice rang out with a command that scared the demon.

“A witch…” He rasped weakly. He feared the girl who stood before him. The fact that she could hear him frightened him. He fed on the souls sent to hell to be tortured and without souls to feed on he was getting weaker. The only way for him to survive was to get back to his realm soon. And then, here he was locked inside his own body because of a terrible magic.

“I will do something. If you try to escape, I will finish you without a second thought,” the girl warned him before placing her hands on either side of his head. “Abram you know what to do,” Alexa told her brother before concentrating on the demon that stood helplessly locked within his body.

The demon could feel the life returning to his body as his soul bloomed with joy. The numbness he felt over the week was fading away and he could move his body. The fire within him was back, and he froze in fear when he noticed the boy bringing the same thing which locked his soul inside.

“No, no, no, no. Not that,” he coughed in a voice that made the boys boom with laughter.

The demon spoke in two voices simultaneously and it felt like something went wrong when his voice broke during puberty.

“They won’t hurt you if you tell me exactly what I want to know,” Alexa spoke softly.

The demon nodded with his eyes still on the fire extinguisher at the boys’ hand. “Don’t burn the ground, you minion,” Nate pointed the nozzle at him in the warning which made the fire demon to take a few steps back.

He rose from the ground just a few feet so he won’t burn it and floated in the air facing them.

“Who was that witch?” Alexa asked again her eyes not leaving the demon.

The demon swallowed. “I know not,” he answered and swallowed audibly when Nate pointed the nozzle at him again. “I speak the truth… I know not,” the demon pleaded again as he looked frantically between Alexa and the boys. “She ordered me to take the girl with a blinding light back to her,” he added.

“Why did you hurt Lucian?” Alexa questioned as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“I did not know the Lycans will be here. I planned to take you without them noticing but I failed,” the demon replied and bowed his head as if he was ashamed of his actions.

“Where are you from?” Alexa asked him after confirming what he said was true.

“Underworld,” the demon said in a small voice as he clasped his fiery hands together, fiddling his thumps in a nervous gesture.

“Who do you work for?” Nate asked him.

“The Demon Master,” the demon answered tentatively, still eyeing the odd-looking red thing in their hand.

“Does your master know about this witch?” Abram jumped in.

The demon nodded positively as he cast his eyes downwards in submission.

“Do you know where Lucian is?” Alexa asked after contemplating what he said.

“I think he is in the supernatural realm. That’s where all the Lycans live,” the demon answered.

“The one who sent you here and the one who took Lucian are the same. Aren’t they?” Nate probed.

The demon nodded again.

“Can you take us to the supernatural realm?” Abram asked and the demon nodded again.

The Steller’s could see the wheels rolling in Alexa’s head.

“Alexa, baby, it’s dangerous. You cannot face them alone,” Victor tried to reason.

“She won’t be alone, dad. Because we are going with her,” Abram stood straight looking at his father with a confident expression.

“What? No… You are a small boy. I am not allowing anyone to leave. We will figure out something,” Victor retorted immediately shaking his head.

“Dad, I am thirteen and Nate is fourteen we are not small anymore,” Abram argued narrowing his brown eyes at his father.

“Quiet, Abram! Alexa please it’s not safe. Listen to your dad,” Amanda pleaded with unshed tears.

Alexa felt confused at the whole ordeal. Finally, she felt hope and now she found a way to find Lucian, she didn’t know if she could do it. Getting past that magic or fighting against the strength like the Lycans possessed was impossible in her dictionary.

She was just a human. How good will she be against the Lycans?

“I think you have to go,” Raelyn spoke to other’s surprise. She usually kept quiet and always been the silent spectator.

“Raelyn what are you talking about?” Arthur frowned trying to pull her back.

“No. Let me speak, Arthur. I have loved Alexa as my own and I know what I am talking about,” Raelyn spoke confidently making him shut his mouth. “Alexandra Mira Steller, you are no common girl. The demon has come to take you and did you listen to what he said? He said he came to take a girl with a blinding light,” Raelyn finished looking at Alexa’s reaction.

Alexa thought about what Aunt Raelyn said and again didn’t understand how she fits in all that. She was different–yes, that was because of Lucian’s mark. What does it have to do with me?

“Alexandra, I have watched you grow all these years. You always had a glow to your skin. At first, I thought it is the sunlight and my eyes playing tricks. But, the glow intensified every time you were happy. I don’t know how no one noticed it before.” Raelyn paused gauging other’s reaction.

“When you kissed Lucian after the fight, you glowed brighter than the sunlight and I don’t believe it has anything to do with Lucian’s mark,” Raelyn explained.

“I don’t understand, Aunt Raelyn. For all we know it could be a coincidence,” Alexa whispered.

Raelyn snorted as she shook her head. “Then answer me, Alexandra, why does the room vibrate with tremors when you get angry? Why do the things float around you as it lost gravity? Why do your eyes glow? And how did you even manage to suck the life source out of your brother while going all demonic like we see in those horror movies? Lucian was not here when you did that,” she asked and Alexa flinched at the mention of her brother.

There was no denying her Aunt’s claim. She did everything in Lucian’s absence and all she could remember was something snapping in her.

“You want proof? Tell her fireball,” Raelyn said taking a few steps towards the fire demon who cowered.

“She speaks the truth,” the demon answered as he shifted uncomfortably in the air a few feet above the ground. “Your heart is black, Qistina,” the demon said and Alexa’s eyes whipped towards him. “After that night your heart is black. I don’t see the white glow anymore, your soul is black like that of the underworld,” the demon swallowed.

“What did you call me?” Alexa asked as she took few steps towards him.

The demon staggered back, her movements startling him.

“Q-Qistina,” he replied as his body shivered in fear.

“What is a Qistina?” Nate pushed past Alexa.

“I know not… The witch said you are a Qistina,” the demon rasped.

“Then I think we should go to the supernatural realm and find Lucian to get answers,” Alexa said with a frown as she thought about what the demon said.

“No Alexandra, I think you should meet his master first,” Raelyn piped in. “First, the witch wanted you and sends this fireball here to kidnap you. On the other hand, Lucian’s family does not know who you were, and they opposed your mating because they thought you were human. Later Lucian’s ex-fiancée shows up with some kind of voodoo magic and takes him away. Something is happening and you need to find answers before you go to Lucian,” she explained.

“I agree with, Raelyn. There is someone out there who wants you and at the same time, Lucian’s family is not aware of this someone. You need to find your enemy before they get to you,” Victor said coming to stand beside her. He squeezed Amanda’s hand in assurance when she tried to protest. “The most dangerous enemy is the unknown one, so know your enemies. I am worried about your safety but I agree with Raelyn on this,” he said pulling her into a hug.

Alexa nodded as the fog cleared in her mind. First, she would find the demon master. Learn about her enemies and then go to find Lucian. Lucian was not in any danger as of now if there was someone out there to get her then they are dangerous to Lucian as well.

“Mom,” she called Amanda, her eyes pleading.

“Okay.” Amanda let out a shuddering breath. “I am not glad you are leaving, but I understand. I see how much you are hurting.” Her mother put a pain-filled smile on display. “Promise me.” Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. “Promise me you’d come back.” She held her daughter’s hand in a tight grip, their gaze locking.

“I promise, mom.” Alexa’s voice cracked.

Amanda nodded and looked away when the tears broke free of their confines. “Keep the boys safe.”

“I will.”

Amanda caressed Alexa’s cheek. “I’ll pack then.”

Alexa watched as her mother hurried inside, a gut wrenching sob reached her ears mere seconds later. Her journey was dangerous, but she would do anything to get back to Lucian. He was her world and he would have done the same for her.

Nate and Abram were questioning the fire demon about the underworld as the adults discussed the possible dangers.

“I wish I could come with you, but I also know the boys are stronger than any of us. We will only slow you down and the less crowd the better,” Victor told with a defeated sigh. He got them married to secure his daughter’s life, but he never expected a play of magic which no one had control over.

It was shocking to learn that his human daughter was not as human as it seemed. However, she will always remain his daughter no matter what. He didn’t want to send the children alone, but he realized the importance and rescuing Lucian was a priority.

“I trust you, Alexa. Get Lucian.” He gave her a tight-lipped smile. “Come on.”

As they went in, Victor sent a silent prayer to the God to keep his daughter safe as Amanda prepared the food they required for their travel. The fire demon hovered in the living room still eyeing the fire extinguisher that sat at the table next to him.

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