The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 39

Alexa dressed in black jean shorts and a red loose fitting t-shirt with a pair of comfortable sneakers and didn’t bother with anything else as she knew the boys would take care of it. She noticed Abram rummaging through her closet a few minutes back.

When she went down, everyone was ready. Abram laughed at Victor for handing them a credit card. “Dad, I don’t think they will have any shops in hell,” Abram quipped earning a glare from Victor.

“We packed clothes, water, food, rope and few other things we believed we will require and we sure as hell taking the extinguisher,” Nate intervened when Victor opened his mouth to speak.

Amanda appeared crestfallen, but put a brave facade for others to see. Alexa hugged each family member, hoping this shouldn’t be the last time she saw them. She picked up a medium-sized backpack from Abram without a word and stepped out.

“Can you fly?” The fire demon asked Alexa when everyone stepped outside.

“Yeah she does, especially right before she is planning to suck your soul out of you,” Nate supplied making the demon gasp. Alexa flinched but knew he didn’t mean to hurt her.

He didn’t speak again instead waved his hand and Alexa met each of her family member’s eyes before being pulled into a dark abyss by an invisible force.

Abram and Nate heaved emptying their stomach’s contents, once they landed in some unknown ground, while Alexa stood unaffected by the teleportation.

“I hate that and it was no fun like you said it would be,” Abram coughed as he recovered.

“Agh! This sucks… How am I supposed to know? I thought it would be awesome,” Nate collapsed on to the floor with his head between his knees.

“So what is your name fireball?” Abram questioned once he gained his composure.


“What?” The boys said in unison as Alexa’s eyes scanned their surroundings accessing it for an imminent threat.

“Puoots,” the demon replied again.

“Hm… Interesting, so tell me ah… Puoots, how is that you speak our language so fluently?” Nate questioned casually as they walked towards God knew where.

“I learned human language from the souls,” Puoots answered continuing to walk further, guiding them.

“So what is your job in hell?” Abram prodded.

“Torturing souls...” The demon drawled in his childish voice, speaking of which he couldn’t wait to get back to the torturing chamber. He sighed in content as he thought about his time down there.

“Cool! Tell us more,” Nate joined him as Puoots continued to answer their questions.

Alexa tuned their conversation out as she walked with them, her thoughts wandering back to Lucian, their bond still silent.

They were inside some kind of cavern with a faint yellowish glow instead of utter darkness like they have expected. Even if it was dark, they had nothing to worry about as the fire that lit from within the demon was enough to illuminate their surroundings. And most of all, the temperature was not cold or hot instead it was warm and mildly pleasant. The air surrounding the cavern was stale, but they breathed just fine.

“So how long are we going to walk like this?” Abram asked the demon after walking for what felt like hours.

“It is a long walk. Magic does not work in certain areas of the underworld,” Puoots explained.

Alexa walked silently as she battled with her own self. The dark whispers have increased, tugging at her sanity and urging her to lose control. She clenched and unclenched her fists to subdue her inner demons.

“Only a bit farther and we will reach the master’s castle,” the demon announced after what felt like another couple of hours. The boys were close to collapsing on their feet due to exhaustion.

If Alexa was exhausted she didn’t show, she was like a ghost and eyes were dark as night with a permanent scowl on her face. The boys were scared to ask her anything, and they didn’t want another episode.

“Can’t we rest for a while,” Abram asked breaking the silence.

“This place of the underworld is dangerous, and it is not safe for live souls here,” the demon answered as they progressed further.

The cavern has gotten dark here, with only the fire demon’s dim glow showing them the uneven path. Alexa could clearly see past the magic that hid the dark creatures from mortal eyes. The boys couldn’t see them.

There were, so many creatures perched on the cavern walls, wanting to get a taste of their flesh. Alexa hissed in anger when one creature tried to swipe its ugly claws at them.

The fire demon beat her to it as he glowed brighter––the fire inside him burned higher lighting the surroundings, making the creatures scream in an inhuman voice. They ran away from the light, blending in darkness.

“Stay close,” he warned as he increased his speed.

Though the boys could see no one, they felt a strange presence and their instincts screaming danger from every direction. Soon enough, the cavern led them to a huge opening and the boys’ jaws dropped looking at the enormous world that lay before them.

The city in front had an ancient looking castle and many buildings, all with a fiery glow. The temperature here grew hotter than compared to the cavern and they sweated profusely. They looked at the surroundings with awe as they proceeded further. The tugging Alexa felt earlier was under control now and she looked equally curious.

“So this is hell?” Abram wondered looking around.

“This is where the demon master lives. The torture chambers lay several layers beneath this ground,” Puoots answered.

The demon stopped in front of a gigantic castle door where two huge demons stood guard. They looked similar to the fire demon, except for the size. They must be at least six feet tall while Puoots stood small at two feet. He spoke something to the demons in an unknown language and they opened the door allowing them to passage with a strange look in their fiery faces.

“Did you look at their horns? Its huge…” Abram whispered to Nate, who nodded as he took in the castle interior.

Alexa couldn’t wait to meet the demon master. She wanted to meet him and get this over with, so she can find Lucian in the supernatural realm. The castle looked similar to that of the human build castles. Only it was dark with a fiery glow coming from between crevices.

The castle was bare of any decorations––there were no expensive chandeliers or furniture like they have seen in their world. The floor was bare of carpet and looked like a volcanic rock, even the castle walls looked like one.

There were no lights, but the castle had a red glow similar to that of Puoots and the boys wondered about the light source. The demon led them towards the throne room. There was a huge rock in the center which was poorly carved and looked like a throne or some kind of sitting area.

It had no shape and the only reason they identified it as a throne was that a red man-creature was perched on top.

“Whoa… He is definitely real!” Abram exclaimed to Nate who watched the demon master with wide eyes.

“Of course I am real,” the demon master replied appearing front of the boys in a blink of an eye and they gasped staggering back at his closeness.

“You look like Hell Boy, the one with big horns towards the end of the movie,” Abram exclaimed with excitement.

The demon master frowned in confusion. He did not understand the reason for the Lycans presence in hell and he sure did not understand what they spoke about.

“Why do you bring live souls here, Puoots?” He turned towards the fire demon, who bowed his head.

“I had him bring me here,” Alexa stepped in front of him as her eyes accessed him for threat.

The demon master tilted his head as he looked at the girl with curiosity. She was no ordinary human, she possessed a lot of energy he had not seen before. The darkness she carried within called to him.

“Who are you?” He whispered as his red skin crinkled in confusion.

“I am Alexandra Mira Steller. You may not know me, but the fireball right here was sent by a witch to my world to abduct me,” she informed as the demon master turned his attention towards Puoots.

Without further word he reached Puoots taking his forehead between his hands as he looked deep into his glowing eyes. “Hm… Gretchen,” he whispered as he motioned her to follow him. He had dismissed Puoots who appeared relieved as he scurried out of the room.

They were taken to another huge with more volcanic chairs. He motioned them to sit and looked at them through his red-rimmed eyes. The boys still looked at him in wonder as he scratched his imaginary beard.

Abram and Nate couldn’t believe their eyes.

The demon master before them was red from top to bottom. His skin looked so polished and his bull horns were so exotic. He wore a floor-length robe which looked so ancient. The boys spoke in a hushed tone as the demon master squirmed under their gaze.

“I take it you have come here for answers. I have lived longer and we receive souls from all the realms, so I know of a few things. I will try to answer you to the best of my knowledge.” The demon master appeared sincere.

“Your minion called me a Qistina. What does he mean by that?” Alexa asked not wanting to beat around the bush. The sooner she got the information the better. She didn’t want to be in this inferno for a second longer.

The demon master sighed rubbing his neck as he thought about her question. “Well, you will have to know about a few other things before I answer that,” he began.

“You see, the supernaturals are creatures who hold powers that cannot be understood by the humans, they thrive on power. In this world, power is everything. The strongest and most powerful of all will survive and weakest will perish,” he continued.

“Sometimes they are driven by their greed in search of more power and waged wars with the fellow supernaturals resulting in chaos.” The demon master leaned comfortably in his chair, his eyes locked with Alexa’s dark ones.

“The supernaturals, being equally powerful the war was a never-ending and innocent blood was spilled. The story says the blood called to their maker, and he answered their call. A prophecy was told––it stated that a Qistina will arise to serve justice for the blood of the innocent.”

“A few years later, a being more powerful than any supernatural was born and when her powers were awakened, she almost destroyed the entire world unable to control it. The war ended with the remaining supernaturals going into hiding.” He continued with a distant look on his face.

“No one knew what happened to her after her outburst. Some said she vanished into thin air and some claim her powers became too much and she exploded ending up as stars in the sky.”

Alexa listened carefully, still not understanding how she fit in this.

“Thousand years later, a witch named Gretchen Wraith was in search of power. She came across an ancient scroll which held a secret to the endless power she was searching for. It belonged to a witch with a power of vision.”

“She wrote about the birth of a Qistina who will possess a power like no other and it stated that the only way to gain her power was by gaining her love. A few years later, there was chaos again, and another Qistina was born.”

“This time Gretchen was ready. She had her son fall love with her and instead of consummating with her to gain her power, he killed her in greed. He cut her heart out while he made love to her and her heart burned him alive for his betrayal.” The demon master sighed and paced floor as he continued with the tale.

“Poor Gretchen did not know it was unnecessary to kill her. If a Qistina is on your side, then the victory is yours by default. You see, she knew she could gain a Qistina’s powers by love, but she never knew how to do it. The witch who had written the scroll originally split it and hid it in different places hiding the important parts,” he chuckled.

“Gretchen thought she could gain the powers by consuming her heart, while in truth a Qistina can be killed only by the one she loved,” his look was one of amusement. “Another thousand years have passed, and it seems like another Qistina has born and this time far from the supernatural realm––far from Gretchen’s evil power.” He said looking at Alexa.

“So, you are saying that my sister is a Qistina. The most powerful being to walk on earth,” Abram intervened.

“That she is. Shas fallen in love with someone and Gretchen had taken him from her,” he concluded.

Alexa could understand what he said, yet she was still confused. “It was Lucian’s ex-fiancée who took him.”

“Do you mind if I look inside that mind of yours?” The demon master questioned and Alexa nodded after thinking for a moment. He had to know what happened, and he was so curious to look inside her head, to tap her power. She was stronger than him though she does not realize it.

He held her head in his hands looking deep into her eyes. Something shifted inside her as the darkness within her was awakened at full force at his touch. Her eyes shifted, and the castle shook with violent tremors.

The demon master has flung away from her body across the room as she floated before him in all her glory–her demonic eyes looking so deadly.

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